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Jimmy’s New Fetish 13

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Sorry for the delay, folks. Sometimes life gets in the way…

When we last saw our hero Jimmy, he had been introduced to the joys of cock. A whole new world was now open to him. He had been drowning in pussy, but he had still been curious about bisexuality. Now, thanks to his dad and the neighbor Sean, that curiosity had been satisfied and he was ready to fully accept that he was bi.


Jimmy was doing his best to deep throat his father’s thick, cut, 8 inch cock. He had just sucked his first cock, Sean’s 7 inch cut one, but it was nowhere near as thick as his dad’s. His dad, Frank, was coaching him.

“That’s it, son, just relax your throat and breathe through your nose. That’s it. You’re doing great! Take it slow. Back off if you feel yourself gag. We’re in no rush.”

After several attempts, Jimmy finally got his father’s cock all the way down his throat. He was pretty proud of himself, and pulled of his father’s dick for a moment to proclaim, with a huge grin, “I did it,” before going back to work with gusto. Once he got back to the business at hand, and obviously doing it with confidence, he felt Sean pulling him by his hips and positioning him to pound his ass.

Jimmy lifted up with one foot on the floor and a knee on the couch, just like he had done when he was sucking Sean’s cock and his dad was fucking him. Now the two men had just switched ends. Jimmy’s asshole was still pretty wet and slick from his father’s cum and Sean’s spit from the deep licking the man had given him to clean up that cum. Frank had stretched the hole pretty well too, with his thick member.

Sean’s cock slid in Jimmy’s ass fairly easily. Even though it wasn’t as thick as the one that had first fucked it, it was still a sensation Jimmy wasn’t used to, so he gasped and moaned at its invasion of his bowels. It was definitely a sensation that he enjoyed though, one he wanted to feel more often. He had enjoyed it when his mother had fucked him with her dildo, but this was so much better!

Sean pistoned in and out of Jimmy’s tight shitter, pounding him like a jackhammer. Frank hadn’t gone at him this hard. Jimmy was loving it! It took him a few minutes to get into a rhythm with Sean’s pounding of his ass and his sucking his dad’s dick, but he did find it. Sean was very vocal about what he was doing, too.

“Fuck, yeah, Jimmy! Your ass is so tight! I love boy ass! Suck your daddy’s dick like a good boy! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in your ass, Jimmy!”

And cum in Jimmy’s ass he did. He pulled out quickly and sucked his spunk out of Jimmy’s hole. This seemed to be a particular kink of his. When he was satisfied with his cleanup job, he flopped back on the couch with a satisfied sigh and big shit-eating grin. Frank tapped Jimmy on the head, signaling his son to hold up.

“Lie on the floor on your back, son,” he instructed the boy. “Now spread your legs.”

Jimmy did as he was told. Frank got between his son’s legs, lifting them up and pushing them back to expose Jimmy’s puckered asshole. He felt the need to cum in that hole again. He pushed his cock in and just held it there for a moment, delighting in the warmth and tightness of his son’s hole. Then he started fucking the boy with a steady rhythm, not too fast, not too slow. He had already cum a few minutes ago, so he would last longer this time, and he wanted to savor every second of it.

Sean joined the father/son duo on the floor. He got his head between them and took Jimmy’s boy cock in his mouth. Jimmy was in heaven! What a sensation! Getting his cock sucked while getting his ass fucked! Jimmy was almost delirious!

After several minutes of a steady pace, Frank started to go faster and harder at his boy’s shitter. His breathing was getting faster and heavier. He was getting close. Jimmy had felt his own climax building but was trying to hold off on it. When Frank hit his, once again emptying his balls into his son’s bowels, Jimmy let go with his, shooting his load in Sean’s mouth.

As soon as Sean lifted his head, Frank grabbed him and kissed him, his tongue invading his neighbor’s mouth. Sean shared Jimmy’s creamy load with him, then Frank leaned forward to kiss Jimmy. Jimmy tasted his own cum on his dad’s tongue. He felt a little dizzy at the thought of what was happening at that moment. He was kissing his own father like a lover, tasting his own cum, his father’s cock still buried in his ass. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes. When Frank broke the kiss, he saw those tears and smiled.

“You okay, son?”

“Yeah, Dad. It’s just… just… so… much! I can’t believe this! I never in my wildest dreams expected everything that has happened to me! First Lizzy, then Brit, then Mom! Sandi and Sadie! April! Now this! Holy fuck! Oh. Sorry for my language, Dad.”

Frank laughed and said, “It’s okay, son. I think we’re past that now. We did just fuck, so I think it’s okay if you say it.”

Frank pulled out of Jimmy’s ass, then got up to sit on the couch. He suggested to Sean that he grab some beers.

“And bring Jimmy one. I think he’s old enough now.”

Sean ducked into the kitchen and returned with 3 bottles of beer. Jimmy felt pretty cool, all grown up. Here he was, sitting with his dad and neighbor, drinking his first beer. He wasn’t sure he liked it, but he drank it just the same. He was still nursing his first one when Frank and Sean had a second one. He was starting to feel a little light-headed, actually.

After Frank had downed his second beer, he belched and wiped his mouth with his hand. He looked over at Jimmy and said, “So, Jimmy, I understand that you have developed a particular kink for piss. Do you like golden showers too, or just watching?”

“I like golden showers, too. It just started with watching Lizzy pee in the backyard, then Brit and Mom peed on me the first time. It was awesome! Over the weekend, all five of the girls peed on me at the same time while I laid in the tub. I could’ve died happy right then!”

