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Daddy gradually taught sex – 1

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How a father gradually opens his daughter up without her realizing it was sexual and growing r love the bond they shared

My parents were seperated and I grew up with my father. We had a very close bond and my father was always caring and concerned. As I grew up at the age of 11 father was extra protective and attentive to me.
At that time I didn’t quite understand there was a sexual element or a hint of perversion attached. After my first period father told me there would be a lot of changes my body would undergo and I shouldn’t feel afraid or shy. He promised to help me every step of the way and told me that I never needed to be shy with him as he was my safe place. He told me girls had to shave their privates. He took me to the bathroom once and told me to remove my panties and show him what my pussy looked like. I was so shy. With reluctance I did. He took a razor, soaped me and gently shaved off my pubic hair for the first time. I felt so cared for. Next night he said let’s see if the shaved coochie is in good shape. He took me to bed and removed my pajamas and inspected my pussy. He told me to spread my legs and closely inspected my clit and vagina while , moving them with his fingers. This became a practice. He said good hygiene was important as a young girl and would inspect my pussy when he felt like. He also told me as a woman I should switch from pajamas to night dresses. Infact he got me loads of them. They would go up in my sleep and I would feel embarrassed about it. But father said not to worry about it. It was just him and that I shouldn’t have to be ashamed. He later told me that a girls pussy needs sufficient air and not to wear any underwear in the night. Hence I stopped wearing panties. My father also told me that my breast size and shape would change with time. We were quite friendly as I mentioned before so he would randomly pull up my tshirt and check my breasts. He bought me my first bra and put it on me. On most days when I would get ready for school he would help me wear my bra and panties . He would always either touch them gently in a caring way, give them a quick kiss or pinch them in a playful manner before putting the underclothes onn me. At night he would touch them again and see how my pussy n breasts were doing. Sometimes he would massage them for me in the night to make me feel comfortable and ease those areas. He once put the tip of his index finger into my vagina . I asked him why that was and he told me he had to check how ripe I was. He did check how ripe I was on n off and gradually increased how much of the finger went in. With time the finger would stay in me for longer and would move around inside. The kisses on my boobs turned into sucking on my nipples. The massages were regular and my breasts and pussy was often fondled. It was all intended at making me feel comfortable. I had gotten so used to it and loved everything he did. After all of this went on went on for 2 years , on my 13th birthday my father gave me a full body massage and suggested I sleep naked tonight and every other night after that day. This made my cuddles with father and the massages so much more intimate and fulfilling. My father used to hug my naked body and press his body against mine and touch all parts of me while having me pressed against him. Soon he started sleeping naked too.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I wish I was your daddy , sleeping naked with you and feeling your young ripe boobs and slipping my finger into your young ripe virgin pussy .

  • Reply Mclaren ID:7pqkuwnnhk

    I love these kind of stories. Lauren shares things that make my mouth water.

  • Reply Daddy ID:4keyadv9a

    What a loving daddy!! All familys should be this close. Add me on SC. Daddyisback11

    • Lauren ID:bo1u6otxz

      Both me and my twin sister are active with our biological dad we’re his fuck toys

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I would have loved to smell your dirty panties

  • Reply Old Grandpa ID:1mwqdmv4


    It is so good to hear that you are well adjusted to the fact that your father trained you to satisfy a man. I believe that a daughter’s first time doing everything (oral, anal, vaginal) should be taught to her by either her father or grandfather. Unfortunately, society does not think as a lot of us do. Bravo to you!

    • rosey ID:ynn4t5oh

      I wish you were my father, and could teach me all that

    • Goodwife ID:374zxqgbm9k

      This is exactly what happened with me. My father taught me what my body was and how it can be used. He rightfully did claim every part of me eventually. I think the bond we share is beautiful and special. Very deep and intimate.