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Losing your virginity at school wasn’t what I wanted

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Hearing what some of the girls were being called I’m pleased I lost my virginity with someone I loved and not some loud mouthed bumbling school boy.

I know this subject has been covered before but here goes, most girls have this vision of losing there virginity as being magical, Unfortunately, due to often unrealistic standards portrayed on TV and in movies, most of us have at one point have built up this imaginary idea of what first-time sex is supposed to be like, and it’s often not at all in line with reality if we are honest.

I was sixteen and still at school with raging hormones, and a lot of girls were taking about sex with special emphasis on I lost my virginity last night with you know who!
My stepdad had been a single as my real mum was a doctor with Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders helping those who needed it badly, unfortunately she was killed, since then he became Mum & Dad, He was excellent at both making sure I had everything I needed and was totally open and honest with me, I loved and trusted him and decided to talk to him about it even though I knew this could be difficult for both of us.

I began telling him what the girls had been saying and how it was making me feel, the fact is for sometime whenever the subject of boys came up I got a funny feeling in my pussy like something inside me is churning and feeling like I’m wetting myself, he said this is normal and part of growing up and becoming an adult, Are you tempted to give into your feelings and do what the rest has done he said, I told him the truth and said yes but a couple of my friends had already got horrible reputations because of it and I didn’t want it to be like that, I thought it was supposed to some kind of magical event.

Well sweetheart I agree with you, a girl giving her virginity to someone should be a special event but it’s never like that, boys usually don’t give a damn at your age and it’s all about the guy’s pleasure, sex at your age is all about conquests for the boy, sorry to put it that way sweetheart, and they will talk as your friends are finding out and it usually happens with no protection too hence why so many 16 year olds are pregnant these days, Let me ask you this, Do they feel they have become a real woman because of it?
I said yes they do, Let me tell you something sweetheart, the day you started your periods you changed into a fertile woman, you don’t need sex to achieve that but I can see it from both sides of the fence.

After 20 or so minutes I got to say what I really wanted to say, I asked him if he would take it a teach me, for the first time since I’ve known him he became speechless, I concluded by saying since he was my stepdad legally if I wanted him too he could and I knew nothing would ever get around, he didn’t say anything but he did get himself a drink, at that point I think he needed one badly, did you say what I thought you said he asked, he sat down, Yes I did, first because I love and respect you and you wouldn’t hurt me, and anything you taught me would ever leave the house, I could learn in a totally safe environment unlike my friends.

I may not be your biological father sweetheart but to our neighbours and friends I am your father and if this was to ever get out believe me there would be hell to pay for the both of us plus I think you would have to be 18 and over as I am your legal guardian, But I could have sex with any boy at school I said? Yes sweetheart you can but not with me under 18 but your risking your reputation, but if you do make sure you get protection cause I know they won’t, best one is an implant at the doctors.
That’s what I was talking about dad, being talked about like they are, it’s horrible the things I hear being said, Have you let any of them touch you intimately sweetheart? It happened a couple of times but I stopped it cause I got scared, one of them called me frigid and a chicken, I know with you I could learn all about it safely and you would never think that of me.

That’s how it started, I went to the doctors and he told me to come during the first 5 days of my period to have it fitted which I did, I was immediately protected then from getting pregnant, but still a virgin and I wasn’t going to give in to the boys at school, for me is a big deal and it’s a very intimate thing so I’m not going to lose it to some random boy at school then risk the aftermath of it, plus some girl at school has become pregnant because of it, but I’m pleased to say what I asked dad for came up again so he must have made a pretty big dent, and it would happen during all those horrible lock downs.
I remember saying to him it was driving me crazy and he said, You really are serious about wanting to learn all this, If I were to teach you there’s no going back and you can never tell anyone, not even those you consider best friends because that will weaponize them against you and me, and it’s not going to be all conversation as you can’t lose your virginity that way, are you okay with that? You do realise what you are asking sweetheart? With you under 18 I could go to jail and lose you and it’s not what I want, I love you too much for that.
I know I was young and the conversation had turned pretty heavy but I knew exactly what he meant, but I was one of those girls who was ahead of her time, sexually. I developed early, and I had urges, you know raging teenage hormones but there was no way I was going to become a school slut, I said I was okay with everything he said, By the way sweetheart, have you seen a boys penis, I mean in real life? Since you mentioned letting one of them touch you? It never got that far dad and he touched me through my pants, Okay so I’ll really be your first then? I hope so I said, teach me everything, and with that he started making preparations.

