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Lost and found 2

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We’ve traded her dirty panties for a while and now wanted to try to get together to watch each other cum

After the first time together I looked forward to another chance to meet alone with Debbie. Watching her as her little hands moved along my shaft … coasting my cum out and filling her panties then watching her rub that cum into her little pussy and put her cum soaked panties back on gave me lots of fuel to masturbate to…. but I now wanted more….

She mentioned tasting the source …. and I looked forward to doing just that… I had caught a glimpse of her tiny slit as she switched her panties in my truck and sooooo wanted to run my tongue along that slit and taste her nectar … fresh and warm as I held her tiny butt in my hands … her little thighs grasping my cheeks as i tried to get her to come in my mouth….. just fantasies now but if I had my way that was gonna change.

Debbie continued to leave me a “Fresh” pair of her soiled panties each day on the bus and every couple of days I would leave her a bag of her panties all clean. I did on one morning add a pair of her panties that I had just filled with cum in a zip lock bag …. when she got on the bus that afternoon she let me know how much she liked her present … “Mr J … thanks for the surprise …. when I saw what you left I went in and put them on…. I wore your cum all morning and only changed after lunch so you would had a pair to take home” we both smiled at each other sharing our secret.

When Friday rolled around she left me a note along with her panties… it read .. “I really need to see you again … I will be at the park near my house around 9 this Saturday. There is a path into the woods just behind the sandbox… I will be there waiting… please…please…please”

Well hell there was no way I was going to miss this chance. I actually was at the park at 8:15 …. I cruzed the parking lot checking all the cars and people already there making sure I was not being set up. When everything seemed clear I parked at the far end of the lot and went directly into the woods away from her suggested spot but then I found a path that took me to where she was going to meet me. Along the way I found a nice spot that I could watch the playground and not be seen so I paused and checked out the other little girls already there and surprisingly there were several. They all seemed to be dressed the same in tight black shorts that clung to their tiny butts and different colored tight T-shirts…. it then dawned on me that they were all there for a soccer meet on the other side of the park. Ok, I thought that means lots of parents nearby … but they were all gathered over by the field and not paying attention to the playground.

Most of the girls appeared to be around Debbie age I guessed 8 to 12 years old with various development … some still a little chubby with baby fat while others were defensively showing their budding beauty …. nice little mounds on their chest some almost flat while the older ones were pushing out thier shirts with nice titties and little nipples hard from thier play. This park was a pedos smorgasbord with nips and camel toes everywhere and not a single parent watching the girls …. I would have to come back with my camera sometime thought

Then I saw her … Debbie riding up on her bike … dressed like the others … I figured I would have to be quick as she probably had a match. She stopped next to the bike rack and looked around trying to see me or my truck …. while doing this i could see she was moving her little pussy back and forth on her bike seat … she was a horney little thing. She looked disappointed when she didn’t see me but parked her bike and made her way around the playground and started toward the path … checking that no one was paying attention to her … I left my vantage spot and headed to meet her along the trail

Both of us were a “little” eager and in hurrying along the path almost ran into each other …. “Mr J !!” she hollard and ran to throw her arms around me “You came … I didn’t see your truck and thought you weren’t gonna show”
“Shhhh , not so loud” I admonished her … “we do not need to get anyone’s attention” “Opps, sorry …. come on follow me” she took my hand and pulled me along the path … she took me to the spot I was watching from earlier…”Grandpa found this spot …. no one can see us and it’s off the main trail ” “Smart grandpa, come here dear..” I dropped to my knees and held my arms out and she melted into me … pressing her tiny body all along mine . I could feel her little titties rub against my chest and even felt her trying to rub her little pussy to my crotch

