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Little Sister’s Awakening pt 4

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(Disclaimer) sorry for the late newest edition to my story. But here is part 4. I do hope you enjoy.

Little Sister’s Awakening

Chapter <>

………… Monday

I wake up with a strange feeling inside me. Seeing Molly lying against me with her arm draped over my stomach, softly snoring, I remember everything. Well, at least the first 5 times. After that it all gets rather fuzzy. Not bothered by us hugging naked, I still completely flush realizing what the strange feeling inside me must be. Wanting to wash everything out as quickly as possible, I start to carefully slide out from under a tired looking Molly. Crawling over the side of the bed, one of her arms still around me, she suddenly clings to me.

“Where are you going?” She says sleepily.

“To the bathroom.” I respond dryly. I try to move away from the bed, but the kid clings to me harder, her entire upper body now hanging above the floor with her hands around my hips.

“No, I want again.” She says looking at my naked form.

Far from being convinced, I simply continue on my way.


I look behind me slightly impressed she’s actually still holding onto me, despite having fallen onto the ground with her knees. I push on towards the door dragging Molly with me as she’s struggling to stand up. I carefully open the door to peek through. I’m not going to let myself get surprised again. Not seeing nor hearing any movement, I push the door open to see my nude little sister going under my arm rushing towards the bathroom. I quickly run after her trying to grab her, now feeling some cum dripping down my leg. We fight each other as we try to move through the bathroom door at the same time, finally falling into it. I quickly stand up to close the door, realizing what a sight it must have been had someone been watching the hallway.

Ignoring Molly who’s looking at me expectantly, I look around the bathroom, not sure how to go about this. I walk past Mollly who’s already sporting a full hard-on, and step into the shower. Taking the loose hanging showerhead I aim it away from me and hold my hand in front of it. I turn on the shower and yelp as I’m now fully awoken by a few seconds of cold water running out of the bigger showerhead in the ceiling. Quickly pressing the correct button for the handshower, I place it against my back-opening.

Molly, who’s entering the shower, looks at me funny. “I don’t think that fits.” She says matter-of-factly.

I roll my eyes, still trying to find a posture in which I have best access to my behind. “I’m not trying to fit it in there, I’m just spraying some water.” I say, not feeling like explaining what I’m doing in detail.

“If you wanted something sprayed in there, I could have done that back in bed, stupid head.” She says poking my boob with a finger, while I’m trying to bend forwards with my shoulders turned 180 degrees, failing miserably.

“You know what, this is your stuff, you get it out.” I say now looking at her.

“What stuff? You’re not making any sense?” She says feeling my forehead. Meaning she’s seriously worried as my tits are right in front of her face.

Do I really have to spell this out for her? “… Your semen… Okay?..” I say now embarrassed of having to say it out loud.

“What’s that?”

I facepalm as I realize just how young this kid really is. Just a couple of days ago she didn’t even know what sex is. Hell, I’m not sure if she does now. For a moment I want to ask her if she knows where babies come from, but decide against it, not wanting to be even more disappointed. Disappointed in myself really. “Look, I’m going to bend over, and you’re going to help me scoop out some of the stuff that’s in my butt, okay?”

She looks at me strangely. “Ew, why would I do that?”

Starting to feel frustrated, I take a deep breath and tell her one last time. “Because. You, put, it, in, there.”

“Oh.. Ohh, I get it.” She says looking like she’s finally put the puzzle together. “Alright!” she says happily, having learned something new.

Ugh. I bend forwards as far as the shower cabin allows me, keeping my eyes on Molly to make sure she doesn’t try something. While I keep the showerhead angled behind me, she uses one finger on each hand to spread me, trying to look inside. With it not working out like she was hoping, she places his mouth right in front of it and blows hard, making me jump. I turn around to curse at the little idiot when I suddenly hear my dad yell.

“Alexis, are you in here?”

