down by the river

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i knew nothing about sex ….then???? but boy o boy i soon found out

i was 12 years old then in 1952
down by the river naked in the water, i liked being naked and feel my little cock flopping about…
i thought i was alone…but no.. i soon found out i was been watched by two old men who i had often seen in the village and i knew they lived in the same house.

they pounced on me as i came out of the water and held me down on the grass and started to feel and poke me about my cock….jerking the cock and pushing fingers into my bum, i was surprised that i was not afraid of then.

we have been watching you you little cunt .said one of them and now we are going to fuck you in the ass. they both had their trousers off by this time ad my eyes opened wide as i saw their wicked looking cocks ..all battered looking with big wicked looking bulbs on the end.
get you gob around this one said as he pushed it into my mouth,,working it back and forth,

i tried as best i could to get my mouth around the cock in my face…and looking down at my cock it had become stiff as the other man has a grip on it and gripping it as he pushed his cock into me and began to do what i then did not know was ..i was getting fucked in the ass..

And reader i was liking it .
they fucked the shit out of that day….i learned what pricks are for..what spunk looks and tastes like.

they caught me many times as time went by….yes of course i made certain i would be available to be caught.

thru the summer days they fucked me and i wanked and sucked them off and by the time i was 13 they had the spunk out of me most days and they got excited when i spunked of whilst one had his cock sunk to the hilt in my ass

Of course this could go on for ever…as i got older i discovered CUNT..but that is another tale;

now i am 71 and still dream of those summer days..Ass fucked and dripping spunk blobs of spunk
dribbling down my chin as it bubbles out of my mouth,

Ah,,,the days of youth

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  • Reply Bob ID:1drm94i5cc15

    Dear Paddy,
    You are one hot guy!!! I’d love to chat more with you, baby, if you would like that. We can share our sexual experiences.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • paddy 5408 ID:fx7qp16ii

      glad you liked it ..i certainly like it..if you have never got a good gang fucking you do not know what you are missing,…to have your ass full of cock and to feel it jerking as it pumps a load spunk deep in you..and to know several stiff dicks are just waiting to ram in to you as soon as it is vacant
      I have had as much as six dicks pump in my ass on one session …no idea how many i have sucked dry or wanked off ..as i just love to take as many up my ass as possible ..and even at my age now i find there are loads of stiff pricks just cant wait to pound in to me..yes i squeal and resist as if i do not want it..and somebody will shut me up by slapping a dick in my mouth..whats not to like…Live well..take a good fucking as often as you can get it ..the bigger the gang doing
      doing the fucking the better,,one day i hope to pass out before the gang get tired and as many pricks as possible have filled my ass with spunk….boy o boy i am one horny old cunt who just will never stop looking for pricks to fill me up,,cheers now..see ya.

  • Reply Bill ID:1ebsq08t3c3n

    Sounds like you learned it well

  • Reply Boyakz ID:ona0en3zrk

    @boyakz Telegram

    • paddy5408 ID:2vpo8enyzk

      so ..I am still getting worked over by bunches of older guys on a regular basis ,,all holes get a good filling most months . I like to be restrained and tied to a table and give the impression of not wanting what will be dun to me /// they think I do not want it..so they hammer into me..if only they knew that a good hammering is just what I want…the harder it is the better I like it….I hope these adventures never end

    • paddy5408 ID:5rfcgtm99

      i still cant wait for the weekends and chance meeting a bunch of guys who will give me multiple cock pounding in any hole…and i do get plenty,,even at my age. i do still get a good gang bang most weeks,..the gang can swell to some six or seven some times,,and all holes get well used..
      some get carried away and get to trying to rip off my cock and balls….boy do i like that,,hope it lasts a long time yet..