She looked up to me and closed her eyes and puckered her red little lips … I chuckled at her young attempt to kiss … at this she opened her eyes and looked at me … “Don’t you want a kiss?” she asked . “Yes , but relax and I will show you how grown ups kiss … This time keep your eyes open and relax your lips” I leaned toward her and she again closed her eyes and puckered up …. “open you eyes Debbie and relax…” I leaned to her and watched as her eyes got big … I pressed my lips softly to her little mouth …. I slipped my tongue softly along her lips … this caused her to draw back and her eyes were even bigger … “It’s OK try again” and I kissed her again and ran my tongue along her lips and then gently pushed my tongue between her lips … just a little … as our lips were joined and my tongue was opening her mouth I inhaled her breath sucking the air from her briefly then released her lips and let her catch her breath …

“Wow, that’s how grown up kiss??? I want more!” this time she tried to push her little tongue into my mouth and suck my breath … and I let her … We kissed and held each other tight for a few minutes then I leaned back …
“Do you have to be back for a game soon?” I asked her while still holding her hands and looking into her bright blue eyes…. “Oh,” she looked at what she was wearing ” I don’t play anymore… I just wore this to blend in” she chuckled “Plus grandpa always said he liked my butt in these shorts” she did a little spin and wiggled her but for me… “Well he was right … that is one fine little butt” and I reached out and cupped her ass in my hand and gently squeezed ….

“Now, since we are in no hurry and are hidden from sight … just what do you have in mind to do young lady?” I teased She looked me in the eye and said… “Well I want to watch you cum again … but … this time” she paused and looked down then back up “ … instead of my panties … I want you to cum ….. on me …. and I will also let you watch me play with my kitty while you do it …”

“I think that can be done” …. but before we do that how about you let me taste your kitty first?” “REALLY, you would do that? I’ve seen stuff on line where people did that…. Can I also taste and kiss your thing to ? ” “It would be my pleasure to have you do that … so … how about we get rid of these cloths so we can each see the other better?” The words were just out of my lips and Debbie shed her top and was pushing her shorts and panties off “Someone is eager” I said as I pulled off my shirt … “Yes I am … let me help” and she pulled my running shorts down. My dick was hard as nails and bounced up toward her face …. “Are all of these different sizes? yours is much bigger than Grandpas but I saw some on line that were huge!”

As we both took off our shoes I chuckled …. “Well… those guys on line … they find actors with really big dicks for those … but most are around my size ” “Good,,, i don’t think I could ever get one of those big ones in my kitty … but maybe yours could fit…”

So, I thought she is thinking about more than just a mutual masturbation session… this thought had my dick jumping again…. “So who goes first ..?” she asked “How about I start” knelling again I held her little nude body to mine …. her flesh was warm and soft and felt so good in my hands and along my body. I moved a hand to her butt and pulled her pussy tight to me so she felt my dick against her … when I moved my hand to caress her she went up on her tip toes and let my dick slip between her legs and against her slender lips …. “mmmmm” she moaned as she rubbed against me while we continued kissing each other … I pulled back and scooped her up in my arms only to lay her down on the carpet of soft grass …

I hesitated a moment just to admire her naked beauty while I had seen her topless before and caught a glimpse of her little slit now I had the chance to really admire the beauty of her little body … A lovely 10 year old slim blonde … budding little tits with red nipples … her hips had not yet started to spread not a bit of hair or even fuzz covered the thin slit that was her pussy and although she lacked any baby fat she was still little enough to not have much of a figure beside her little butt … “Are you gonna …?” she looked from my face to my dick then back to my face with a worried look … “No, not that …. yet ..”