Handing Molly the showerhead I step out of the shower to stand behind the bathroom door. “What?” I ask.

“O. goo.. You a.. .aki.. a .itl.. lo..” I now hear him say, only slightly better than before because I left the shower running. I look at Molly who’s preoccupied checking out my dripping wet body, when I realize I can’t ask her to turn it off having just talked standing next to the door.

“Dad, wait.” I say, interrupting whatever he’s trying to tell me. I unlock the door and open it slightly, just enough for my dad to see my face, having my body bend over hidden behind the door. “I couldn’t hear you, I forgot to turn the shower off.”

“Ah. Well, I was saying you were taking a little long in the shower and I need to tell you something before I leave. I got a call this morning that my brother has had an accident.” He begins explaining. I’m listening intently as it sounds important, when I suddenly feel two small hands on my ass and something sliding through the gap in my thighs. Oh shit, not now, I think. The wrongness of my dad being right in my face only involuntarily making me grow excited. “I’m not sure of the details, but I’ve been told it’s nothing life threatening.” He reassures me, seeing my anxious face as Molly is now soundlessly dry fucking me just an arm’s length away from him. “You don’t have to come along, but me and mom are flying over to visit him in the hospital.” He continues as I shake my hips a little out of his sight, trying to tell Molly to stop it, when I feel her grabbing the sides of my waist to keep me still. “It will be too late for us to fly back home today, so we’ll only come back late tomorrow evening. You might already be in bed.” He says as I feel Molly gripping my waist even stronger. She slides her member all the way back over my slit, making me shiver, before pushing it in, now prodding my virgin vagina. NO!! I think panicking. I completely stretch my legs, making her dick come loose as she can no longer reach high enough. Now standing in an uncomfortable 90 degree angle, I quickly grab behind me and manage to put my hand on her shaft in one go. Not sure where to go with it I push it upwards, accidentally sending the wrong message to Molly. “That means you’ll have to cook, oh and also drop Molly off at school, okay?”

“Ok.kay.” I stutter with Molly busy using her small legs to spread my slender ones, slowly lowering me. “Good luck over there, wish him all the bEST!?” I yell out the last syllable as Molly pulls me back by the waist and manages to ram her penis halfway inside my ass in a single push. This sends my body a little forwards, and thus upwards, while I accidentally open the door a little more. Oops, hi dad.

My dad overwhelmed with suddenly getting yelled at, before getting half his daughter’s naked teenage body pushed inside his view, takes a second to take in the view and get his mind back on track. “What are you doing?” He says now looking away.

I close the door some more and move back my body, gritting my teeth as I impale myself on Molly. “Sorry, t.trying to shrug off a cramp.” I say, trying to kick Molly’s feet, only impaling myself further, now feeling her balls hit my bottom.

“I told you before you need to work on your decency. What do you think your little sister would think if she saw you like this? Don’t go giving her the wrong ideas about flaunting your body.” My dad says, not really able to become angry at my very flushed face.

It’s a little late for that I think, imagining what his face would look like if he knew my not so little sister is buried balls deep inside me as we speak. “Yeah, I know, sorry.”

“Hmm, as long as you know. Well I’m off. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye…” I say closing the door, when Molly starts pounding me. I place my hands against the wall next to the door as she picks up speed like an untiring sexmachine. “M. Molls, Molls, wait.” I say a little scared dad might hear me repeatedly pushing my hands against the wall.

She gives an exaggerated sigh. “What is it now?” She asks still doing me but with a slower rhythm.

“.. Let’s… let’s continue in the shower ok?” I suggest, telling myself it’s because I’m not getting out of this.

She looks at the shower, then back at where we’re connected, then at me, before reluctantly letting go of me. “Fiine.”

We head into the shower and I hardly have time to push the button for the bigger shower, when I feel Molly’s arms gripping around me, hugging me closely. She pulls me down and grabs my breasts as she penetrates me. I can’t help but place my hands on the wall again, growing hot from seeing my own sexy bouncing reflection as I’m getting hammered from behind by a little kid.

