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Nature camp with my girlfriend and her best friend

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Yow’ This is the part 3 of I HELPED THE HOMELESS GIRL. I changed the title since the story moved on for her being homeless. peace and enjoy

my girlfriend Ashley met her friend Ivy  outside the supermarket looking for garbage to sell.  they were best friend when they were both staying in orphanage, where the people there were abusing them and forcing free heavy labor.     after 1 year Ashley’s scaped, her friend ivy followed her.

fortunately for Ashley I met her and rescued her and now Ashley and I were in a relationship.    but unfortunately for Ivy she became homeless for 3 weeks, then they met again. then she brought ivy in our apartment and I reluctantly accepted her as our roommate.

”for sure my privacy with my girlfriend will become limited”  I murmured

(if you want more details, read my  stories titled ”I HELPED THE HOMELESS GIRL part 1&2”)

Part 3.

as Ivy stepped out from the bathroom door, Just like Ashley before, Ivy transformed into a cute girl latina. Although she’s beautiful 14 years old girl, Her appearance still looked like a 5th grade elementary school student. while my girlfriend Ashley 13 years old but she was more taller and looks matured than ivy.

I just glanced at her and didn’t reacted since my girlfriend was sitting next to me, and the fact I wasn’t a pervert.  I’m just an ordinary 18 years old with no perverted mind.  but it depends in the situation like saying, never poke a  sleeping bear…..

our arrangements in my small apartment was a bit awkward, actually no, it was fucking awkward!. since my apartment was only one square type, where the bed,tv,kitchen, and dining table were fitted in one area in my shitty apartment.  only the bathroom was separated.

before Ivy came in my apartment,  me and Ashley almost wearing nothing everyday and we had sex whenever and wherever we wanted, but now we could only fucked in the bathroom because Ivy was sleeping in my bed, Ashley was between Ivy and me. at first I still felt awkward since Ivy could definitely hear our loud sounds of passionate sex in the bathroom. but I guess I got used to it.

few weeks later I came home and I had a surprise news for the girls.

”my boss game me 3 days vacation next week.!”

”you should guys go out the city and a have a good time”  Ivy said.

”nonsense!, weather you like it or not you’ll come with us” Ashley retorted

scratching my head and I asked them both  ”so where do you want to go?”

”let’s shopping” Ashley suggested

”no. that’s a waste of money and time” said by shy ivy, she didn’t want to accept any money from me nor from Ashley.

3 of us were brainstorming to choose the best place to relax, but only suggestions and disagreements could hear and it was quite fun to listen.  then finally after an hour….

”what if we go camping” Ashley suggested. and as if the animated light bulb appeared on top of our head, both Ivy and I replied at the same time ”YES”

”right! I know a place where we could camp. it was small forest with river inside” I said

“okay then, it’s final!” Ashley said and we all cheered excitedly.

the two best friends were enjoying the preparation for our camping. I let them to buy all the necessary things could last for 3days and 2 nights. then the day of our camping day eventually came.

using my humble car. we had pass through 2 cities, it was 3pm afternoon until we reached our destination.  I parked the car nearby and we walked inside the small forest to our main location.

”we’re here” I declared proudly, while taking a deep breath.

”it’s quite far” Ashley pouted.

”it was only a 10 minutes walked you lazy ass“  as i joked she pinched my side .

”hey. you two love birds. let’s start to prepare if we don’t want to sleep without ceiling.” Ivy said while giving us an annoying look.  it was cute tho.

it was already 6pm when we set up everything we need and we sat around in our makeshift table and chairs using large rocks and branches, and in the middle was the bonfire i made, we cooked and grilled some foods they prepared and drank few bottles of beer.

afterwards we went inside our single tent we set up and went to sleep. since we used to sleep in bed with the 3 of us the awkwardness  won’t matter anymore.  after 15 minutes Ashley dragged me outside and brought me near the river.  it was peaceful and the sounds of crickets and river water could hear, only the full moon illuminated us. we kissed passionately and had pleasurable and loud sex.

