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Our First Fishing Trip

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It had been over a year since J and I had done anything sexually and he surprised me with something fun.

J and I first started fooling around with the simplest of ways when I was 12 and he 13. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. It progressed into I’ll touch yours if you touch mine, then I’ll suck yours if you suck mine and eventually in our later teen years, it evolved into a full blown relationship with me taking on the role as the sub. I was cross dressing for him and I had given myself to him completely. Something I wouldn’t had even considered for anyone else.

90% of the sexual acts we had done together took place before we were 21. I’m 43 now and he’s 44. We’re both married to incredible women but there’s still an urge to be with each other for both of us from time to time.

When J got married his wife introduced me to my wife and a year later I was married as well. That happened when I was 27. After I got married J and I sat down one night and talked about how we shouldn’t be together anymore. We both agreed that would be the best choice. 10 minutes later we were having sex on the couch in my basement as a “one last time”. The fact we did a “one last time” was proof to both of us that this wasn’t going to end between us.

The next course of action was, we would secretly continue seeing each other but neither of us felt comfortable going behind our wives backs. It didn’t take long before both our wives started getting suspicious about our friendship. J and I discussed it privately and came to the decision that we would sit them both down and tell them about our past and how close we are. Ofcourse we decided to omit some details. Especially the ones about how we still wanted to be together on the side.

The conversation went better than we expected but worse than we hoped. They were both incredibly shocked at first but as we calmed them down and explained ourselves we got them back on our sides so to speak. It involved telling them it was just a phase and we were not only done but hadn’t done anything sexually in years. They bought it thankfully.

We still felt bad that we lied to them or withheld information depending on your perspective. Because of that J and I went well over a year without being together on any level. Nothing. Not even a quick kiss when no one was around and a quick pinch of the ass. Nothing. It was our hope that maybe if we just completely ignore it, it’ll go away and we’d be able to go on with our lives. It didn’t.

As the months went by we’d hangout regularly and even when it was just the two of us, we kept it together despite an awful lot of sexual tension in the room.

Finally one night it came to a boil.

J and I were watching a football game in my basement/man cave and I was just heading back downstairs after grabbing us a couple more beers. When I came around the corner, J grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall. Without saying a word, he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t resist one bit. Sandwiched between J and the wall, I felt his thick black cock pushing into me. Mine was equally hard! All I wanted to do in that moment is get on my knees and suck him off. I missed the smell and taste of his dick so much. Just as I was about to pull his pants down, I heard my wife coming down the stairs and J and I frantically jumped on the couch like nothing happened.

The next day J began messaging me and saying we should go on a camping/fishing trip. We camped and fished as teenagers but hadn’t done anything like that in years. Obviously I knew where he was going with it. We never said it but we both knew what we were doing.

After clearing it with our wives, a few weeks later we headed a few hours north. We stayed at this campgrounds that was pretty full but there was enough space between campsites that no one would see us unless they were trying to see us. We stayed there two nights.

We got there late afternoon on a Friday and immediately set up our tent. When we were done setting that up, we zipped it up and went to town on each other. All that sexual tension that had built up exploded in an instant. It happened so fast. The tent was setup and our clothes were ripped off and with no foreplay at all, J slid his cock inside my ass. It was raw and full of emotion. We have had our share of quickies before but nothing like this. Usually we’d be at a public park or something and no one was around so we’d just find a place out of view and I’d let him fuck me as quickly as possible. This time there was so much tension and build up that as soon as his cock was inside me, he began to breathe heavily and within just 20 or 30 seconds he exploded inside me.

We got up and finished setting up our campsite and started a fire. Once it got dark we laid a sleeping bag down next to the fire and took off our clothes. This time was much slower paced and there was a ton of foreplay. We kissed. We groped and caressed each other. Eventually we got into our favorite thing to do… 69.

Most of the time when we’d 69 I would cum. I’m a sucker for that position and when we do it, I can’t help but cum like crazy! Afterwards J had me on all fours with nothing but a small campfire lighting up our surroundings, he entered me from behind. I did my very best to keep my moans and cries to a minimum but I was enjoying his thick manhood inside me so much that I no longer cared. If our camp neighbors heard us, so be it.

J fucked me for about 5 minutes before he unloaded his second batch of cum in my ass. He would put a third in me about 20 minutes later.

Instead of the tent, we slept naked under the stars that night.

The next morning we rented a pontoon boat and headed out on the lake. We didn’t even bring our fishing gear. I wore a bikini for him that day. We found a quiet spot on the lake and before long we were having amazing sex right there on the boat. We spent a few hours just relaxing in the sun periodically interrupted by sex.

When we returned to our campsite we had a repeat of the previous night. Then the weekend culminated with one more quick fuck before we headed home. From the time we arrived Friday afternoon, to the time we left Sunday morning, we had sex 14 times. I know this because every once in a while one of us will jokingly say “hey, member that time we went camping and had sex 14 times?”

On the drive home, J wanted to stop somewhere and make it 15 but I had to say no. Truthfully my ass was really sore and needed an extended break. I did however suck him off while he drove down the freeway.

That was the first time we went away together on a “fishing trip”. There are many other times but a few stand out as good ones I may get around to writing about.

Thanks for reading these… I enjoyed remembering them I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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    that’s my kind of fishing trip. have two sleeping bags that zip together, it is great sleeping together naked under the stars