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Awakened 3

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Meeting Tyler at the park for our first date and a surprising turn of events with mom

The Sunday weather was so nice that I decided to wear shorts for the first time of the year to wear to my date with Tyler. The park was only a few blocks from my house, as I walked, all I could think about was the day before, Mr Thompson and I performing oral sex on each other and having sex with my gorgeous mom. I wondered what was happening at home as I arrived at the park.

I saw Tyler sitting on top of a picnic table in the distance, as I got closer, he looked cuter and cuter. He wore jeans, red tshirt, and hiking boots. He had short black buzz cut hair and brown eyes. Tyler was openly gay but had a masculine look that you wouldn’t expect him to have.

“Hi Tyler” I said as I arrived at the table, the first time I had ever spoken to him

“Hi Shawn, I like those shorts” he said as he got off of the table and gave me a huh

“Thanks” I replied as I stepped back

“You should try shaving your legs, it looks really sexy in shorts” he smiled as we started to walk

“I’ll try that” walking close to his side, feeling his hand take mine, not caring if anyone saw us

Just being near him, I didn’t care what people thought. He instantly made the lifestyle choice I had made the day before nor feel so awkward. In a way, I felt like a girl inside, walking with her crush on their first date. We talked like old friends even as we were just beginning to get to know each other. Mr Thompson had made a good match when he gave me Tyler’s number.

We did normal kid stiff, stopping at yhe playground for a while, we joked and laughed and were having the time of our lives like any other 11 and 12 year old boys would be doing on a nice Sunday afternoon. I wondered if he was hard like I was at that time, i really liked him.

When Tyler suggested we take a break he said he had somewhere special he wanted to take me. He took my hand and led me through a grove of trees to a small open area. He went to the base of a tree ans picked up a black trash bag, reaching inside, he pulled out a blanket and laid it out for us.

I moved onto the blanket and watched Tyler lower himself beside me. We sat there, talking a little, then it got silent, like each of us knew what we wanted to do next bur neither one of us making the first move. I looked in his eyes and smiled, his smile was sweet. He started to rub my arm, my hand was on hie thigh

“I like you so fucking much” Tyler said and before I could say anything, he pulled me to him

The sexual tension that had been building all afternoon exploded on that kiss. He kissed me hard and deep, his tongue in my mouth in an instant. His kiss was so powerful, so good. My arms around him, gripping his shirt in my fists. Tyler pushed his body against mine, pushing me to my back, his weight on top of me. My hands dropped to his ass as his hand slid down and undid my shorts, his hand sliding inside and gently holdng my cock. I didn’t care that we were outside, my preteen hormones had control over me.

I needed to feel his cock and rolled so that we were on our sides facing each other, still kissing hard and fast. I undid his jeans, they were tight, I had to push them off of his ass to free his cock. It felt bigger than mine and thicker. I felt my shorts and underwear get pushed down off of my ass, the afternoon breeze hitting my ass.

Tyler broke from the kiss, I could see the lust in his 12 year old eyes. He pulled my shirt up, I lifted my arms, he yanked it up and off of me. His head dropped ans he started kissing my chest quickly. I looked down, watching him kiss down my body, closer to my cock. When he reached it, he turned his body his cock now at my face, God his cock looked so good, I had been craving this since the day before after tasting Mr Thompsons cock.

Laying there in the secluded spot of the park, both half naked, and controlled by our lust, we wasted no time in starting to suck each other’s cocks in unison. His flesh felt so good in my mouth. My head bobbed up and down it, his mouth felt so good on my cock. My saliva coating his cock.

That was when Tyler took his cock from my mouth and stopped sucking mine. I watched as he moved to his knees between my thighs

“Get uo, get on your hands and knees baby” he said

I had a feeling I knew what was coming as I moved to my hands ans knees on the blanket. Tyler held my hips as he moved closer to my ass. I felt his cock against my ass. He started to slowly push, I felt the tip wanting to enter, and then it did. The feeling wasn’t as painful as I thought, I was completely relaxed, I wanted this. I moaned happily as he pushed into me. It was uncomfortable at first, as he entered further, the feeling got better. This is what women felt when they got fucked I thought. Tyler took my anal cherry, and I was loving it, it all felt so natural.

I loved the feelmof Tyler’s cock moving inside of my ass, I kept from moaning too loud as his slow fucking grew faster. I didn’t want this to end, I wanted him to keep fucking me. His hips began moving faster, he was grunting as he fucked me. It only lasted a couple of minutes but felt much longer before he thrust a final time, his cum shooting deep.into my ass. Tyler stayed in me for a couple of minutes before pulling out. I dropped to my back and watched Tyler return to sucking and stroking my cock. It only took a short time before I came in his mouth. I laid there smiling and looking at the sky, I had just had sex in public and loved it.

Tyler and I laid there kissing after getting pur clothes back to how they were. Only stopping when mom texted that she was at the park and asked where I was. We kissed one more time before I walked away to find mom.

I saw her car and walked toward it, it felt like Tyler was still on my ass as I walked, my underwear felt a little sticky from his cum that had leaked out.