(NOTE: Ashley’s fuck scene was already done, so I won’t make any details for her.  you can read it the title ”helping the beggar girl 1&2. it was a hot scene by the way)

the next day. we woke up one by one and stood up, I made a coffee for us and asked them what to do next, since they were the one who prepared this camping event.

then we did catch fish and played other games.  but when the afternoon came and the sun was now hiding over the trees, then Ashley suggested it was a great time to swim and enjoy the crystal clear and warm water river.   it was wide and had huge rocks could sit on.  I grabbed my boxer brief brought by Ashley and walked away and hid behind big rocks.  as I wearing it, it was fucking tight for me.

”damn you Ashley, you tricked me again!” I screamed in my head and as if I wanted to punch the rock to powder.

the fabric was stretchable and it became skin tight almost the same as the Olympic swimmer shit.  even though my cock wasn’t hard, but the size of bulged outside was beyond embarrassing.

as i walked back acting normal and my hand was trying to cover my bulged cock nonchalantly, then when I saw my girlfriend Ashley and her friend Ivy , both wearing 2 piece T-back bikini with only 2 stings knotted on waist holding their nakedness. and their ass cheeks were exposed behind as the single strand of cloth was stucked in between asscheeks. then I cursed my girlfriend again.

”damn you bitch! all along you set this up to embarrass me!”  But of course it was only  in my mind. I love my girlfriend even though she had this kind of stupid prank.

”you 2 go first. I’ll prepare drinks” I said with my smiling face. but inside i was cursing.

”okay honey, by the way nice boxer!”
Ashley waved and run while laughing.
my face became crimson red and turned around to avoid my embarrassment.

I sat on a rock drinking my beer, while I enjoyed watching them laughing and playing like children having a first time in the river.  my eyes couldn’t stop staring on their petite bodies wearing bikinis.

my girlfriend was wearing black bikini complimenting her milky white skin and blonde hair, her breast had only a little humps but the nipples were bulging on her bra.

on the other hand, Ivy was shorter than ashley and she was wearing thin blue bikini and it was obviously tight for her. her latina light brown skin was smooth and unblemished without even a single scratch, and her dark shiny hair was short bobcat styled added to her childish appearance.

but the most noticeable in ivy was under her blue bikini, specifically her cameltoe, I could say her pussy was thick and juicy, I was engrossed staring at her cameltoe while she was playing , her waist swayed left and right with her round ass cheeks.

as I kept staring intently at Ivy’s cameltoe, I didn’t notice my hard cock already pushing my tight boxer. but Ashley saw my boner and how I stared on ivy’s body, she snorted and grinned devilishly.

while the 2 girls were playing, my girlfriend Ashley accidentally hooked her fingers to Ivy’s bikini and pulled the knots on her waist then it fallen in an instant.

”ahhhh!”  Ivy shouted, and in embarrassment she ran and hid behind the huge rock.

”hahahahhaa I’m sorry Ivy, trust me I didn’t mean it” Ashley said with obvious unapologetic tone and laughed

”hey! don’t just laugh there, take it and bring it here!” Ivy begged

as for me, I spat out the beer on my mouth and since they didn’t noticed me I looked away and didn’t dare to look in their direction.

”what? I couldn’t hear you” Ashley teased.

”oh c’mon! stop teasing me!”

”hey honey! how is it? you saw it right?”
Ashley was asking me but I pretended didn’t hear her.   then Ivy hid and didn’t speak anymore.

Ivy almost cried in shame but Ashley gave in her teasing and gave back Ivy’s bikini. the happy scene became awkward as the two girls stopped playing and sat next to me while ivy still hanging her head down.

”I think, I bought you a wrong size” Ashley suddenly said while pointing at my unreasonable tight boxer.

”yeah a little bit, anyway…..”
I want to change the topic but Ashley didn’t allow it.

”you’re right, it became so tight specially your”   I cough to stop her words.  while I used my hands to cover my hard rod.


”sorry again ivy for stipping you naked. it was an accident i promise ..forgive me please” she begged to ivy childishly

”mmmm” Ivy just snubbed her.

”ivy! ohh c’mon. if you don’t forgive me I won’t let you to watch me and alex anymore”  Ashley shamelessly blackmailed her

”wha-at a-re you talk-ing a-about” ivy responsed in shaky voice.

”hahaha why do you think I always left the bathroom door open a bit?” Ashley confessed in laughter.