Frank chuckled at that and said, “Well, after cumming twice and two beers, I need go. Want to have a guy pee on you?”

Sean popped in with, “I need to go too!”

Jimmy smiled wickedly and said, “Let’s do this!”

The three men adjourned to the shower stall in the master bathroom. Jimmy got on his knees and prepared himself for the dousing he was about to receive. Frank stood to Jimmy’s left, Sean to his right. The two grown men let loose with their streams all over the teenage boy. They soaked him from head to toe. He opened his mouth to drink some of it in. He loved it as much as he did with the girls.

Once the men’s flows had trickled to a stop, Jimmy took hold of their cocks and stroked and sucked them back to hardness, alternating back and forth between the two. Frank told Jimmy to hold on for a minute. He moved to stand directly in front of Sean, their cocks standing up and rubbing together. Jimmy got the idea when the two men leaned back slightly to give him room to get his head between them. He got both cocks in his mouth at the same time!

He sucked as well as he could with both jammed in his mouth. He couldn’t use his new deep throat skills this way, but it was still pretty fucking awesome! The men obviously enjoyed it too. They had both the sensation of Jimmy sucking their cocks as well as the sensation of the frottage of their cocks rubbing together. They were both soon cumming together in Jimmy’s jam-packed mouth. He gagged a little, not expecting all that cum at the same time. He did manage to swallow it all.

Sean turned on the shower and the three of them rinsed off, washing each other. Sean was cleaning Jimmy’s rigid member when he said, “Frank, I think we owe Jimmy an orgasm or two. Do you want to go first?”

“Go ahead, Sean, I’ll watch and coach this time.”

Sean got on his hands and knees, presenting his ass to Jimmy. Jimmy shoved his soapy cock in Sean’s waiting hole. Jimmy pushed in and jackhammered Sean’s hole the way Sean had done him. Frank stood next to Jimmy, kissing him, tongues tangled together, his fingers finding Jimmy’s tender asshole. Jimmy started feeling dizzy again. It might have been the beer, but he didn’t think so.

It didn’t take long before he was emptying his balls in Sean’s ass. He pulled out and cleaned his cum out of Sean’s ass, then shared it with Frank, who then shared it back with Sean. After a final rinse, then drying off, the three got on the bed. They all drifted off to sleep for a bit. Jimmy felt content and happy lying between his dad and Sean. After a while he woke up to find himself alone. He headed downstairs to find the men drinking more beer and watching porn. Some little blonde girl was getting gang-banged by a dozen or more teenage boys while a man and woman watched nearby.

“Hey, son! Have a seat! Another beer?”

“No thanks!”

“Haven’t quite gotten a taste for it, huh? Well, you seem to have gotten a taste for cock!”

“That’s for sure! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with a guy. I’ve hoped that something might happen with one or more of my friends, but it never did.”

“It might still. And you know what you’re doing now, so it’ll be easier for you. Any particular friends in mind?”

“Well, I was hanging out with Max the other day, and I got kinda turned on looking at him. He’s actually kinda pretty, almost like a girl. But I would go for any of my friends. Georgie, Ollie, Brayden, Max.”

“Just feel them out, don’t push it. I’m sure something will happen eventually. If not, you have two willing cocks and holes here. Right, Sean?”

“Yep. Anytime, Jim.”

“Speaking of willing holes, before you go home, son, I think you need to fuck me.”

Frank got on his hands and knees on the floor as Sean sucked Jimmy back to full erection. Then Sean greased up Jimmy’s dick and Frank’s hairy asshole. Jimmy chuckled to himself that his father’s asshole still wasn’t as hairy as his mother’s. Then the thought struck him that after this, he will have ass fucked both his parents and his sister. What a life he had!

After he had cum in Frank’s ass and Sean had done his duty cleaning it up, Jimmy cleaned his dick in the bathroom and got dressed. Before he left, Frank said to him, “Not a word to your mother or sister about me being here, son. You can say that you and Sean were playing though. I will be over in the morning to surprise my two slutty girls. Text me before the fun starts.”

“Will do, Dad. And don’t worry, I won’t say anything about you being here.”

“Good boy, son. Nope! Good man! See you in the morning!”

“In the morning! Later, Sean! Thanks for everything!”

“You’re welcome, Jim! And thank you!”

Jimmy walked in the back door of his house to find his mother cooking dinner. She was in her bathrobe as usual was now,it being barely closed. Damn but she was sexy! She walked over and hugged him, grasping his cock through his shorts, kissing him deeply. She pulled away after a minute.

“Hi, honey! Dinner is almost ready! Where ya been?”

“Next door.”

“Oh? Sandi and the kids aren’t home yet, are they?”

“Ummm, no. I was fucking Sean.”

“Really? Your first cock, huh? Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah! I really did! I’ve always wondered about it, and now I think I can honestly say, I’m bi, Mom.”

“That’s beautiful, sweetie! I’m glad to hear that! People are stupid for limiting themselves to one or the other. Heaven knows I love cock, but I’m so grateful to your sister for turning me on to pussy! I regret not trying it before.”

“Speaking of Brit, where is she? Will she be home tonight? I haven’t been part of the morning fun in a while.”

Lisa laughed and said, “She’ll be home later. We’ve missed you too. This weekend’s activities were fantastic but it’s nice just having us too. I suppose we’d better get our fun in before your dad gets home. We still have to figure out how to get him involved.”

“We’ll figure something out. In the meantime, I’m starved!”

Next chapter, the family circle is complete…

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