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Daddy my bestfriend Jill and me

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I love my family dadd mommy tara grandpa my best friend Crystal

I’m 12 years old red hair green eye’s 5 foot 1 inches tall 100 pounds 32A boobs

My 10 year old friend Jill came over again last night . Jill came in me and dad are naked . Jill no sooner gets in the house she gets naked to . Gives me a hug then hugs dad . Jill says I couldn’t wait to come back over . Dad said why that Jill. Jill said me and my brother found my mom sex toy he uses it on my while I suck on his penis. Its almost as big as you mr jim . Dad says that’s good Jill. It’s still hurt . Jill not as much anymore. Mr jim my brother won’t do what you did with your mouth and tounge between my legs. Dad says well maybe he dosen’t like to . But Mr jim I really liked when you did it to me . Ok Jill I can little tater . Me and Jill are on the couch dad between us. We are watching tv dad got his hands on mine and Jill legs . Jill keeps looking at dad dick . Jill also keeps touching his dick and moving her hand . Dad took Jill hand put it on his dick dad puts his arm around her .dad rubs her little nipple. I put my hand on dad dick as well . Dad takes his other hand put on Jill pussy starts rubbing. Jill moving her hips and moaning. Then dad takes our hands off his dick . Gets on his knees spreads Jill legs dad starts eating her pussy. You can hear dad sucking Jill pussy Jill twitching. Jill says your tounge going in and out . Then Jill squeeze dad head with her legs and starts bucking her hips moaning. Jill stopped moving dad stands up straddle Jill. Puts his dick at her mouth Jill opened her mouth dad put his dick in . Jill hands are on dad legs dad hand are on the top of the couch. Dad moves back and forth in Jill mouth. Then dad stop moving I see dad dick jump . Dad cumming in Jill mouth. Dad cum starts drooling out .then dad pulls out one last shot on Jill chest . .then dad said Jill go clean your self up before your mom gets here . Jill gets ready her mom knocks on the door . Dad answer the door . Jill mom comes in . Jill hug her mom the me then dad Jill says mom can I come back tomorrow. No why don’t we invite them over our house so your brother don’t feel left out . My dad said ok we can tomorrow

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    Very hot

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    I hope you didn’t mind me writing a story about Tara, Jen and Ian . I was bored and figured to stir things up a bit . Britney

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    • Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      Mommy tara no I have black girls as friends

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