”heyyy. I’m n-not pee-king on you guys”
ivy paled

”how about last night you followed us here and you were hiding there”  she pointed at the bush nearby

”i..i…i..i.ii..i” Ivy couldn’t finish her words, she wished the earth would swallow her at that time.

my eyes went wide and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!. and based on Ivy’s reaction it was all real. she was peeking us every time Ashley and I had sex and also last night?

”and you!”  she pointed at me then I jumped avoiding her eyes.

”don’t you think I didn’t notice you staring at her cameltoe earlier? and your eyes almost popped out when I accidentally stripped her naked!”  she said in a blaming tone.

”fuck!” I murmured

at first Ivy and I were thinking Ashley being possessive and she was afraid if Ivy and I were doing immoral behind her back. but then we noticed her playful tone

”you want to experience it and want to join us?”  she said while teasing her friend.

”and you! you want to fuck her that badly?”  she confronted me .

”look you two are the only important people in my life, and I won’t be stingy if you two like each other I’m willing to share you with her,  same as you ivy I’m willing to share my man for you”
I was fucking dumbfounded in her bold declaration.  also excited, but didn’t show them.

ivy just looking down in shame, as if she admitted everything.   Ashley just sigh and removed her 2piece bikini. then Ivy got eyes widened at her best friend actions.

my girlfriend was now fully naked, as she was standing,  she bent her body and kissed me passionately.  then she moved her hands and ripped off my stupid tight boxer and my huge hard cock bounced proudly. then Ashley pulled her face from kissing and stepped back as she let Ivy to take over.

”do it Ivy, you watched us couple of times and I’m sure you already know what to do” she said mischievously

but Ivy wasn’t moving and just keep looking down with red face and neck.

”fuck is this the legendary 3some?” I thought to myself and my sexual desire increased.

as the feeling of my arousal grew stronger, without discomfort  I stood up and place my throbbing cock in front of her latina face almost touching her nose shamelessly.

”ohh honey, your cock is really good ugghh”  Ashley grabbed my cock and moaned seducing ivy.

”ivy just the tip. here, just lick the tip and taste it. here”   Ashley was now holding ivy’s chin and convincing her like a demon.

then Ivy finally gave in and she stucked a little bit of her tongue and licked my pre-cum on the tip of my cock.   I felt a roaring heat surge inside me while watching this scene unfold.

“his juice is good right? more ivy you can do it”  Ashley said and she licked my balls up to the tip.

ivy was using her small tongue, she started by licking my cock head like an ice cream, then Ashley joined her as they licked each side of my cock head.

the scene was surreal and this 2 cute girls were licking my cock. as a former virgin I thought having everyday fuck with Ashley was enough,  but now with ivy it felt like we were pushing our boundaries.

as they continued,  Ivy finally gave in and surprisingly she know how to suck my cock, maybe she learned by watching us.  as my cock was inside her mouth her tongue intertwining with the head of my cock at the same time Ashley was under me and sucking my balls wildly.

as the intensity of pleasure surge through me, I told Ashley to kneel next to Ivy. now the 2 girls were kneeling and waiting fot my cock.   I thrust my cock inside her mouth and she expertly sucked it, after about 30 seconds I shifted my cock in her friend mouth and did the same.   as my pre-cum mixed with their drools the blowjob became more and more sloppier in unnatural way, it covered my entire cock while the other were dripping on their flat chests and they continued to suck my cock.

after they sucked my cock simultaneously, I pulled my cock from Ivy’s mouth. seeing her disappointed pout I gave her a lustful smile.  I held her head firmly and slowly I plunged my cock deep inside her throat for the fist time.  she gagged and choked, as I pulled out my cock strands of sloppy fluid connected my cock to her mouth.

I looked down and met her eyes.

”you want that badly right?” I grinned while asking her in dominant tone.

”yess I want more please” she said without discomfort.

”I want to feel your cock in my throat too” Ashley said while cutely pouting after she set up the camera in tripod to film us.

”of course honey, I never forget you” I replied evily.

then I did the same thing, I plunged my throbbing cock deep inside her throat and rest it for 5 seconds. then removing it and thrust it back in Ivy’s throat and rest for 5 seconds.    her face was pressing hard on my pelvis as the whole length of my cock was resting in her throat.  unlike Ashley,  after removing  my cock Ivy immediately vomited.