“How was your date” she asked and saw the look on my face “you did it in the park?”

She laughed when she saw me nod. Then she looked at me a little more seriously

“We are not going home” she said

“Do what?” Had I heard her wrong

“We are starting a new life, I grabbed some of your clothes and stuff, we can buy the rest”

I wasn’t sure what to say or how to react, the news was kind of a numbing feeling. Mom put the cat in drive and soon we were parked outside of a motel that listed weekly rates. Mom went inside while I waited in the car. A few minutes later we were entering a room that was decent sized. It had a small kitchenette area and one bed.

“I hope you can get used to sharing a bad with your mom” she said with a smile. After what happened yesterday, I knew that it would be an easy adjustment, what would be rough to adjust to is the smaller living arrangements

After a shower that felt good, I exited the bathroom with a towel around my waist, mom smiled as she sat on the bed watching TV. I opened the suitcase she had brought for me

“Mom, you forgot to grab underwear for me” looking at her

“Crap, sorry baby, just put on a pair of mine”


“Yes, they’re just underwear, or you can go without until I can buy you some”

I sighed and opened her suitcase, her underwear was all lacey and feminine. I grabbed a pink pair and slid them on. To my surprise, they felt good on my skin, better than my underwear. Mom saw my look of surprise

“Go ahead ans wear one of my tshirts too, there’s a pink one that would look good with those panties”

I gave her a strange look and found the tshirt. I pulled it on ans loved hiw it felt on me. Looking in the mirror, it was odd seeing myself in pink. I walked to the bed and laid down on the empty pillow

“They look cute on you” she said “and since Tyler made you a girl today”

“God mom” I exclaimed

“Well he did” she leaned over and kissed me “and now yiu and I are starting a new life together, if ypu want, we can get you a new feminine wardrobe”

“Well Mr Thompson makes it look good so okay”

That was when mom made me put on jeans, only she made me put on her jeans, I was lucky mom and I were about the same build and height. A short drive later I was walking with mom through Walmart and into the juniors section. After a few outfits chosen, we went to the health and beauty section where mom picked out razors, lotions, and skin care products. On the drive back to the motel, she looked at me and called me Shawna for the first time.

Back in the room, mom took out the package with the nice feminine razor in it telling me it was for my legs, armpits, and body hair. I told her I didn’t know how to do any of that

“Well it is time you learned. She turned to me and pulled her tshirt off, the wite bra underneath cupping her breasts, I started to get hard again. I saw her undo her jeans and peel them down her legs. Her white panties matched her bra “come on, get up, let’s go to the shower”

I stood and peeled off the jeans and tshirt and followed mom into the bathroom. She started the shower and turned to me, she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Then bent as she pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. I slid off the pink panties that I was wearing. Mom pulled me to her and we kissed as we got in the shower.

Mom coated a loufa with body wash and started to wash my body, i loved the feel of being washed by my mom, loved that our relationship was taking a new step. As I rinsed off, we resumed kissing, my hands fondled her wet breasts, her hands on my bare ass. Mom lifted one of my arms as she held the new razor. I watched as she shaved one of my armpits and then the other, telling me why she was doing it that way. Then she dripped to her knees and I watched as she shaved each of my legs, memorizing how she did it. When she finished, she caressed my smooth wet legs with her soft hands. My cock had been hard the whole time

“Are you okay with your mom being your girlfriend” mom looked up at me, all I could do was smile and nod.

That was when she started to kiss my smooth thigh, kissing up to my cock as the water flowed over us. Her soft hand on my cock, she moved her mouth ro it and started to lovingly suck my cock, I closed my eyes and moaned, she was so good at this, I loved my mom’s mouth and hiw it bobbed uo and down my shaft.

Mom stood after a couple of moments ans we started to kiss hard ans fast, hiw many 11 year olds got to play adult with their mom I wondered. Mom pulled from the kiss and turned her back to me. I started kissing her neck, one hand on her breast, the other dropped to her wet pussy. Mom reached between her legs and started to stroke my cock as I rubbed her pussy.

That was when she leaned forward. Putting one hand on the shower wall. I knew what she wanted and I wanted jt too. Her pussy looked so good from behind, mom parted her pussy lips with two fingers ans I saw the hole inviting my cock to enter. I placed the head against it and pushed. Mom let put a happy moan as my cock slid into her.

I started to slowly fuck mom’s perfect pussy. My hands onnher shower soaked hips, the water hitting her lower back. I started to fuck her faster, mom bit her lip tk control how loud her moans were, she sounded so happy as I fucked her faster and faster, my cock bringing her to an orgasm within a few minutes. My orgasm built with each thrust and there was no holding back or pulling out, my load dumping deep into her pussy. Mom looked back and smiled at me as I pulled out.

She turned and we kissed for a couple of minutes before stepping fron the shower. Mom lovingly dried me off with one of the towels, I loved drying her off. That night i went to bed in the new panties and a feminine nightshirt cuddled in my mom’s loving arms, falling asleep with a smile.on my face

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