A long shower and some awkward cleaning later, we get ready and leave for school.


Having finished a long day of boring classes, I stand waiting in front of Molly’s school to pick her up. Looking around me I’m now regretting the choice of clothes I made this morning while I was still feeling passionate. Wearing short jeans and a sleeved strapless top, I can almost feel the eyes of the people around me. I would have rather waited in the car, but with the parking spots not working out, I had to park it in a different segment behind a couple of bushes. Molly wouldn’t have noticed me there. Luckily I soon hear the school bell ring, followed by an overly enthusiastic child running at me. “Hi Molls.” I say holding my hands in front to keep her from hugging me, not wanting a repetition of last time. She looks at me disappointed and I smile a little knowing I just ruined whatever it is she was planning.

“Hi sis.” She says still looking dejected, actually making me feel a little sorry for her.

Quickly shaking of that feeling I start walking towards the car, Molly in tow. Nearly reaching the door to the driver’s seat, having already expected it, she hugs me from behind. I sigh and just try to keep moving towards the door, when I feel a small hand sliding into my short jeans and another crawling up my stomach. Holy crap, is this kid always horny? “Calm down, geez. We’re in front of your school you know.” I complain, though not disliking her touch.

“But I had to wait all day! I want it now!” She says not stopping, now slowly pushing her fingers into my panties, sending a small wave of pleasure through my body.

“You’re kidding right? You actually want to do it, right.. here?” I say pausing a little as she rubs a finger over my still dry slit and squeezes a boob over my top, now more hurting than pleasuring me.

“Yes.” She says looking around a bit still molesting me. “There’s no one close, but we can do it on the couch if you want.” Now trying to push me to the back door.

“No way. You’re nuts. We’re going home.” I say pushing her away from me, now having a clear head thanks to her being a bit too rough.

“Aw.” She says, knowing she messed up somewhere.


Watching a certain car drive off, a kid stands up from behind some bushes, completely stunned.

Having seen Molly rush off, Jane decided to follow her, not wasting any opportunity of laying her eyes on her friend’s gorgeous sister. Walking through the entrance she stopped dead in her tracks the moment she saw her long bare legs and naked shoulders. She took her time admiring her from a distance, running her eyes all over her figure. What she wouldn’t give for even the smallest poke on those alluring boobs.

Sneaking after them, being the horny kid she is, she hid behind some bushes hoping to catch a glimpse of the seatbelt pushing into her. That’s when her jaw dropped, hearing and seeing everything.


Having come home after a safe trip free of touching, I’m now walking around the bench in circles, watching tv.

“C’mon sis.. Why are you doing this?” Comes a nagging voice from behind as Molly walks after me with her pants off. Having pushed her off me several times when I was sitting on the couch, I came up with this new approach of handling her relentless assault.

“Leave me alone already.” I grumble having long since lost my patience. “For the thousandth time, I’m not a toy you can just put your dick in whenever you want.”

“I knoow. You’re my sister and I love youu.” She says exaggeratingly sweet.

“Yeah, that’s not helping.”

“COME ON! It’s just for a little bit! It will feel really good!” She says stamping one foot on the floor.

I ignore her, not impressed.

Looking at me desperately, she finally settles down on the couch to give her probably last method a try: pouting.

Observing her for a bit, I cautiously sit down on the armrest out of her reach. Hopefully mom and dad come home early tomorrow. Oh right. “I’m going to make some dinner soon. There anything you want?”


“Molls?” I ask again.


Is she seriously giving Me the silent treatment now? “Well, fine, I’ll just make some salad then.”

She looks at me still pouting, not sure if she should give in.

I stand up slowly, making sure she notices.

.. “fries”

“What?” I ask, though having perfectly heard her silent suggestion, unable to stop myself from smiling a little at her childish stubbornness.