I leaned over her and began kissing my way down her body from her neck to her nipples… she tasted Delicious .. the saltiness of her sweat on her body drew me on… my hands were not kept still either as they roamed her little frame brushing along the smooth skin of her arms, her chest along her sides down to her hips and taking her thin legs in my hands I raised then up and kissed her feet and began licking her legs up to her little knees … first on the left then on the right. She wiggled and giggled as I licked her and tickled her sensitive spots … I then returned to her little tits …. my hand covered and held all of what she had as a tit … gently I squeezed the mounds and worked my way to allow my fingers to take each nipple between my fingers and lightly pull on each until they stood ridged and invited my lips to kiss and nurse on her preteen breast. Lightly at first I sucked each nipple and hearing her begin moaning in pleasure I increased the pressure

My hands had moved down again to hold each little butt cheek as my lips left her breast and moved down her chest … reaching her “inney” navel I tickled it with my tongue and again she wiggled and giggled …. I only paused briefly there and continued kissing down to just above her little slit … I licked and kissed back and forth from one hip to the other each time going lower and moving closed to her lips … I spread her legs and moved down and licked along the outside of her lips on both sides still not touching her treasure with my tongue … my hands caressed her butt cheeks as my index finger moved up and down along her butt crack …. finding her little rose bud I tickled it and lightly pushed against it ….

Debbie had been lightly moaning and moving with my caresses of her body but when I touched her ass hole she held her breath and stopped moving. At that moment I ran my tongue between and along her little slit … bottom to top with an extra lick on her tiny clit …. She drew in a big breath and her entire body shivered in my hands … “Mr J … do that again” she moaned … and I did … leaning in and pulling her thighs to me I ran my tongue again and again along he little slit … pushing deeper into her pussy on each pass … when I had her relaxed and moaning I found her tiny opening and lightly pushed my tongue into her and drew out her nectar ..

If you have never tasted a young girl you can not believe how different the taste is from an older teen or woman.. her freshness was almost sweet my moans joined hers as I tasted her and worked my tongue in and out capturing all that I could of her juices.. Not able to catch all of her she dirpped down and across her little rose bud … with my tongue still in her pussy I ran my finger across her asshole … brushing back and forth … lightly pushing against but not penetrating her

She did not stop breathing this time but moaned louder and began wiggling side to side brushing her ass against my finger and moving my tongue along her lips … I moved up to her tiny clit and stroked my tongue along both sides and against it … urging it to harden and stand up … tiny as it was I did get it to firm up enough that I was able to take it between my lips and lightly sucked … Now she held her breath again and pushed her crotch to my face … I felt her little hands grasp my head and hold me tight to her

“Ugh … Ugh … right .. right .. there ..” she moaned working her hips against me and holding me tight … her moans became louder and I feared we might be drawing attention soon. So I doubled my efforts to bring her to a climax …. “Stop … I gotta … I’m gonna …. I’m gonna pee..” “Let it happen dear” and while kissing and nursing her little clit I slipped a finger into her tight preteen pussy until I felt her hymen …. I did not want to take that with a finger and just worked my finger in and out very shallow ….. “OH GOD!” she screamed and went ridged …

I could feel her pussy grasp my finger while she squirted onto my face … her but cheeks flexed again and again then she went limp in my hands … my little 10 year old had cum so hard she had passed out … I slowed my ministrations cleaning up her pussy and ass with my tongue I then sat back and held her little body up in my arms while i too caught my breath … I brushed the hair back from her face and lightly kissed her fore head and cheeks as I held her close and rocked her …

I carefully listened in fear that her screams might bring some concerned parent running but the noise from the games and the playground had covered her climax ….

Thru out this my dick had remained stiff as it had ever been …. my precum leaking and coating my crotch and thigh then dripping onto the ground … I promised her I would do nothing beyond what she wanted but I needed to release too … as she gently stirred I lay her down and as her eyes opened I knelt over her small nude body and began to stroke my dick as I watch her … she looked up to my eyes then down to my dick and hand.

