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From Playing Wrestling into Something More

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I was 9 years old and my friend, Mason who was 10 were playing in his bedroom. He has a nice body, and a cute face. Oh he’s also in our school’s wrestling team.

We got bored playing video games and asked me if I wanted to wrestle. I’m quite skinny and not athletic, so I just laughed him off.

“C’mon, I’m gonna teach you some moves” Mason said. So I just reluctantly agreed to it. His room had more than enough space so he took a mat and placed it on the floor. He also rummaged through his cabinet and threw a singlet to my face.

“Here, put this on” he said. “Where am I gonna change?” I asked him. “You can do it here, but if you’re a sissy then just run down to the bathroom down the hall”, he said with a grin.

He started to peel of his clothes on and I turned around and also did the same thing.

“For a skinny dude you got a nice plump butt” he said while laughing.

What he said was quite true, I have a nice butt for my age and body type. As soon as I faced him, I immediately noticed his boner through that red singlet he was wearing. I have to admit that I think I had a crush on Mason, but I don’t want him to think that I was gay because he might avoid me. But seeing his boner kinda made me blush a bit. Was that boner due to him seeing my butt?

We went to the mat and just followed what he told me to do. Of course on our first grapple, he was able to take me down easily. I was pinned underneath him. We did it s couple of times and I would always get pinned down. He kept on teaching me some moves until I finally got one on him.

This time I was straddling between his legs, I didn’t notice that I was actually sitting on his dick. My butt crack was shaped on that blue singlet I was wearing and I could feel his dick starting to get hard. I immediately stood up and him as well. He got that boner again, and he even tried to adjust it. “That was fun”, Mason said with that awfully cute smile.

We again started to grapple and I was immediately pinned. I was lying on the mat faced down and he put his entire body on top of me. He held both of my arms to my side and while doing that he made sure that his dick was directly over my butt crack.

I was trying to wiggle my way out and asked him to stop. But he was heavy and he started to slide his hard dick up and down my butt. The fabtic of our singlets were the only covering between my butt and his dick. He was steadily gliding his body on top of me and I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t wrestling anymore.

I also stopped from wiggling, and just allowed him to do whatever he wants. I was confused yet I felt that I was also having a boner underneath. It was a bit painful because my dick was pressing on the mat.

Sensing that I’m not protesting his actions. He lowered his head near my face. He then cupped my chest with his hands and played with my nipples. I don’t know where he learned this stuff but it actually felt good.

He changed his sliding movement into humping. He started slow and his thrusts were getting harder and faster each time. The head of his dick was poking my hole with every hump.

He kept humping and thrusting me from the back. His mouth was on my right ear and I could hear him moan.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, this is good”, he whispered to my ear. I was quite naive about sex. All I know was that sex includes nudity and it should be between a man and a woman. I’m not sure if we’re having sex because we’re both very young boys. But his humping and poking my butt actually felt good.

Mason kept on pounding and thrusting my butt. He would change his pace and movement. But he was getting rough every time. He made one last thrust and completely dropped his entire body on my back. “Ahhhhh…that was good”, he said behind my head.

We were kinda sweaty from all that action and he was gasping for air. He laid beside me and I looked at him and there was a small wet spot on his singlet. “Dude, are you ok?, Did you pee?” I blurted.

“No, it’s not pee”, he retorted. He then quickly covered his crotch, stood up, and raced to the bathroom. I touched my butt crack and there was a moist spot as well. I also stood up and changed back to my clothes.

When he got back to the room, he was only wearing a towel and I noticed that he was soaking wet. He told me he took a shower because he was all sweaty.

I told him that I wanted to go home now. He said I could wait downstairs, and he would take me home. After a couple of minutes he was already dressed and we were out of the door.

We were a bit silent while walking and probably still confused with what happened between us. As soon as I got to the door, he held my hand and asked if we could do it again. I gave him a nod and went inside. I took a peep on our window and he waved goodbye while walking away.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    Now Leave Your Comment…I love the story some times when i have sex with someone i will be silent to the person i am 15

  • Reply John ID:3zari9ky8r9

    I swear it is the best story I have read today. I hope there will be another part to continue the story and what happened between you in the coming times.

    • Harrison ID:6nrmts5mm4

      I will. Just busy with some stuff. Thank you for liking my story.

  • Reply Tonguepleasureforyou ID:cmea9188rj

    I am a 37 year old man who has a decent size cock, almost 9 inches when it’s hard. Picturing two boys age 9 and 10 wrestling on the floor had my cock at full attention. Harrison and Mason let’s wrestle naked on the floor. Can only dream of having your cocks in my mouth.
    [email protected]
    is my email

    • Harrison ID:6nrmts5mm4

      Glad to have made you get a boner