A Trip to the Woodshed

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After my husbands passing ,I was alone for 5 years, then Tony accidentally knocked on my front door, while looking for the house across the street.

Standing in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom I could feel myself shaking either with excitement or fear I could not decide which. I look stupid I said to myself ,and began to undo the first couple of hooks on the black basque I was wearing, it was pushing my big boobs up so you could see almost my whole breast and my hard nipples,then I started to laugh ,it was either that or cry.

At six o’clock yesterday morning I had mounted the man laying in my bed after throwing the covers off and waking him up by sucking his cock, I had not done that to a man for five or six years, hell I had not had sex for all that time,well apart from with myself , let alone had my legs spread wide like I had the night before, ridden until I felt quiet sore and then woke up this morning needing more.. As soon as the man laying next to me awoke his cock began to spring into action, and when it got really hard , I climbed on him and I started moving up and down , telling him how wonderful he was making me feel so good. I asked him in a throaty voice to tell me what he was going to do to me later that evening. I said ” are you going to keep your promise” ? He grabbed my hair with one hand and started rubbing my butt with the other,and he said “you my dear are going to the woodshed tonight ” ,and he started smacking my butt ,not hard ,just hard enough to make me say ”aaahhh” , and I think he said “and your going to wish you had never been born, in the nicest possible way” , but by then I was starting to head towards a climax, only the second after the one I had last night with anyone other than myself in years, and a few seconds after that I got one hard spank on my ass and that sent me into the throws of the biggest climax I could ever remember.

It had been a lovely sunny hot afternoon about a week before that morning when my door bell rang, I opened the door to find a gentleman standing there. ” Hello Mrs.Reynolds” he said cheerfully , “Tony Lewis, ” and held out his hand for me to shake. ” Hello Tony Lewis ” I said smiling at him, ” Lizzie Wickstrom” ,and shook his hand. He looked confused and I started laughing, ” I said Helen, Mrs. Reynolds lives at 2029 Richmond Rd, and I pointed across the street , this is 2028 ” . He looked over the road and then looked back at me,and we both laughed ” I said I am sorry, I am being mean, and he laughed and said ” in that case you need a trip to the woodshed ” and he said ” I am sorry to have bothered you “and he smiled that wonderful big smile he had and went down the steps and across the road. I closed the front door and was walking back to the kitchen when I stopped ,I lent up against my hall room wall and rubbed my breasts through my tee shirt. Mr.Tony Lewis had made my nipples hard and instead of going to the kitchen I went to my front sitting room.

Looking across the road I saw him talking to Helen on the doorstep, like my husband Helen’s husband had died, in his early 50;s the only difference between me and her was George left me a handsome life insurance policy, and we had saved all our lives ,even the mortgage on our large three story Victorians house had been paid off . Helen on the other hand had to rely on renting rooms to the students attending the local University. which I was happy I didn’t have to do ,but I did envy her a little there was always laughter and noise in the house,and silence in mine…
I watched as Mr.Tony Lewis as he shook Helen’s hand and walk back towards his car.I don’t know why I just wanted to talk to him. I straightened myself up and went to the front door and pretended to go to the mail box, even though I had emptied it earlier, and said ” Hi, we meet again , everything OK.” He came towards me as I pretended to look in the post box. ” Unfortunately I guess I am going to be at the Extended Stay Hotel for another month ,Mrs Reynolds is all full up “. I blurted out ” how long are you staying in town without even thinking, six months maybe longer,why do you ask ” ? I still to this day don’t know why I said it but I did and I said ” why didn’t you come in and have a drink and let me think about what we can do “. He smiled and said OK thanks, it damn hot out here .

The next day Helen caught me leaving to go to on my evening walk and she said ” was that Tony who came to my house looking for a place to live moving his stuff into your house today “? ” I said yes he is only staying for a few weeks ,I need some one to bring some life into my house “.She laughed and said “noise what a load of rubbish , you just hope to see him walking around in his skives “,which made us both laugh out loud, although it was true he did seem to have a nice body. ” Helen” I said ” he is 35 years old and I am 49,I don’t think he has any interest in me do you, “and we parted ways laughing.

I had rented the top floor to Tony, his bedroom was right above mine,I had done that on purpose.I laid in bed the first night he was at my home and played with myself,my little silver bullet buzzing away under the covers,I was thinking of something he had said. While we were having a glass of cold white wine and discussing the arrangements of his renting the rooms, he asked me ” how I felt about his friends and work colleges visiting, to watch sport on TV and have a drink, and he finished the sentence with ,and what about if a friend wanted to stay over night ,or for the weekend “? I said “I don’t want the house to become party central “, and he said “no, no nothing like that,I would never have more than one or two of the guys from work here”. Then he said, ” and someone staying over for the weekend “?. I said ” you mean your girlfriend” and he said ,” I don’t have one, but if ever I do get one how would you feel about her staying over ” ? I was laughing,and I said ” that depends, will you be turning your spare bedroom into a woodshed and taking her there while she is here, will I have to listen to you spanking her “? He looked at me and smiled and said ” I guess I should apologies for what I said yesterday shouldn’t I” ? ” No don’t be silly “I said ” ,I thought it was funny.”

