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First time dressing in front of Mum

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My first encounter with mum sexually and in lingerie

It was a normal occurrence for me as a 10 year old to be with mum when she was in the bath or getting dressed, always had been we was never shy any of or family.
She always used to wear stockings or tights. I used to love helping her clip the stockings onto her belt. One day as she was getting dressed I again was helping but this time for the first time ever my little cock was getting hard. I had no idea what was happening, but of course mum did. She said “oh looks like you are enjoying this more than ever” I had no idea what to do and looked panic struck. She said its fine lots of men enjoy the feel of nylons. Then she said something which nearly knocked me over, she asked if I would like to try some on. I quickly nodded my head and she told me to take down my shorts, quick as a flash they were on the floor. Then she said I would need to remove my pants as when the stockings were on I wouldn’t be able to go for a pee. So off they came also.
Mum then got a new pair of stockings out, as they would not have been stretched yet. She managed to shorten a garter belt to make it fit and we clipped the stockings on to it. The stockings were still too big but felt amazing. She gave my little hard cock a gentle rub and asked if I felt better now. I said I loved the feeling. She then said I should run to my sisters bedroom and get a pair of her panties to wear, as mums would be too big. I came back with some pink cartoon character ones. She said she would go look for some instead. When she came back she was holding a lovely peach lace pair she said suited me better. I paraded up and down her bedroom like I was on a cat walk. She then disappeared out of her room I was just stood looking in case I had done something wrong. She reappeared just as quickly but this time holding my sisters training bra. She got me to strip off and put on the bra. She said I looked beautiful.
She then got me to lay on her bed and the most amazing felling I have ever had happened. She gave my little boner another rub then without warning put it in her mouth. She bobbed up and down until I thought I was going to explode. She moved around so her pussy was near my face and asked me to stick a finger in her, which I did. Unfortunately my little finger was not enough so I put another in then another until my whole hand was inside her pussy. She was going frantic at my little pecker now. I kept calling her name then it felt like my head exploded. Although no cum came out I had a dry cum and was panting like a dog, as was she
Tomorrow she said she would buy me some of my own clothes so we could play dress up more often. I would have to go to the store to help her chose them.

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  • Reply Karen ID:5ers3n209

    My son loves dressing up in lingerie and stockings

  • Reply MommyK4YLA ID:1q53bl8m

    Wow, what a naughy mother she is…guess i’m just jealous! Hahaha, lovely story

    • Taboo Master ID:1dv3resa7tga

      I’ll help you be a naughty mommy for your children

    • grtsx83@protonmail ID:2nhigukqrd

      I can help K4ayla too 😉

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1ebmkhq6opcb

    A preteen sissy how gets his little boy cock sucked by mommy. Then gets to fist fuck her. What more could a boy wish for. Nice story.

  • Reply Sammy ID:1cqcnkwkwldv

    I was just talking to my sister when my mom came home and my sister left for the night my mom didn’t even take a minute before she took down her panties off from under her skirt and when I got up to walk down the hallway she told me she would tuck me in before she turned out the lights I didn’t even think about it and when I got in the bed I was only wearing underwear

  • Reply Sammy ID:1cqcnkwkwldv

    My mother worked a lot and when she would come home late on a Saturday it was usually just my sister that would run out of the house 2 minutes after she walked in the door which was fine my sister was 2 years older than me and she would always just sleep over at her girlfriends house but I always enjoyed when my mom came home

  • Reply Steve loves nylon ID:alz0ihra

    Love this story I love nylons on girls and boys

  • Reply Mac ID:blen03a8

    Love stories like this . Hope u post more

  • Reply PervyD ID:1dgdff9egv7y

    Cute story.