“Fries. I want, fries.” She says now a little angry seeing I haven’t fallen for any of her tricks.

“Okay, sheesh. Fries it is. Was that so hard?” I tease her some more, earning me an angry look. Seeing her desperately looking at my body with an unrelenting glint in her eyes, I laugh at her face and walk into the kitchen enticingly swaying my hips a little. I think I heard her whisper something, but it’s probably nothing important.


I empty the last remaining sack of fries on a tray and place it in the oven. While I prefer deep-frying them, at least while I’m not dieting, mom wants Molly to grow up healthy so she only buys the oven kind. I’m surprised Molly actually likes these things. Maybe it’s because everyone’s always telling her fries are the best? I close the oven feeling like a proper mom who’s taking care of her grade-schooler.

I flip the sizzling meat on the stove and start cutting some vegetables in front of the open tilted window. Whistling a happy tune, my top gets yanked down to my elbows. “What, the, hell?” I drop the knife and try moving my arms, but they’re completely stuck. I feel two thumbs going under the waistband of my jeans and panties, before they too are clumsily pulled down, now keeping my knees together. I have a bad feeling about this. “Molly, don’t do this.” I say while ignoring that my body is already heating up. Oh right. “The meat is going to burn.”

“Don’t care.” Comes her childish voice from very close behind me. She pushes my upper body over the counter until I support myself with my hands, while she fumbles with the back of my bra. “Why is this so hard?” She complains, before simply pulling the strapless thing down in a great moment of inspiration. She puts both hands on my breasts and presses her apparently naked body against mine.

Already turned on from being forcefully stripped, I don’t even care anymore when I feel her hard flesh rubbing between my legs. I allow her to lower me until her pole is rubbing against my pussy lips, by laying down a little on the counter and moving my feet backwards through her legs. She starts making bigger strokes, digging deeper into my slit, often bumping my upper thighs into the counter as her hips pound against my ass. I look outside the window hoping no one is going to walk past. If someone does he will definitely hear us, with the kitchen now being filled with slapping, bumping and burning noises.


“M, Molls, T.the st.stove i.is, d.dammit st.top” I try to warn the irresponsible kid as she really might not notice the house burning down when she’s this focused.

“What?” She asks slowing down.

“The house.. is going to burn.. if you don’t turn it off.” I say nodding at the stove a little short of breath. She looks at the smoke rising from the pan, then back at my naked behind that’s being offered to her, but reason wins over excitement as she finally steps away from me to go and turn it off. Not even blinking at the ruined food, she quickly comes back with her relatively large cock pointing in front of her and puts her hands on my hips. Now more alert than before, I notice she’s not sliding it between my legs, but instead prodding directly into my slit.

“Molls? Don’t.” I say in the most serious voice I can manage at the moment. More pressure is the only response I get. She’s serious about this. I try to pull myself up, but it’s an impossible task with my upper arms and legs stuck. “Stop it!” I move my hips around, feeling both anxious and excited knowing I’m going to lose my virginity to my little sister as soon as I stop moving. “This is rape!” I yell out, and she finally backs off.

“Why? Why can’t I put it in there?” She asks frustrated, looking at my most special place as if it’s for sale.

Does she really not get it? Obviously it’s because, because.. Thinking back to the things we’ve already done, a reason like incest, age, or gender isn’t going to cut it. So I say the only thing I can. “It’s a girl thing ok? The first time needs to be with someone special, because I lose something really important to me.”

“But, I am som..”

“No. Just quit it.” I interrupt her, not giving her a chance to use her childish reasoning.

“Aah! Ok! Fine!” She gives in even more frustrated.