The only time I’d seen a naked man was on the internet, but now it was going to get real, I’ll admit I was scared but at least I would be with someone who was experienced enough to know this.
After a shower that night he asked me if I was ready, I was literally shaking with nerves but determined and didn’t want to come off as a coward, My bedroom I think your bed is too small, just one thing sweetheart try not to make too much noise we have neighbours! That made me giggle.

We lay on top of the bed, I had my bra and knickers on and he his boxer shorts, I’ll let you start sweetheart, this is foreplay and we start by touching but I’ll let you touch me first, if you don’t want to go through with it I’ll understand okay, he lay there very still, I could see the outline of him through the shorts almost beckoning me for attention, a couple of times I put my hand over it and pulled it away, the third time I put my hand on it, oh my god what a feeling! the way it grew and pulsated and responded to my touch was amazing, No matter how many tales you hear from your school friends, nothing prepares you for the first time you get up close and personal with a man’s package, I immediately got feelings in my pussy, I told my dad and he said don’t worry just go with it.

After stroking his cock through his shorts I asked if I could put my hand inside them, he nodded, I was turned on how hard he was and how good his cock felt in my hand, he felt smooth and warm and he was throbbing, so soft on the outside, but like velvet over steel as I pull his foreskin back, my own feelings are intensifying all the time, I gently start masturbate him and notice his breathing gets a little quicker, his cock and balls look fantastic as I begin to realise the power I have over them, a lot of fluid come out of the end of it, he said it was precum and was normal, after a few minutes of playing with him he okay sweetheart now it your turn I don’t want to cum yet and it’s been a while since I was with a girl like this.

Sweetheart are you okay with me touching you like you touched me? I said yes but wasn’t really ready for it, dad I feel like I’m going to explode any minute, just relax and let it happen he said.
His first touch of my pussy was through my pants and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, I was literally shaking, feeling his fingers stroking me was bliss, Sweetheart your pants are absolutely soaking I’m going to take them off can you lift up your bum, I did and he wasn’t wrong my crotch was soaked, Okay now part your legs for me and just enjoy it, this is your night, I put my head back and let him do whatever he liked.

I didn’t know it at the time but he went down on me, it wasn’t long before I was tingling all over, the sensations were overwhelming, my breathing was erratic to say the least, and the Oh god, dad, dad I’m going to, then it hit, my back arched and it felt like I pushed my pussy into his mouth, Congratulations sweetheart, you’ve had your first orgasm I hope it felt nice, it felt amazing but I was still officially a virgin.

Ok sweetheart now is the time if you still want too, Yes I do I replied.
Open your legs as wide as you can for me and you might feel better if you take off your bra, I did as he asked so like him I’m totally naked, the foreplay continued with him kissing my nipples, the feelings of that went straight to my pussy, after a few minutes of that he positions his cock at my pussy, You must tell me if this hurts too much okay but it will a little, he pushes in me a little then back, pushes a little more then back then pushes his cock through my hymen and holds it in, he said my eyes and mouth were wide open when that happened!

The pain was, well almost non existent, like a paper cut that stung for a few seconds before disappearing, my arms were around his neck, looking at him straight in the eyes I said thank you, after that dad increased the tempo with long deep thrusts inside me, dad I want to cum again I can feel it, So do I sweetheart, my pussy was already constricting around him, pulling him down I said I’m coming again, dad couldn’t hold on any longer, pushing inside me I felt him throb then an incredible warmth inside me, this was his cum, when my orgasm was finished he slowly pulled out of me and let me bask in the glow of losing my virginity, only one problem, he was still rock hard, something he said that hasn’t happened in a long time.