”you’ll get use to it i promise” Ashley said to Ivy while giggling.

Ivy’s latina face was now covered in sloppy pre-cum and her eyes was tearing but i didn’t stop as I plugged my cock in their throat back and forth. both of them received a single hard and deep throat in every turn for 30 minutes, as I stopped they kissed deeply and the sloppy fluid was swirling inside their mouth. I got captured by the scene and I joined in three way sloppy kissing.

”now fuck her first. I’ll do next” Ashley excitedly said, as she grabbed the camera and ready to film closely.

removing her bra, I immediately groped her cone tits. she moaned as I pinched it hard and bit it.  continued licking as my head was moving down until i reached her panty. I didn’t removed it because it added to my sexual desire for her.

swiflt, I slid her bikini and her brown pussy with a visible small hair was exposed.   she was lying on the rock then I grabbed her both feet and lifted them and placed on her shoulder.  she screamed as she felt the first pleasure she received in her life.

I sucked her clit and using my tongue I rolled it in between like i was chewing it,  then my tongue mercilessly ravaged her pussy and entered inside her tight cracked, then Ashley joined the fun and she was licking her friends clit while my tonge was inside the pussy. after 10 minutes  her body went berserk she moved uncontrollably as she came..

”that’s…really…great”  she said panting

”were just started” I warned her and Ashley grinned..

I moved and placed my cock at the entrance of her leaking cave.

”it would be painful at first but believe me after few minutes you’ll feel pleasure”   Ivy nodded and said thank you to her friend.

Ashley helped to lubricate my cock and her pussy by using her mouth then slowly and steadily I pushed forward inch by inch, I heard her painful screaming but I could careless as I engrossed at the moment.   I continued pushing forward as my cock went deeper and deeper,  then it touched her hymen, and slowly, I felt the same ripping flesh inside her pussy like Ashley before.  but this time I didn’t stop and still continue claiming her pussy.

”It’s fucking tight!  fuck you’re pussy is so delicious ivy” I said at her crying face.

she was still crying in pain but finally her pussy enveloped all my cock inside her.  her pussy was clenching open and close open and close again and again. that feeling made me more and more aroused.

without asking her any permission or if she was still in pain i started pounding her hard.   my cock was sending her sanity away in every thrust.   as I continued  her painful cry became screaming in pleasure.  then her body was shivering and she came again, but I didn’t stopped or gave her chance to rest. My goal was to creampie this little latina.

as I focused on Ivy, I notice on our side was Ashley moving up and down. under her, my bottle of beer inserted in her ass hole, and 3 fingers in her pussy while watching us.  then our eyes met but she just giggled childishly.

3 of us were mouning loudly without holding back, and the hard slamming of my body on ivy created a loud slapping skin to skin sound reverberate around the forest ,and our pleasure overshadowed the beauty of nature as we continue.

I bent her body to kissed her harder than usual,  then my pace became more and more deeper and faster, and my cum was threatening to released.

”ahhh fuck I’m gonna cum inside your cunt ivy!”  I shouted.

Ashley excitedly ran next to us and got ready.   I thrust few more times and I released a massive amount of loads inside her small pussy as if her pussy wasn’t big enough  my cum was flowing out from inside her, and Ashley was happy to received them.   5 more hard thrust until my cock finished firing cum inside her pussy.

I laid down on rock panting and gasping air, and the 2 girls took the opportunity to rape my lifeless body,  Ashley rubbed her pussy and gaping asshole all over my face while Ivy Inserted my half hard cock inside her pussy again and she was riding cowgirl while they were both kissing.  I sigh and shook my head for that cute rape I received.

then after  5 minutes  I felt a renewed sense of vigor and my cock twitched inside Ivy’s pussy and became hard again  and then …………….

— good night guys.
maybe there’s a part 4.

-Trivia. you know. every girl character name I use is inspired by female I fantasizing here in our neighborhood, that’s why my imagination was wide as I can see them everyday my imagination is running hahahaha.

– I want to repeat. Im not english speaker, expect there’s a mistakes.

bye. chop chop

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