Not letting a moment go to waste, he walks up to me again, grabs my boobs and, sliding her member between my thighs, pushes me hard into the counter. “Ahn!” A moan actually escapes me from his rough handling. After just a few good strokes through my wet slit I suddenly feel her grabbing my ass with both hands while speeding up, making my boobs erotically bounce into the air. Just when I think she’s about to cum, she suddenly pulls all the way back, pushes my ass down, and penetrates it deeply, sending me gasping. She pushes desperately and barely gets her entire length inside when she explodes. She gives me a final two thrusts before plopping her dick out.

“Well, that will do for now.” She states, before walking off.

Really? She nearly rapes me. Uses my precious ass as a cum dump, grabbing a towel apparently being too much work. I’m still stuck. And worst of all, with this all somehow really turning me on, leaves me hanging. She doesn’t even realize it, I complain internally while I lie on the counter, staring at the ruined food in front of me.


… is that the sound of the microwave finishing? So much for pretending to be a proper mom.


I park the car in front of a local McDonalds. When I think of having to stand in line and order something with Molly next to me, I can already foresee what’s going to happen.

“Tell me what you want, and I’ll go order it. The sun’s still high up so just go sit outside and wait for me.”

“No! I still need to choose!” She disagrees.

Sigh, she’s just going to get a happy meal anyway. “Ok, then I’ll stay outside, and You order. Just get me whatever burger’s new and some fries. You can do that right?” I say while giving her some money.

“Duh.” She takes it and heads inside.

As I sit down at an outside table, I start wondering if this is really a good idea. It will make me sit rather close to my horny brat of a little sister and I can’t help but notice some people poking each other, making an increasing number of heads turn my way. Yeah, let’s not do this. I see a small park on the other side of the street where I can lie out of view. Maybe we can make it a little picnic.

Wow, this is better than I thought, I think walking into the park. There’s a nice open space with bushes all around it and some trees casting a shade. I see some blankets lying in the corner but don’t pay them much attention. I lie down in one of the sunny spots, arms spread on the grass around me, and stare at the sky, feeling the sun burn on my skin. I could get used to this.

As I’m relaxing in the grass I hear voices coming closer, before it suddenly goes eerily quiet. I turn my head and see three homeless men watching me.

“Hey there, little girlie.” One of them says in a raspy voice. “What’s someone like you doing here?” He adds while obviously ogling me.

Just perfect. Of course I had to lie down on the sleeping spot of three stinky pent-up beggars. Wait, isn’t this dangerous? I look at their faces to feel them already devouring me with their eyes.

“Could this be a little present?” One of them says with a toothy grin as he starts walking towards me. The other two men give each other a look before suddenly running at me.

I smirk and I slow down time by using my speed and I kick them all really hard in the balls. Then when time sped back up they all fell down groaning. Then I heard the voice of Molly.

“HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” yells Molly surprisingly hard for such a small girl.

“Fuck, scram.” The men curse and run away.

I sit down and take some deep breaths as Molly runs up to me.


We’re sitting in the park eating cold McDonalds food in silence. I haven’t completely calmed down yet, but it’s not that bad since in the end nothing happened. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad that I’m not feeling as disgusted and fearful as I should be. That my pussy burns whenever I think of what could have happened, which is really all the time now, isn’t exactly helping.

“Sis?” Molly asks. I look at her warmly. After she scared the beggars away, she asked me if I was okay and we just sat on the grass for a while, until I was ready to head home. She hasn’t tried touching me, but mostly stayed silent letting me deal with my thoughts. Maybe there is some thoughtfulness in the little girl after all. “Can I put it in now?”

I cough as I nearly choke on my coke. “What?”

She looks at me sweetly. “Well, they just almost made you lose your important girl thing. Isn’t it better to lose it to me?”

Is she actually serious? Does she think she’s doing me a favor with this? “It’s more complicated than that.” I tell her. Is it really, though?

“But, you’re going to lose it anyway. Am I not more special than the stinky men?” She continues still doing her best to show me her sweetest face.

“You are, but.. I..” I start struggling with my words while she walks over to me.