After looking at me to see if there was any blood there wasn’t he was pleased to say, since learned not every girl bleeds, Can we do it again? If you want to sweetheart, second time around was better, I was learning to come to terms with my new found feelings, his cock felt gorgeous inside me this time, pumping smoothly in and out of me although tight, this time my legs are around him and those actions at the same time made me feel warm, full, and like I was floating on air, when my orgasm started I felt it from the top of my head to my ankles, my pussy got even tighter around him as I drowned him with my juices.

Dad that was amazing I want more of them, in time sweetheart he said, that’s only one way for a girl to have an orgasm, there are many more, but not tonight sweetheart, I suggest we have a shower now and perhaps some advice, your hair down their, maybe you’ll consider taking it off?

During our shower I asked about the different ways, well sweetheart there is, Missionary position, we just did that, Cowgirl position which the girl is on top, Doggy style in which I’m behind you, Oral sex which I did a little with you tonight and Face sitting which is called a 69, and spooning which is a cuddling technique, Teach me all of them dad please I want to learn, Well if you really want to I will.
We went to bed but that would prove to be the last night we slept alone.

The next night he asked me to get on the bed on all fours, He extended the initial feelings of gratification as long as possible and brought me to the brink of ecstasy before he really got started. He switched back and forth between rubbing my clit and teasing my opening for at least a minute until I was gushing wet and virtually begging for him to get inside me!
He got a lot deeper this night, long deep and slow he went and found myself pushing back against him, just when I was on the verge of coming he would stop, he was leaning about me too.
He did that a few times but not only to stop me also himself, the truth was he was building us both up to a crescendo, the end of all this was unbelievable, I got a little louder and gripping the sheets and thrusting back harder, he kept this up until both of us could hold back no longer, this orgasm when it hit was blinding in every sense of the word, I had to bite on the pillow to drown my scream, next second it hit, dad pushed in as my pussy tightened around him then splattered over him, soaking him and running down my legs onto the bed, my first squirting orgasm, dad himself had a huge one too, his cum mixing with mine dribbling down my legs.

After that we just lay there recovering from it, dad explained nearly all men and boys just thrust in and gallop towards their own orgasm instead of thinking about the girls needs, once they have come it’s allover.
I really wanted to try oral sex with him but I hadn’t done it before, he guided me through everything he was so helpful, Don’t put it to deep in your mouth sweetheart or you might be sick, I have never been more aware of my teeth than I was at that moment, just putting the end of his cock in my mouth and playing with his balls and shaft was amazing, I’ll warn you when I want to come sweetheart he said, during it I felt pretty powerful looking into his eyes and hearing him softly moan every now and then knowing that I was the one causing his immense pleasure, He gave all this advice in a low, gentle voice and stroked my hair gently.
Working the end of his cock back and forth in my mouth he suddenly said sweetheart I’m going to come, I elected to keep him in, when he came I took it all in and swallowed It.
During the virus outbreak he taught me everything, I really like spooning though, such a pleasurable position  because it just allows me to be more intimate and close with him, feeling his cock in me while he gently massages my breasts is awesome! I do open my legs slightly too, missionary, cowgirl and spooning are my favourite positions, I was soon aware of why my mum loved and trusted him though, it didn’t take long before our feelings changed for each other, when sweetheart became darling I knew another boundary had been crossed although he never said anything but neither did I but I felt the same way.
I went on to university and then started training to become a doctor myself at medical school in Oxford, I was lucky to get in there but had a little help as one of the professors recognised my name and realised who I was, my step dad is now my partner and it doesn’t bother me he is a little older than me, after all he was 6 years younger than mum when they married and it never bothered either of them, she realised he was everything she could ever wish for in a man and I have too, so in the end I got my wish to lose my virginity in a safe environment with someone I loved and trusted, the girls I went to school with though, two of them were pregnant at 16 and another one has two kids at 18, all are single parents! They told me the boys just didn’t want to know, the very thing he warned me about before we started! I think my way was better, and with a real man not a boy, I think my mum would be happy for the both of us.

