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Becoming Aware – Adopcion Temporaria – Part 2

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Young autistic girl recalls being abused.

Three years later when I was 11, we were all headed for Disneyland courtesy of dad’s boss for a weekend of fun. My sister always insisted on sitting in the front seat with my dad and mom, so I always sat behind my dad in the back seat. A large moving van ran through a red light and hit us on the right side totaling our car. My mom and my sister were instantly killed and my dad sustain many broken bones and was in the hospital and rehab facilities for months. I escaped with just bruises and cuts and I was put in a temporary foster care home until my dad was able to come home. The social worker told me that this was the only home available and that I should be grateful to the people who will take care of me, to do as I am told and not make any trouble. I later found out that this social worker was a personal friend of the woman (mom) of the foster home.

I was dropped off at the house with some clothes that I managed to get from my house. A boy named Fred, who was 15 answered the door and showed me to “my room” in the attic. It was actually just the attic with some wall paneling installed to make it look like a room. The parents, Ed and Ellie, arrived about an hour later and told me that they both worked a lot and that their son Fred would be responsible for me most of the time. After dinner that night both of the parents went to work. I took a shower and went to my room and read a book that I had brought with me. After about an hour, I got sleepy and went to bed in just my panties and a shirt. It was hot in the attic and the one window did not let in much air. Sometime later I awoke to an odd feeling of someone removing my panties. Fred, already naked jumped on top of me and put his hand over my mouth and said: “From now on, your job here to pay for your room and board, is to service my needs. It is an easy job, all you have to do is lay there and I will do all the work.”

I felt his hot hard on atop my upper legs as he pulled up my shirt. When he came into my room, he must have turned on a little lamp in the corner so he could see. It did not give off much light and I did not have my glasses on so I could not see much. He then said:
“Too bad you don’t have any titties.” Then he started moving up and down rubbing his dick on my legs and lower belly. Either he was very horny or had no control because after just a few seconds I felt his hot cum all over my belly. He then fell asleep atop me and after a while I fell asleep too.

I woke up a while later while he was wiping off my belly with a wash cloth and drying me with a towel. He then jumped on top of me again and pumped against my body some more. It took a little longer this time but it wasn’t long before I felt his hot cum again. And again we fell asleep until the morning when he dragged me to the shower where we washed off and after he put some hair conditioner on his dick and pumped up against my butt as we stood in the shower until he got his rocks off again. I didn’t say anything or try to protest because I didn’t want to go live alone in my house, if they would even let me do that. He also told me that I was never to wear panties at night but I could wear my shirt since I didn’t have any titties.

During the next six months while I waited for my dad to heal, I had to accommodate Fred at least 3 times a day when his parents were not around. He told me that I should just shut up about what was happening and be thankful that he was not raping me and getting pregnant. So mostly that is what I did except I learned how to spread my legs little by little so he would notice while he was humping me, so his dick would rub against my clit.
Mostly this was at best frustrating since he was mostly a wham bam guy but sometimes he would do me three times in a row and the third time would take him 5 or 10 minutes during which I would occasionally have enough stimulation to cum. I also got him to do the shower stand up thing face to face with his dick between my legs which didn’t get me off but felt good sometimes. I never made any noises when I came or anything so he wouldn’t know and he always had his eyes shut too.

After a few months, my boobies started to bulge out a little but Fred never seemed to notice and he never took my shirt off. During the whole time we never kissed or did anything close to romantic foreplay and I just counted the days until my dad would take me away from this annoying abuser. In any case, I wrote down the date of each time I had an orgasm in the back of my book and it turned out that I managed to have 12 of them with a guy that I basically hated.

The night before my dad was scheduled to come to get me, Fred told me that his buddy had told him that sex up the butt was almost as good as regular sex and that he was going to do me in the rear. The first time, he couldn’t get it in my butt as I was trying not to let him get in but eventually he pushed his way in. It hurt a bit but then it didn’t last long. The second time was short too but the third time he managed to drag it out for about five minutes so my butt was sore for about a week.

His mom said she would come home early from work in the morning to help me prepare my things so Fred didn’t get another “servicing” out of me. My dad was too weak to climb the stairs to inspect my room and I really just wanted to forget everything about that house anyway. So we left and went home. Dad had a helper and had paid someone to clean the house but that night the helper left us and we were alone.

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