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Bad cop takes advantage of desperate mother

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Being a police officer mainly sucked, however there were a few experiences of mine that made all the work worth it. An example of this was when I was driving around in my police car, looking for any trouble.

I then saw a car without a license plate, and the car itself was pretty beat up. I put on my lights and pulled them over to the side of the country road we were on. “Hello Ma’am, the reason for your stop today is no license plate. And your car is pretty beat up beyond what the state allows,” I said as I walked up. I could see a little boy, maybe 10 in the back seat and the mom looked tired with old clothes on and no bra. Her huge tits were loose under her see through tank top.

“Im sorry officer, we are just having some hard times,” she said and obviously pushing her tits together. I turned off my camera and lead in. “I understand ma’am, and Id be happy to let you off easy,” I said, flirting back. She looked so happy that I was agreeing to let her off the hook. But she knew the cost. “Step out ma’am, Ill have to search you,” I winked.

She got out and I turned her around so her ass was faced to me. I went from head to toe, making sure to grab her tits and then ass when I got down to it. “Whats your sons name?” i asked. “Lucas,” she said.

“Lucas step out for me please,” I said. He did immediately and came over to where me and his mom were standing. “Ill let you guys go ok, but Ill need a favor in return alright bud?” i said. He nodded and looked down to his shoes.

“Take your top off,” I said to the mom. Being the whore that she was, she did it no hesitation. Lucas couldn’t help but look too. I pinched her hard nipples and grabbed at her huge boobs.

“Lucas, Im going to need some help here ok?” i said. He came closer and gently placed his hands on his moms boobs. “Thats it, now suck on them,” I said. He listened and licked and sucked at her nipples like a baby would.

My cock was hard so I got it out of my pants and boxers and started stroking it. The mom noticed and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. “Lucas, suck my cock, make sure you get it nice and wet cause otherwise Ill rape your mom’s ass dry,” i said.

The mom was shocked, but let her son get on his knees in front of me. He shyly put his mouth on my tip, but I grabbed his head and with both hands pushed him all the way down. I used his little faggot throat like a pussy and fucked it deep. He gagged and struggled, but his mom rubbed his back and told him it would all be over soon.

Right before I came, I pulled out of his mouth, pushed his mom agaisnt the car, and opened her ass cheeks. I lined my cock up with her asshole and pushed in fast and hard.

She yelled out in pain, but took it like a good whore would. “Thats it, what a whore you are, being fucked in the ass in front of your own son,” I said. She moaned and cried out in pain as I got rougher with my thrusts. “Tell your son how my cock feels in your ass,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh Lucas! His cock is hurting my ass so bad baby. He is raping me so rough with his big cock. Lucas help your mommy!” She screamed. But Lucas just stood there and watched his mom be assaulted. I slapped her ass hard as I came deep inside.

I pulled out and forced Lucas to suck my cock clean. “Get your moms shit off of my dick Lucas,” I said. With a pained look on his face he sucked me clean. And even licked my balls too like a good faggot.

On their way out, I slapped the moms tit and walked back to my car. They drove off and I went back to being a police officer.

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  • Reply Nick ID:vzg2ua44

    Are u a cop for real

    • Sctz ID:1e2y65g14b4v

      No lol

  • Reply Paulmo2 ID:bpbofti42

    Please do parts 2-3-4

  • Reply Amazingstorieswriter ID:1dyb1d1fj2xg

    Not bad…

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    This is great law enforcement. Should have made the boy lick your hairy shithole while you raped his mother though!

  • Reply Hot ID:42oviq6ib

    I want more and want you to fuck the little boys ass, which I would have fucked them both