Truth or dare with my little sister

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Fun with little step sister at night. Abby was a very cute little girl, with an athletic body, she did gymnastics and cheerleaders and loved ponytails

I had just turned 16, was checking out girls a lot more than in years passed. I would fuck just about anything, so you could say I was a normal teenager.

My step sister, Abby, had just turned 10. She was half Latina, had very smooth tan skin, and an athletic build. She didn’t have any tits yet, but she definitely had a cute ass. Her skin always looked like she had goose bumps and was absolutely flawless. At night, after the parents went to bed, Abby would come downstairs to my room. We would close the door and put on a movie.

We never really got in to the movie, we would sit and talk mostly. One night, she was wearing her “Joe Boxer” plaid boxer shorts and a tight little pink colored top with spaghetti straps.

As she laid on the bed next to me, she would occasionally raise one leg up (like she was doing gymnastic stretches) When her leg was in just the right spot, I could see right up the short leg of her boxers and get a peek of her loose fitting pink cotton panties. I’m sure she could tell I was ookokg down there because she would hold a “pose” so I could get a really good view. I looked up at her and she was smiling but looking away, she knew exactly what she was doing. With her leg still raised, she bent her leg at the knee and her loose fitting panties moved out of the way for a moment and I saw it. There it was, her pink little pussy lips. And the light was hitting it just right so I could see the pink puffy lips glistened a little towards the bottom. I could tell she had a little wetness coming out.

As would normally happen, I said we should play truth or dare. She kind of laughed and said “oookkkkk”, acting like she didn’t really want to but I knew perfectly well she did. After a few “truths”, I chose dare.

She sat there for a minute on the bed, me laying next to her and she said, ” I dare you to stick your finger up my butt for 60 seconds” and laughed. She said, “I know you won’t do it”

“Wanna bet?” I said excitedly.

With that, Abby laid flat on her stomach, her tight slim little 10 year old body was laid out all for me. I knelt behind and kind of sat on her thighs, with her tight little ass right in front of me. She shuffled a bit and got comfortable. As she did that, she arched her back and stuck her ass up in the air while I pulled her boxers down. Her pink cotton panties peeled off her cunt along with her boxers. I lowered them down to just below her ass cheeks. All the while she had her head turned back, her hair in a sexy little cheerleader type pony tail and she had this smile on her face, admiring her curved, arched up ass. I stuck my face down close and got a whiff of her ass and cunt. That made my cock instantly hard.

After a bit of squeezing her firm, tight ass cheeks, I licked my index finger and stuck in on her pink little asshole and started to push it in. God, it was was tight. As I pushed it in, her ass cheeks clenched and she let out a small laugh. She turned her head quickly to look back at what I was doing her, her ponytail whipped around and she looked back at her ass with a smile, arching her back even more to the point where my finger was sticking straight down into her asshole. I pushed my finger deeper inside, very slow. I was about 1/4 way in when I noticed a white liquid oozing from between her pussy lips. Omg, she was getting so wet. I took my other hand and squeezed one ass cheek. When I did that, he cunt lips spread apart a little and I could see the think, white slimely like liquid pull apart between her pussy.

I was still sitting behind her, sort of on my knees and sitting on her thighs. My cock was so hard, there was no way I could resist the urge. My cock had to feel that warm, wet, slimey pussy.i was wearing just my boxer shorts, so I easily pulled my cock out. It was rock hard and pointed straight at her tight little cunt. I kept pushing pressure on the finger I’m her ass, as I did her pussy just got wetter and wetter. I scooted forward on her, my dick was only about an inch away from the entrance to her cunt. The tip of my dick could actually feel the warmth coming from her. I think she could tell how close my dick was. Up until now, I’ve never had my dick out and so close to her, but this time was different. We weren’t holding back. I kept fingering her ass while squeezing and spreading her ass cheek looking in awe how beautiful that tight, wet little 10 year old glistening cunt looked. My dick was so close to it I felt like I was going to cum just from the proximity to it.

Then, Abby did something I wasn’t expecting. She turned her head back, swinging her ponytail and biting her lower lip, as she did, she slid back and pushed her cunt right on the tip of my dick. When the tip made contact with that warm slimey pussy of hers, she moved her hips up and down, she was literally slow twerking on the tip of my dick. I fuckimg lost it, and let out a guttural moan it felt so good. She pushed back a little harder, all the while looking back as if she was admiring her own ass and my cock in between it. She looked very pleased. She pushed back so the whole head of my dick was in her pussy. I felt the tightness and warmth while she kept doing her “slow twerk” on the tip. I took my finger out of her ass and put my hands on her little 10 year old hips while she moved up ad down and now in a circular motion. After less than a minute, I felt the tip of my dick get so hard and full of cum, it felt like it was going to burst. Then, I let out the biggest “OH FUCk” ever and blew my whole load. Since it was just the tip inside her, cum was flowing out the sides like a cream pie. My cock twitched and spammed for probably a good full minute.

After I pulled my dick out, she looked back at me, still smiling, and said now you have to clean me up. I grabbed an old t-shirt, wiped my cum off her pussy, and cleaned my dick. I pulled her boxers back up for her, and we just went back to watching the movie. I ran my fingers through her hair for a while (she loved it when I did that).

We had a lot of nights like that, maybe I’ll write more later, but for now that’s all. 🙂

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  • Reply Holly ID:plampgrwb7w

    I remember being left in charge of a single mums little girl 30 years ago. She was friendly and kept jumping on me even straddling me. Anyway, she just stops on my lap and we begin talking about our bodies. She had a long sleeve top,a little skirt and wooly navy tights. As we talked I rubbed her thighs n we both got worked up. I gave her a blowjob and was fingering her when I heard the front door opening. We just resumed our fooling around and her mum knew nothing

  • Reply Luvemtite ID:1de8ao9yfp1n

    Would have kept my finger deep in her ass trying to fit in one more getting it ready to be fucked deep

    • Illvp 59 ID:1ctzol0rucyj

      10 year old girls and younger can already take cock. I have fucked a few of them. Im 7&3/4 it was tight but great

  • Reply Rick ID:1enjm6ozvfxp

    Sounds hot

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2yvnofvxic

    This was so hot!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5qkulcycoia

    Oh, I would love to hear more about your ‘adventures’ with your sister!

  • Reply Illvp 59 ID:1ctzol0rucyj

    59 male ive had a few adventures with 8*-10 yo through the years lovethe ones that like this girl know what they want and will encourage it.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5qkujj5q6ib

    Ummmm… THIS reminds me of Last may. Just a few different people involved. Im glad that someone has experienced similar experience. Wonderful

    • [email protected] ID:5qkulcycoia

      You should write about that!

    • [email protected] ID:5qkujj5q6ib

      @realgood. Send message if you would like to hear about it.

  • Reply Bald little cunt flaps ID:1crba7yvzz9u

    You lucky little cunt fucker

    • Porno54 ID:30hsknnbb0b

      Dude your comment made me laugh a lot don’t know why 💀🤣🤣