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Brenda and George 1

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Brenda(Pam Grier) is on a mission to bring back her son, with help of her neighbour George. This series is full of sex, adventure, drama, and comedy.

1. Introduction :
(All characters are non white)
1978, a summer morning in the City of Detroit, urban side is filled with all kind of noises from vehicles to machines to kids going school. But, the rural countryside is so peaceful and relaxing, on the one end of highway joining the rural and the urban Detroit lies two houses with large farm areas each. One is owned by Mr John Smith(33) who lives there with her beautiful and voluptuous wife Mrs Brenda Smith(Pam Grier, age 30) and there 6 year old son named Charley(a notorious kid). Thier neighbour is 55 year old man George, living alone after his wife and daughter lost their life in a car accident, he is tall and muscular as he still works in his field to keep himself busy, his dick is long and balls are full of semen like a bull. Brenda is fine beauty with curvy ass and big sensuous boobs like fantasy of every man. John is a realtor, earning money from his dad’s properties, but have bad habits of illegal Gambling and Girls. He loves Brenda but after 8 years of marriage he is less interested in sex. John respect George as his father, they are very much open to each other, so as Brenda, sometimes she comes out in bra, but deep inside George have strong lust for Brenda as he see her moving around with those bouncy boobs and swaying ass. Brenda is a bit innocent but strong inside, she works hard on the field to save money, she loves Charley most and can do anything for his protection.
From past 6 months John comes home only 10-12 days in a month, he make solo trips for gambling in the name of property business and end the money on the bitches in different towns. He fullfill the money expense of his family but not the need of a husband and a father. Today he is very much excited as he is going to gamble a big money in the near by town with different gangs.”Charley ask your father why is he so well dressed and happy, is he again going to that shitty place to lose your grandpa’s money or will be busy with those bitches in the hotel”, “Brenda! are you out of your mind, what place and which bitches you are talking about”, “The place where my friend Rita saw you with those blonde bitches”, “Shut Up!! ……. Listen I am going for a big deal, don’t make me lose my mind, if it go well then it will all gold for you, so just give me a goodbye kiss and wait for me to come with a big cash”, “Big cash, hah! What kind of big cash from that filthy place, we don’t want it, we have everything then wh…..muhhh! No! What are you doing”, John gave a rough kiss to Brenda grabbing her ass.”Wohhh! Now just for the god sake listen to me, it can take 2-3 days, take care of baby and Mr George when he need it, cash is in that cupboard and a gun in that one, here are your keys, drive safely, Good bye”.Brenda said nothing and watch him quietly leaving, Charley was in her arms, shouting and pulling her nighty, which exposes her white bra with fine looking tits. When his car disappeared and she came out to close the door she saw Mr George coming towards their house,”Oh! Good Morning Mr George, John just left for another trip, come lets have a cup of coffee”, “This boy never listen me, well a coffee and a dance with beautiful lady in this sunny morning will be all a man can ask”. Mr George replied.
When they were coming inside, George took a glance at her curvy booty covered in slik nighty from behind. While he was playing with Charley, Brenda made a strong coffee, then after having it, George played the music and insisted Brenda for little dance in his flirty way, which she can’t deny. He grabbed her tight in his arms making her breasts press against his chest giving all the warmth he needed from so many years, and put his hand on her hips like always,”Oh! again Mr.George, not there, put it here”, “A man is a man”, he move his hand all over his booty and then stares at the sweaty cleavage and got a real hard in his pant. Brenda was somewhere worried for John, but then Mr George started dancing fiercely and enjoyed her body really well. After 20 minutes she controlled him and asked for some breakfast, he was all excited and said yes. Phone rang, while Brenda was making some sandwiches, Mr George pick the phone,”Hello”, “How long will it take” someone shouted from other side,”Hey Man! relax! I just enjoying a sweet morning with my beautiful neighbour”, “Who the fuck you are, where is John”, “He already left, and who the fuck are you!”, “Who Mr George”, he put the call and said,”Nothing just some good friends of John”, “I am sick of these calls, Mr George”. “Don’t worry darling I am here, come lets have shower.. Oh! I mean let’s have Breakfast together”, “You are getting naughty ain’t you”, “Every man get naughty in the company of nice lady”. Both started laughing and then they had there Breakfast.
John reached the gambling place within 4 hours where he was bit scared to see some of men roaming around with guns, he came to know it is an african gang came here to play the big gamble. The leader of the gang is very dangerous man, named King Loka, he do all kind of crimes. John meet him and with more gang leaders and businessmen around the world the gambling started, it was all illegal. The King Loka only loves winning, so thinking John will be a easy target he started with him, after 2 chances John won every chance and made King Loka loose a big amount. Here, at John’s house his wife Brenda was taking a shower, her wet body looks so sexy and seductive that it can distract any man, her wet breasts were shining and bouncing that it feels like heaven, she was thinking,”Mr George is a good man,he knows how to treat a woman and make her happy, and then there is jhon”. Mr George was also taking bath in open in his farm, with his cock hard and mind only thinking about Brenda’s soft and warm breast on his face and his dick inside his tight vagina.”One day I will fuck that lady so hard that she will go crazy, and I will suck out all her breast milk.”
John was very happy later that day after winning a big amount from King Loka, but he didn’t knew his evil plans of getting every penny back. Soon a big trouble was coming towards Brenda, leading her into the journey full of Sex and adventure.

(NOTE: This was the first introduction part so it have character building and basic information about this series, in all the next parts it will be full of sex and intense moments, so follow and like this sex series of ‘Brenda and George’)

Part 2. Realisations
Coming soon…………

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