My step dad took the pic.


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  • Reply anon ID:3oy02im4

    My mum was staying over at a friends house one night and dad had a good drink in the house then went to bed, I looked in on him to see he was stark naked on top of the bed and I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock and balls! like you I started lubricating straight away and I couldn’t help myself but to touch him while he was sleeping, he woke up with me holding his now very big erect cock! He didn’t say anything but let me finish wanking him off and there was tons of cum, unable to help myself I took off my pants and climbed on top of him and we fucked with him ejaculating inside me, after that we did everytime mum was out, best fun I ever had and we still play around today when alone.

  • Reply SlutMaker ID:1zfu8ospzl

    8 inch plus. I’m here to help your daughters, mother, sisters cousins aunts to reach their true and full potential… age is no issue for me. Old. Young very young.

  • Reply Hank ID:zpyelyg20a

    What an amazing beautiful story! I’ve never been so turned on as I am right now! Thank you for sharing! Wish you the best with college!
    [email protected]

    • Babs ID:2m816q0m9j

      Thank you Hank, I’m doing very well with my studies and on course.

  • Reply Robert ID:vuft6ud1

    Erotic story, made me hard and stroking myself. Nearly believable.

    • Babs ID:2m816q0m9j

      Thanks for your comment, first of all let me say I can understand where your negativity and scepticism comes from and it doesn’t surprise me but nonetheless this is a true story, A man like this comes along once in a lifetime if you are lucky and I didn’t have to sleep around to find him, I think I am the lucky one here.

  • Reply Louis ID:2m816q0m9j

    I would like too français embrasse ta chatte your pussy too, it is magnifique, as is you story.

    • Babs ID:2m816q0m9j

      Oh wow! I do speak French so no to translate! Many thanks for your comment.

  • Reply Kane ID:2m816q0m9j

    You are truly a beautiful young girl and such a wonderful story, you are so lucky to have a man like that and I agree with him, sex in your early teens is just like that, all about conquests! and boys can never keep their mouths shut about something like that, been there done it, good luck with your ambition to become a doctor.

  • Reply Ted ID:1eiurdkggtww

    What a wonderful story. That’s exactly how all little girls should learn about the pleasures of sex. No one loves their baby girl like their daddy and he is the best one to teach them. I do think that leaving it until you were 16 is probably waiting too long and caused lots of unnecessary yearning and anxiety. I think it would be better to begin teaching girls as soon as they start puberty so they can understand their new emotions and start enjoying their changing bodies as soon as possible.

    • Babs ID:2m816q0m9j

      Thank you very much for your comment Ted, actually he is/was my step dad who is now my partner but it was a wonderful experience being able to learn from someone whom I already loved and respected plus he was experienced and let me take my time with absolutely no pressure to do anything, unlike some of my friends who felt pressured and railroaded a lot of the time, I avoided all of that.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1dw6i300s3ub

    Wow Babs, you have such a lovely pussy. Can not say I would not enjoy sinking my cock in you. Lovely story and heart warming.

    • gonzos a dickhead ID:4bn00en3fia

      ur a gay mf bitch

    • Babs ID:2m816q0m9j

      Awww ain’t you a love! The way I see it, if mum loved and trusted him enough to leave her most valuable asset with him, i.e. me, while she was away it shows how much they truly meant to each other, He was a fantastic dad and never made a wrong move towards me in all that time and treated me as if I were his own.

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    Face sitting is not called 69 it’s literally called face sitting. 69 is where you both give oral to each other

    • Babs ID:2m816q0m9j

      Actually it was my step dad who coined that phrase so I stuck with it, he is after all older than me.

    • Your boss ID:1dg7cgkd3bqd