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Best Physical ever

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My new doctor gave me the best physical I ever had!

My name is Dave and while I prefer women men give better head and a hard dick in my ass feels pretty good if they aren’t rough! I’m 25, 5’11” and I’m a runner so I stay in pretty good shape. Luckily I was blessed with a nice fat cock with a big head and about 9 inches long!
I’m a construction worker and my boss told me I had to go to a local clinic to get my periodic physical! I live in Kentucky coal country and the clinic we used was a small place not far away. I got there about 2pm and there were a few folks ahead of me so it was about 3:30 before the nurse, a slim and nice looking black guy took my vitals and put me in an exam room in one of those robes that show off your butt. I was sitting there when the doctor came in and I have to say he was hot! He was about 6’4”, dark hair and green eyes! He looked to be in his late twenties and gave me a great smile as he introduced himself as Dr Hinkle but his friends called him Eric. Well when I got up to shake his hand the robe fell and I tried to grab it he told me not to worry because his nurse had left and we were alone. Being a closet nudist it didn’t embarrass me but when he got close to check my heart Herbie, my pet name for my cock, noticed and started perking up! When he had me stand up for the turn your head and cough routine my cock was standing at full attention and about as hard as a steel rod! He looked and I apologized and said sometimes he has a mind of his own. He laughed and said “it happens all the time, don’t be embarrassed”. I did the cough and he said turn over and let me check your prostate while putting on gloves.I happened to notice he was getting a nice bulge in the pants he was wearing but he turned quit to get some lube. As I bent over he said actually he said “I think its a compliment especially from a nice good looking guy like you” and when he stuck his finger in my ass I my cock started throbbing. A little moan escaped me because it felt so good! He asked “did it hurt?” with a sexy kind of smile and I said “no, not at all” and turned my head to give him a smile back! When I did I noticed that bulge had gotten much bigger and he was trying to get it situated when I decided what the hell and started too rub it through those thin scrubs he was wearing! He moaned and I took the plunge, turned around, and pulled out his cock! Now I though I was blessed but his was even longer than mine but not as fat it was hard as a rock with precum on the tip so I got on my knees and sucked as much as I could into my mouth! Now when I was a teen I had a gay cousin who loved to suck cock and he taught me to deep throat, using his nice 7in cock of course, but I couldn’t take all of his at first because it must have been dam near a foot long by now! But I kept trying and finally took it all down! After a bit he said “let’s go to my office where we’ll be more comfortable”. He took my cock, which was harder than ever, and lead me to his office that had a nice big couch. He sat me down and took off his scrubs and showed me his gorgeous muscular physique and that long cock sticking out of a nice trimmed pubic area! Now I always shave my pubs and around my ass so I appreciated not getting a pube stuck in my throat like the woman in my life. He laid me back on the couch and said “I’d been wanting to suck my cock ever since I saw it” and took it in his mouth! I was leaking precum and hard as hell so it felt like heaven when he started tonguing the underside and then he sucked me deep in his throat and starting bobbing up and down. Herbie couldn’t stand it anymore and I said “I cumming doc” to give him a warning! He came up, took a deep breath, stuck two fingers in my ass, and swallowed me down again! I started cumming and cumming and he swallowed every bit! He got up with his fingers still in my ass and grabbed a bottled on Crown Royal from the end table and took a big drink! “Ahh” he said, “best cum chaser ever” and started finger fucking my ass with was still lubed from the exam! He gave me a drink and I felt my cock starting to stir again. His cock had softened a little, mine does to a little when I give head. I said “bring that cock over here and give me another taste! He laid beside like 69 and shoved another finger in my ass! “Don’t make me cum” he said “because I want to cum in that tight ass!” It was still a little soft so I took him in my mouth and used my tongue to harden him and when it started growing I sucked him in my throat until I felt his trimmed hair on my lips and held him there! I felt his cock growing in my throat so I lined up my esophagus and felt that monster harder and lengthen until I thought it would reach my stomach. He grabbed my head and started fucking my throat with short stokes “ damn he said you are sure good at that” I throat fucked him until I needed to come up for air and got a breath! “I haven’t done many guys but that’s the biggest best tasting cock ever” I said. He raised up and rolled me on my back spreading my legs and rubbed more lube on my ass! Herbie sprang to life and turned all purple when he shoved three fingers in my ass while lubing his monster dick. He got between my legs and said “I wanna fuck you like a girl” laying that hot body on me and kissing me deeply! I felt his cock probing at my anus and it worried me a little because it was so big but the head of his cock was tapered nicely and it slid right in. It just kept going and going but it felt so good my cock started throbbing again. He took it easy after about half of it was in my ass and started fucking me going a little deeper each stroke until he was finallt balls deep! I remember saying something like “god it’s so big and hard! Fuck me with that monster cock!” He put my legs around him and started long stroking me while he kissed me passionately and played with my nipples! I have to say the Doc had stamina and he just kept fucking and kissing me! My cock was rubbing on his stomach and copious amounts of precum was lubing it so I hugged him tighter and told him to fuck me hard! After about 10 minutes of good hard fucking he started moaning and making these sexy little sounds. He grabbed my ass shoving his cock even deeper and let out a big growl! I felt his hard duck jerking and his hot cum splashed into my bowels! It felt so good I shot a monster wad all over his stomach and chest! He laid there kissing and hunching while his cock softened but it was so big it never really fell out! We made out a little while and he sucked and nibbled my nipples and I was surprised to feel him stiffening in my ass! Of course my ass wanted more so I started humping up at him until it was hard as a diamond again! He raised up and said “turn over, I’m not done with you yet” he put me on my hands and knees and put more lube on my ass saying “that’s a great ass” he grabbed my hips and I felt that monster go up my colon until his balls started rubbing mine and god what a fucking he gave me! I thought he’d never cum but I didn’t mind because it was, hot, hard, and deep in my ass! Herbie was standing at attention again and he reached around and started stoking him as he fucked me! Again he started making the moaning and growling sounds again and I felt my third organisms start to cum! He just kept fucking me hard and fast and I just loved it! Finally with a little scream I felt his cock jerking again and then he shot another load of hot cum in my ass! He turned me over and sucked my cock down his throat until I shot my third load of the day! After we could move again we took a shower and he said he had to go but he thought I might need a follow up appointment in a couple days. I told him I could hardly wait!

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Isn’t it great when doctors are unprofessional and abuse their authority (as well as their patients)?!

  • Reply Rick ID:1eoqnazunm0t

    None of the doctors who gave me a prostate exam ever did it with love. I surely wasn’t aroused. Love the 69 part. That is a fun position.

  • Reply Tease me ID:pvli0pxic

    Damn, I wish I had a doctor like that