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Me and my Uncle

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I hope you enjoy me telling about my time with my uncle last week….

Hello my name is Tommy and I think i love my uncle

Last week my uncle was round our house and when I was on my bed doing my homework he came into my room and started talking to me, he had often come to talk to me before when he comes round but today he come and sat on my bed next to me.
He asked about my homework and what classes i like at school and then he asked me if I had a girlfriend or boyfriend yet.
I said I don’t yet and he asked if i liked boys or girls. I said I don’t know because i was shy to say.
He said when he was 14 like me he wasn’t sure so he played with both boys and girls when he was younger.

He put his hand on my leg and was squeezing, he asked what it felt like, it felt weird, i was getting nervous and felt funny.
He asked if he could help me to see if I like boys or don’t like boys.

I asked him what he meant and he asked me if I had started playing with my willy yet. I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to tell him.
He laughed and said that he takes that as a yes.
I didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to look at him as I was shy, he still had his hand on my leg and was stroking it a bit.
He asked me if I want to see his thing, I didn’t answer but i looked at his lap and then at my open bedroom door.

Your dad has gone to the shop its ok, he wont see.
Do you want me to show you mine to see if you like looking? he said to me

I was curious to see what another one looked like so I just nodded as I looked at his lap.

He unzipped his jeans and stood up. He pulled his jeans down and stood in front of me in his boxer shorts.
I saw the lump in his shorts. It looked bigger than mine but i don’t know if mine is big or small.

he then pulled his shorts down and his thing was there in front of me. I don’t know why but i gulped and my breathing got heavy. I liked seeing it, it was big and thick and he didn’t have skin on the end like mine does.
As I looked at it it started getting hard and started pointing towards me.

Do you like it? He asked me.

My breathing was getting fast and my own willy was getting hard too. My heart was beating fast as he took his willy in his hand and started to rub up and down a bit.

I hadn’t said anything since he had taken it out but I couldn’t stop looking at it.
Have you played with your willy like I am doing now? My uncle asked, his voice sounded different and he was breathing funny too.

Do you want to touch it? He asked stepping closer to me.

I nodded and reached out my hand. He let go of it and I put my hand around the middle, it was warm and very hard, it felt like it was throbbing and I liked the feel. I put both hands on it.

Play with it like you play with yours, my uncle said.

I started pulling it like I do with mine and my uncle was making happy sounds.
My own willy was really hard now and was pushing up against my pants and trousers.

Can I see your dick? My uncle asked.
I was still pulling slowly on his willy and saw some liquid was starting to appear on the tip of it, mine does that too sometimes.

My will was beginning to hurt so I wanted to take it out so it wasn’t pushing against my clothes so I nodded and unzipped my trousers.
I pulled them down and was just in my white pants. My pants had a wet spot on them so my willy must’ve also got wet at the end like my uncles.
Uncle was pulling on his willy again while I pulled down my pants. My will sprang straight up and was bobbing a bit, it was much smaller than my uncles and not as long. I also don’t have as much hair as my uncle.

Do you want me to make you feel very nice? My uncle said.
I was trying very hard not to start playing with my willy in front of him, I felt shy having him look at it.

Ok i said.

Uncle knelt in front of me, his face very close to my willy, he touched it and it was like an electric shock ran through me as he took out between his fingers and thumb. He started to pull like he was doing to himself and like I sometimes do.

I started making gasp sounds as he slowly touched it then suddenly he put it in his mouth! All of it! I have never felt something so amazing like that, he was sucking on it and i went dizzy, i had to put my hands on his shoulders as he sucked it, my legs started shaking and i felt like i was going to fall over so i sat on the bed.

My uncle knelt forward as i sat, not taking my willy out of his mouth.

I’m going to shoot my stuff! I said to my uncle, I felt so very good and i was going to fire my white stuff out like when I play with it but this time it was happening so fast.

He didn’t stop he just sucked harder, his hands grabbed my bottom cheeks and squeezed. I couldn’t help it. I shot my stuff in his mouth I just kept shooting it, it went on forever and I cried out in girl like high pitched sounds ive never made before.
He was swallowing and when he swallowed it squeezed my willy even more, I thought I was going to faint as it was so good.

I was panting hard as he stood up and let my very wet willy slide out of his mouth.

Did you like that? He said smiling. He was pulling on his thing again.

That was brilliant, I said between pants. It was so good, imp sorry i did that in your mouth, i couldn’t help it!

Its ok, that’s what i wanted to happen. he said.
Do you want me to put my dick in your mouth? Just the tip? and see if you like to do what i just did to you. I promise I wont fill your mouth with my cum. My uncle laughed as he pulled faster in his willy.

I looked at it, I wanted to make my uncle happy too so I opened my mouth wide and looked up at him.

That is such a lovely sight! My uncle grinned looking down at me. he stepped forward and put the tip of his willy in my mouth, I closed my mouth around it, the tip was big and i could feel him push it in a bit further which made me cough a bit around his willy.

I didn’t know what to do with it so I sucked like he had done to mine, he started making sounds and he grabbed my head with his hands.

I tried to fit more in my mouth like he had done to me, it felt nice and hot as it throbbed in my mouth.

Suck a bit gentler… and now move your mouth back and forth… my uncle asked.

I nodded awkwardly as his big willy slid a bit further in my mouth, I gagged a bit as he hit the back of my throat. I moved my mouth up and down on it as best i could, I looked up at him as he pushed it in and out, his eyes were closed and he was making soft grunting sounds.

I am going to cum very soon, do you think you would be ok if I cum in your mouth like You did in mine? My uncle asked in a weird whispery voice.

I nodded as i looked up at him. I wanted to make him feel good like when I shot all my stuff in his mouth and he drank it all.

My uncle started thrusting his willy in and out, I wasn’t moving my head anymore, he just held it in his hands and moved it up and down on his willy like I was a toy. I quite liked him doing this.

Then something hot started shooting quickly out the end of his willy. It was coming out very fast and was going straight to the back of my throat, i was caught by surprise and pulled away coughing as I tried to swallow it all.
My uncle quickly pulled it out of my mouth and started pulling on it really fast. It was still spitting out stuff as he did and some of it hit my chin and was running down onto my neck but I just sat and watched until my uncle slowed down and it stopped shooting stuff.

My willy or my dick as my uncle called it is now really hard again now i have told you what happened last week. After he had finished he said we must keep it a secret and not tell anybody and maybe we can do something again soon.

I now really want to see my uncle again, I have played with myself a lot since then but when I shoot out my cum its not as good as when i shot it in his mouth.

Now i just want to see him shooting his stuff again too. Can someone please write to me and tell me what else I should do with my uncle? I keep looking at other men when i walk to school now too, I really want to do more stuff like this very soon maybe with my friend who is the same age as me, maybe he would like to feel that good.,

[email protected]

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