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15 yo gets a rich paypig

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Im f15, tall, pretty, with a model body type. I like to show my body, for a price of course. Ive sold videos of myself to old men who jack off to my hot young body. And this time, I got myself my very own paypig.

He emailed me, desperate for a young slut to give him some pleasure. His wife was a stupid bitch who wouldn’t give herself up for him. And even though I told him to rape her, he wouldn’t. So i decided I would help him out. We start messaging and whenever he sent me money, I would tease him and show him my tits or something to get him all riled up. He would then send more and more money until I let him see me fucking myself with my dildo.

It felt so good to help an old man out and get paid for it. I loved being a slut, and decided I would allow us to meet up. He got a super nice hotel for us, and I sneaked away from my parents to be able to spend a couple hours with him. First, he took me on a shopping spree to get anything I wanted. I ended up getting some lingerie sets to show him later too.

Once we left and got to the hotel I told him to get his little cock out to show me. It was already hard of course and I told him how pathetic he was for being so desperate for a 15 year old. He whimpered as he got on his knees in front of me. Begging me to touch his cock and let him feel me.

“Maybe if you’re good to me,” I said smiling. He rushed to get a couple hundred dollar bills and handed them to me. “Thats more like it,” I said and started pumping his old cock. He moaned and cried out like a dog, jerking his body all over the place. I continued to stroke him and took my top off so he could see my tits. “Please let me touch you,” He begged. I nodded and his hands immediately went to my boobs.

I pumped harder and faster, wanting him to cum already. It didn’t take too much longer. And when he came, I got it all on my hand and licked it while he watched. “Fuck I haven’t cum that hard in forever.” He said.

“Maybe you should rape your wife then,” I said as I counted the money he gave me. “She would tell someone I can’t do that,” He said fearfully.

“Don’t be such a pussy, just make sure she knows your boss,” I said. “Call room service I’ll teach you how to be the boss,” I said.

He did and soon a nice 20 something girl was at our door. I opened it and told her something was wrong with our bathroom and I couldn’t shower. She walked inside and I led her to the bathroom where my paypig was waiting to grab her. Once he saw her he immediately grabbed her and held her nice and tight. I giggled as she thrashed around and looked to me for help. “Rape her,” I said to my pathetic paypig who listened for once.

He didn’t know how to get her to stop thrashing so I told him. “Punch her, yell at her and tell her not to move or we will kill her,” I said into his ear. He did just that and she didn’t move an inch out of fear.

I got his cock out of his boxers and lined it up with her cunt. She was laying on her back, legs in the air, with tears streaming down her face. “Pl-please I im a virgin. Please dont do this,” She whispered. “Shut up! This is what women are used for, now take it like a good bitch,” I yelled.

My paypig thrusted inside her and when she screamed, I sat on her face so my pussy would silence her. I could feel her mouth still open, so I grinded on her mouth, getting her face coated in my pussy juices.

My pay pig was in heaven fucking her like a teenage boy. I loved watching it, it made my pussy even wetter when I saw the blood on his cock.

Within no time he came deep inside her and we forced her to get dressed. “Tell anyone and I will kill your whole family.” My paypig said. She nodded and went to walk out, he slapped her ass on the way out and told her she was a good whore. “Im so proud of you,” I said once the door shut. He smiled at me and gave me more money, saying I was the reason he got the courage to.

This story is fake! But if you want to be my paypig email be at – [email protected]

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