“Please let me do it?” She asks, starting to rub my belly. The soft touch of her small hands not getting associated with the rough experience from before, but only adding to my still present arousal.

“I’m.. not sure..” I start really doubting now. My body is burning, I want to feel good, we’ve already gone way too far and she did save me, but still, lose my virginity to my little sister?

“I’ll be really careful?” She tries seeing my hesitation. Right on target. My last doubts vanish as I realize that I, strangely enough, really do trust her.

“I… ok..” I give in. As soon as I say it, it’s like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve completely surrendered now. I don’t have to be on high alert anymore.

Meanwhile, Molly’s eyes go wide. She’s been doing many things with her sister already, but she was always kind of against it, she always had to force it. It was just her using her to get off, but to hear her actually agree now.. She suddenly becomes really aware of what she’s accomplished. She looks at her. At every part of her erotic body. Her beautiful older sister. She was hers now.

I look at my little sister who’s standing there as if she can’t believe what she just heard. A wave of heat courses through me, anticipating what is to come. I stand up and move towards the stairs. “Well? What are you waiting for?” I say enticingly, making her run up to me. With her smaller hand in mine, we walk towards the bedroom. Many thoughts are going through my mind, probably only one through Molly’s, who hasn’t stopped staring at me with a hard-on straining in her pants.

I walk to the bed and take my clothes off. Naked like the day I was born, but now with a captivating 17 year old body and firm upwards pointing breasts, I lay myself down on top of it. With my front in full view and feeling incredibly hot and ready, I look to see what Molly’s doing.

Umm.. is she broken? There, still in the middle of the room with her clothes on and staring at me, stands my little sister. Not really knowing what to say, I look her in the eyes and invitingly open my legs.

As if it suddenly awakens her, she starts too enthusiastically pulling on her clothes, nearly falling down as she takes them off. Leaving only her socks on, she rushes onto the bed and climbs between my legs with a massive smile on her childish face, making me smile a little back at her. Looking at my naked orbs she starts lowering her head towards them, pushing her naked body onto mine. “Mmn.” I quietly moan as her pelvis spreads my legs, until her full hard-on is firmly planted between us. She lays her head on my upper chest and looks from close by to her own hand playing with my boob. “This is awesome.” She says in a low voice. I can’t help but softly stroke her hair, as she just looks so cute and content lying on top of me like that. But soon breaking out of her peaceful stupor, she focuses back on the task at hand.

Placing her hands on the bed around me, she pushes her upper body into the air. I feel my heartbeat racing knowing what’s about to come, as the little boy looks down upon me. She starts moving her body backwards, sliding her cock down my groin until her tip presses into the top of my slit. Pressing her hand on the top of her shaft, instead of going down, she slides it back up over my skin, as if trying to see how far inside it will go. I shudder a little in anticipation and terror when I see it nearly reaching my navel. Can I really take it in that far? My fingers have certainly never gone that deep.

Nearly dying from suspension, I place a hand on his arm when he once again presses into my slit. As soon as I feel her prodding my virgin entrance I grip his arm with some force to make her wait. I want to relish this moment as the last second of my, kind of, innocent virgin life. Molly’s not having it though, as he eagerly presses onwards. I grip her arm and the bedsheets when she tears through my hymen, but, it’s really not that bad, actually. Feeling me relax, Molly pushes harder. “Oohhmmmygodd!” I moan as she pushes further and further into me. Opening my mouth a little in pleasure I note it’s easy to forget just how big she really is because of her small body. I can’t help but place a hand on my stomach when I feel her crotch press into me. She’s actually gotten the entire thing inside. Feeling very aroused and hardly feeling any pain, I shift my view to the little guy that just took my virginity.