She smiled and started to reach her her tiny hand up to my dick … I took her little hand and placed it on to her pussy …. She sighed as her fingers touched her pussy lips yet she did rub her fingers along her her lips gently … she kept her eyes watching me … my eyes … my dick … softly she spoke and encouraged me …. “Cum … cum on me … cover me …” she cupped her pussy and slid her fingers along her lips and let a tip of her finger go into her pussy…

I was so close the edge it took nothing to bring my climax … watching her tiny body move as she worked her pussy and encouraged me … I increased my strokes and felt a familiar tingle begin in my crotch … as I felt my scrotum draw up I fought to keep my eyes open and on hers … then leaning over I shot my first shot of cum onto a 10 year old …. still knelling between her thigh now my cum shot from her stomach across her chest and face to her hair … followed by two more shots then aiming my dick down to her pussy she moved her hand as I shot directly onto her pussy …. she then held her lips open as my final shot went directly into her preteen cunt …

I then leaned over and holding myself with one hand I used my other hand to move my dick around on her stomach and pussy rubbing my cum all over her body until she was shiny and covered with my cum. when I had squeezed and dripped out all that I could I collapsed next to her and continued to watch as she rubbed my cum all over herself and into her bald young pussy … she worked her fingers again and again along her clit until she again moaned loudly and came again … squirting her cum onto the ground between her thigh …

We both collapsed onto the soft grass and lay next to each other catching our breath. Debbie being young recovered quickly and sitting up leaned over me and kissed me … she learned quickly and was kissing gently and running her tongue between my lips … I brought my hand up and held her head to me and returned her kisses . then slid her body over on top of mine … rubbing her sticky cum covered body against me coating both of us in my cum… one hand holding her head the other holding her tiny ass we kissed as lovers …

My dick was beginning to recover and the stiffness returning as she moved against me … when I heard a noise and a twig snap …. “Shit Debbie” I heard a young girls voice “I thought your grandpa died …. Oh my god .. Mr J?” I rolled Debbie off me and quickly reached for my pants then looked up to see another young student from my bus standing in the clearing with her panties around her knees and a hand on her pussy

Debbie jumped up and moved quickly to the other girl … “Jackie … you can’t say anything about this” she took Jackie’s shoulder in her hands and had to shake her until she stopped looking at me then looking at Debbie then to me … “Wow … Mr J …” then to Debbie “Hey I never have … besides you kept my secret about Dad and me…” then looking back at me “I thought you were teasing the boys on the bus with your panties … all this time it was Mr J?”

“Jackie … this was out first time … don’t tell … anyone … swear …” By this time I had my pants on and was continuing to get dress I picked up Debbie’s cloths and handed them to her as I knelt to look Jackie in the eye …”You knew about Debbie’s grandpa?” “I used to follow them up here and watch them … he knew I was there and we talked and he told me how to get my daddy to do this too…”

Looking closer now at Jackie I could appreciate her young beauty too …. also only 10 or 11 she was a looker … I could see she was also still bald but had slightly larger lips than Debbie … her tits also were a little bigger … her eyes were green and went well with her natural red hair …

By this time Debbie had begun dressing and still talking to Jackie … “Not a word to anyone … or I’ll tell about you having sex with your dad” I looked quickly to Debbie then back to Jackie … “Debbie! ” Jackie hollard at her “You promised” then she looked at me with a scared look … “Mr J wont tell anyone … he’s cool …. but he’s mine so don’t try what you did with grandpa”

“Girls it seems we have a few things to talk about …” looking to Jackie “your secret is safe with me as long as ours is safe with you …. we should probably move from here before anyone else comes along …. how about we meet back her tomorrow at this same time and we can work all this out” they both agreed to come back . “you both head back to the playground but Debbie get to the restroom without being seen … you need to rinse something from you hair ..” “Jackie laughed “yeah, you got her good … must have been saving that up ugh?” “Just go girls .. I’m gonna go the other way so we are not seen together … remember we can all get in trouble if anyone finds out but I can go to jail…. be here tomorrow please ..”

We went our separate ways … I hung back and watched as the girls made it back to the playground and quickly ran together holding hands into the restrooms … I then went back to my truck and headed home wondering just what I had gotten myself into … and just how far I could take this … Debbie said Jackie was already having sex with her dad … I wondered if I could get some of that of better yet if I was gonna be able to get Debbie to go farther with me.

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