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My boyfriend forced me to get pregnant

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My boyfriend forced me to get pregnant after he found out that I was being a cumdump for another man.

Hi Im kara and I am 13 years old when this happened, during that time I only got a C cup boobs but now it is double D because of pregnancies. I had a boyfriend his name is Michael, he is a 6 footer and is 20 years old during that time. Our relationship is a secret to my mother because of the age gap. Michael is a very possesive guy, he hates it when I talk to men or even just my classmate. But during that time I was entering puberty, so I was horny all the time. One day a guy named Tyler in my school who was very handsome flirted with me, he was 17 years old and me having a boyfriend avoided him at all cost. During that time there is a party coming and altho I don’t wanna come, Tyler became persistent he keeps saying things like “come on baby just come to the party this weekend”,”your friends are gonna be there”,”come on it’s a once in a lifetime experience” and as a kid I was convinced. During those days my boyfriend was busy of his college classess and knowing as how possesive he gets I didnt tell him about the party.

As it was a party, I dressed very provocatively wearing a fitted tube dress with thongs as my underwear and a pair of heels. I went with my friends in the party and there I saw tyler with his muscle builds and he walks toward me towering me with his 6’2 ft height. During the party I drank alcohol for the first time and being drunk, Tyler took advantage of it. While walking tyler pulled me and put me on his lap, he was sitting in the sofa with his friends talking and drinking and I was surprised as to why he did that. As I was drunk I didn’t put much of a fight, then tyler was talking to me very sweetly saying things like “how was the party babe?”, “are you alright”, “I love your dress” and while he was doing that, he was sliding his hands onto my legs then slowly massaging my boobs and altho his friends are there they didn’t mind what they are seeing. Tyler then slowly unzipped his pants showing his dick but he was smart enough to cover us with a sofa pillow that he told me to hold. Then tyler whispered “baby stand up” as I was drunk, I was very easy to trick and I did stand up while he moved my thong to the side and then slowly he told me to sit down and while I was scared because I was a virgin he really didnt mind as he was really horny.

Tyler then pulled me down slamming me onto his dick balls deep, I was a virgin so I cried a little then I let go of the pillow I was holding. Then there his friends saw my pussy balls deep with their friend then they started recording us but Tyler didn’t care he has a size dick of 9 inches. Tyler then continued to fuck me raw, he was hitting my cervix repeatedly, I was a skinny person so you can see his dick bulging through my stomach in the video. Tyler just keeps fucking me until he decided he wanted me to be his cumdump, then there he is shooting his semen in my 13 year old pussy but he didnt take out his dick. Throughout the whole party his dick didnt part with my pussy and whenever he feels fucking me he would just get hard inside me and fuck me again and again. Tyler finally let go of me, when my friends started going home but he wants his cum to last in my pussy so he went and grabbed a tape from a cabinet a taped my pussy hole. I went home that night feeling full and my pussy inside shaped like his dick.

From then on Tyler keeps fucking me whenever he wants, doesn’t matter if we were in a classroom or the hallway, sometime he invites me to his house and all of this was kept from my boyfriend until…..someone spread the videos of the party then my boyfriend saw it. Michael was very angry of me and as someone who kinda loses interest with michael, I told him we should break up. Michael was very angry of me but I stick up for my deciscion. But during that night after texting michael to break up, he showed up at my house door and I told him to leave and then he started forcing himself to go inside. Michael carried me to my room and told me to keep quite or he will do someting bad to my parents who are sleeping.

Michael then started to force stripped me and with no foreplay he unzipped his pants and as I was only wearing a lingerie with only thongs, he easily entered his 11 inch dick inside me. Michael said “if only you werent much of a slut our first time could be sweet but you ruined it” andthere he started forcing himself into me all night it came to that point that my pussy lips was red and sore but he didn’t care. Michael didn’t remove his dick from me all night, he would nap and then wake up to fuck me again, he fucked me 7 times throughout the night in different positions treating me as an onahole not a person. Then it came the morning and my parents left and went to work, I was sore all over my body, so I couldn’t get up then Michael woke up and removed his dick inside me causing all the cum to drip all over my bed. Michael then said to me “now that I marked your body all over again last night tyere was no trace of him inside you anymore” and then he said “I am working now for my father’s company and now even at college I can sustain a family and I was so shocked by that.

I asked him “what you know I am not legal and you want to start a family?”, then he said well I talked with your mother and I bought you using my father’s money. Then he carried me, took me to his car and drove to this big new house there he kept me locked from the world. Now I am 33 and Michael is 40 we had over 15 kids starting from the day he kept me locked he just started to impregnate me over and over again. But as I bore him kids he started to get lenient on me and started to approve of me going out but ofcourse I need his approval. Although I dont know where tyler is now I hope he is doing great and if he is reading this know that I enjoyed being your cumdump❤️

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  • Reply Alexia ID:e9pi4fw42

    Ah this is so fucking sexy! I love possessive men like that especially with breeding and captivity, way too fucking hot.

  • Reply Taboo man 75 ID:1ct3ii7jqzgf

    Does he use your daughters now

    • Daddysloli9 ID:1cq89eols312

      I hope so little girls are made for daddys to use


  • Reply HornyFuck ID:1bqrnbuexik

    Just as a horny girl should be. I’m bi and love any sex but a breeding partner would be ideal.

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  • Reply MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    Great story. Except the captive part.
    I knew a girl, got pregnant at 12, delivered at 13. Every 6th week after giving birth,
    until she was in her 30’s she had another baby. True story.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1dw6i300s3ub

    Except for the captive part I love you bearing all those children. I love cum dumps but I also love seeing young girls pregnant and continue bearing you children as it is intended.