“Wow it’s so warm and wet and ribbly, this is the best.” He says looking happy enough. He stirs around a little, making my body move around with her, before sliding out about halfway. I look at the meat pole that just came out of me, when he suddenly rams it inside again. “Ah!” A moan escapes me as my breasts bounce, not going unnoticed by Molly. He locks his eyes on them and once again hammers into me, mesmerized by their movement. He starts making bigger thrusts and picks up speed, when I suddenly remember something. Condoms! Shit, I don’t have any! “Molls! Molls!” I call out, only making her go harder. I’m not moaning your name damnit! I place my hands on his little ass and push her into me hard, not letting go, my legs helping me keep her in place. “Nnn! Molly! Wait.” I say now certain he can hear me. “You can’t cum inside, I might get pregnant.” I tell her. I’m taking birth control, and I’m actually not even sure if he can get me pregnant, but you never know. There’s no need to tell her that though, I don’t want to have to explain to mom and dad that I’m pregnant from little Molly.

He seems to think really deep for a second. “Okay.” He surprisingly agrees. I let my legs go but keep my hands on the boy’s ass as it feels strangely erotic pushing her into me. He slowly moves his body back watching his dick come all the way out, inspects it as if there’s a timer on it, before thrusting it all the way in again. “Mmmm yes!” I yell as he picks up speed. I should’ve let her do this ages ago, fuck anal. Is what I think when he suddenly pulls out. Well ok, anal has its advantaGES! I throw my head backwards as he pulls my hips up and suddenly penetrates my other hole. Just like in the kitchen, he desperately pushes his entire dick inside, before exploding.

“This isn’t.. what I had.. in mind.” I say panting while he plops his dick out and lets me down onto the bed again.

“Yeah it’s a little hard like this.” He says.

What does that even mean?

“Oh! I know! Turn around!” He says coming up with an idea.

“Mm ok, I guess that will work.” I say looking forward to it. He’d better give me an orgasm this time. I grab a pillow and place it under my hip while I lay down on my belly.

He climbs on top of me and pushes his dick between my legs, aiming under my now upwards poking ass, straight at my pussy. He lets his body fall forwards, smoothly penetrating me.


Many orgasms later, we head downstairs together in our birthday suits.

“We should really buy some condoms tomorrow.” I say without feeling disturbed that I’m suggesting we’ll have sex more often.

“Yeah, it gets annoying after a while.” Molly says looking at my well filled ass.

“It’s a miracle you can even cum that often.”

“Is that strange?”

Hmm, it kinda is actually. “Nah, it’s a good thing.” I finally decide. No reason worrying about it.

We both drink water as we’re somewhat dehydrated and I decide to make some sandwiches. We only finished half our food when we rushed upstairs, after all. Meanwhile Molly helps by staying out of my way, just sitting at the table watching me go about.

Having finished making the sandwiches, I place them in front of Molly and myself.

“Sis, my dick is hard again.” He announces.

I bite my lip. I really feel like having it inside me, but is this how the future is going to look? He just gets his dick hard and I’ll come running to take care of it? No, it’s really just for today, because mom and dad are gone, yeah. “Ok, just let me eat first.”

“But it’s hard now.” He complains, standing up.

I look at the kid now standing in front of me with his ever impressive full erection pointing in front of her. “Fine, just be quick.” I say figuring it’s the only way to rid me of his nagging.

He turns the high swivel chair I’m sitting on and stands between my legs. Hitting the bottom of the thing I find myself lowering down until I’m lined up with his dick. This thing is oddly useful. Molly places his hands around my hips and pushes forwards, penetrating my pussy with practiced movement. Having her do me from the front again, I’m once more surprised by the sheer size that’s disappearing inside me.

“I need to cum, stand up.” He orders me after emotionlessly fucking me for a few minutes.

And I obey. Standing up I turn myself around, place my hands on the chair and lower myself. He pushes his member inside my ass, gives it another good thrust, and fires. “Mmm.” I’m getting used to this.

After eating we simply head for bed, my bed. It’s still a little early, but with Molly immediately crawling between my legs, I have a feeling I’m not going to get much sleep anyway.

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