Me and King will show em

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My names Molly. It was hot out so my parents invited my uncle and cousins over to swim in our pool. My cousin Tim was my brother Mikes age and my cousin Amy was almost 10. I’m 11. As me and Amy were playing, we ran past the adults. My uncle said “That Molly is getting pretty bouncy!” My dad grabbed me and said “Take your shirt off…we wanna see those titties of yours.” I looked nervous, not wanting the boys to see. My mom said “Don’t worry about them. They seen tits before. You just do what your told.” Stupid Amy yelled “Hey guys…don’t come over here.” So while my dad was pulling my top off they came over. My new boobs weren’t very big but they jiggled. They were both half the size of golf balls with dark pink areolas topped with pointy little pebbles but my uncle liked em. My brother said “Her titties are growing but ya know, she doesn’t have a single hair between her legs.” Stupid Amy said “You’re kidding!” So my dad said “It’s true.” Then he told my mom to take my shorts off. Once I was standing completely naked, my dad pulled me onto his lap, laid me on my back with my head by his belly and my butt hanging over the edge of his knees. Mike and Tim grabbed my ankles and spread my feet wide apart so I layed spread eagle on my dad’s lap so everyone could get a good look at my little, totally hairless, pussy. While Tim and Amy were admiring my naked and completely bald pussy and my dad and uncle was takin turns pinchin my swollen nipples, my mom said “Ya know who really likes her bare naked body? King!” Amy asked “King? What’s he care? He’s a dog.” My mom said “I’ll go get him and you can see for yourself.” and she ran off. I whined “Not King! He’s too rough!” I yelled “OW” when my brother slapped my bare kootchie and said “He don’t know no better…he’s a dog.” My dad laughed and said “You cry about the damnest things… 100 lb. dog is about to stick his big gross cock in you and you bitch about a slap on your little cunt?” Just then King came running up, tail wagging and happy to see us…then he smelled my bare pussy. He started licking it and dad said “There’s that big red tool of his!” My uncle exclaimed “It’s huge!” My dad grabbed the dogs front legs and got him on his hind legs. I whimpered when his wet dick touched my wide open twat. My mom rubbed the head of the massive thing across my spread open cunt lips and the big greasy thing shot into me! Everyone laughed when King started pounding my young pussy. I tried to wiggle but my dad and my brother and cousin held me tight. Amy said “Is he really in there?” and pulled one of my knees farther open to see. King got mad and started fucking me even harder and faster. Then he stopped and whined and started filling me with hot doggy cum. When he finally pulled his shrinking cock out of my pussy, he leaned forward and licked my face…in my mouth! My mom got excited and said “He licked in your mouth! You know what that means!” Amy asked “What?” and her dad said “You’ll see…” My dad slid me forward so I slipped off his lap and slid down between his legs. I landed on my bare butt between his knees. My brother pulled King down and out of the way. My mom pinned my arms behind my dad’s legs. I whined “Not my arms.” and mom said “Yes, your arms…you know that.” so my arms and my head was pinned. My mom said “She’s ready.” Mike got King back up the dogs big hairy belly, his hairy balls and his still hard cock was an inch from my lips. My dad asked if everyone could see. Then he reached down and pinched my nose closed. I had to breathe so my mouth opened. The dogs huge slimy cock disappeared between my lips! He started to fuck my face real fast! I tried to wiggle and squirm but I was stuck! Amy couldn’t believe what King was doing. My mom showed her how to tease the dog to make him really pound my mouth harder. Then he pushed his big cock in deep and whined. I had to swallow. It was that or drown. To make matters worse, when the dog finally got done and down, I was crying and had just swallowed dog sperm and everyone congratulated him. When he moved out of the way, I could see my brother and cousin standing in front of me with their big boners pointing at me. My mom said “After having a dogs cock in your mouth I thought some human cocks would taste good.” Amy smiled and added “And if you don’t do it right, you get your pussy spanked, then suck them again.” Of course I got spanked twice and sucked each boy 2 times… I swallowed a lot of jiz. Plus my uncle wanted his turn. Amy’s dad grabbed her and said to my mom “This little thing has been pretty mouthy. Do you think King would like her too?” My mom answered “I don’t see why not…tight little pussy is tight little pussy.” Even with my mouth full of Tims big prick, I managed a smile when Amy started crying “Not my shirt…you’re ripping it! Don’t take my shorts off…”

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    You going to write abut Amy i hope 04/03/24

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    Damn that was fucking hot as hell yet hilarious at the same time. My cock got hard as a rock reading this knowing I have been in five knottings with 1 adult female and four preteens. I can’t wait to get involved again

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      Its not a comment but I wrote a story and it won’t “submit”

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    Damn! I really enjoyed this story! Thanks for the cum