Everything went well for the first week,the third floor which had been my husband’s home office when we first bought the house, had been converted into an apartment for a full time care giver to look after George when he became ill , it really just required clean sheets,a dusting and quick run over with the vacuum and for the windows to be opened to air the place out to make it look like George had just left t go to work. Tony and I did it in half an hour and then we went out into the garden to watch the sunset and split a cold bottle of white wine,which quickly became two bottles,and by the time I had made some sandwiches we opened a third bottle and it was about then I found I could not stop running my mouth.
I told Tony everything I had been bottling up for years, even how George and I for years only had sex once a week on a Sunday morning and how it only lasted for ten minutes and then he would cum, say “thank you” which I hated, then he would get up and say the same what he thought was funny every week , and that was ” are you going to lay there all day or get up to cook breakfast ” ?

Tony told me about his failed marriage he was me and George reversed , his wife had got a good job in a bank and was steadily working her way up the Corporate Ladder . He said ” I would ask her for a BJ ,and she would say she was tired, then I would try and get between her legs to lick her and she would say no not now just fuck me,and she would lay there like some Victorian wife, sighing as if to tell me to hurry up. ” He said ” a year of that and I said to her one day our marriage isn’t working is it , and she said very sarcastically , well done speedy you have finally noticed “. He continued ,” so when my boss asked me if I would come here to work for six months or more I jumped at the chance, left her the house took the few things that are now on your third floor, and here I am living above a sexy lady in her pent house suit.”

I was laughing and said ” honey I am 48 almost 49 years old and I would hardly say sexy” ,and Tony said ” what the hell makes you think your not sexy ” ?, I could feel my face going red. He said “you have a great body, big boobs and a cute ass ,your pretty,if you ditched the old lady’s clothes and came into this century ,you would have a line of guys banging on your front door “. I was laughing and so embarrassed. I said ” stop you have drink too much” it but it didn’t stop me from saying ” would you be in that line” and I shrieked with laughter and said “now I know I have drunk too much”, h and he was laughing ,” saying kicking and scratching to get to the front of the line” and without thinking I said ” and then would you take me to the woodshed “? I closed my eyes and felt dizzy tipsy waving my hand about and then I was shouting and laughing saying ” for get what I said forget what I said “. I still had my eyes closed when I felt Tony’s hands on my shoulders,he was squeezing my shoulders gently, I felt his warm breath on my ear as he said ” is that that what you want ,a trip to the woodshed, because if it is,then I am guy to take you there. ,and warm that cute butt of yours up “.

I felt so stupid, I could feel myself shivering in excitement, I put my hands on his hands and said ” we will talk about it later” and I tried to get up ,but he gently held me down in my chair. ” I asked you a question Miss Lizzie, so whats the answer ” he said laughing and kissing the back of my neck. “Yes yes” I said out loud laughing , ” yes what” he said, ” yes what ” he repeated and I said ” I want you to take me to the woodshed ” .
I went to get up and almost fell over ,God I was wasted,I remember Tony taking me to my bedroom and starting to undress me,I remember being naked in the shower with him,and I remember him drying me before we had crazy drunken sex ,after that I remembered nothing until I woke up in the morning,and fucked him again,only this time, although I felt a little bit hung over I remembered every wondefull second of it

Thats how I came to find myself standing in front of my mirror trying on clothes that Tony had bought me and he had bough home that Saturday afternoon . He had asked me one night when we were drinking what sizes of clothes and shoes I wore, and here they were, black corset, black garter belt,black stockings, tiny black panties and black 5 inch ankle strap heels.
Earlier in the afternoon he had asked me ” will you be wearing the clothes when I get get back around seven tonight ” ? I hesitated and said ” do you want me to ” ? He said “of course, and I want you to stay in your bedroom until I come and get you ,do you understand “. I laughed my stupid laugh, oh God what the hell had I got myself into I thought looking into the mirror again, a but I did as he requested,even though
when he got home I heard him going up and down the stairs about six or seven times,then I heard his shower run, and I don’t know why but I felt my tummy start to churn and when his shower turned off I think I actually started to have a panic attack, I was walking around the room dressed, ready to be used by a man who only a few days ago I had just met ,and I was going to allow myself to be his sex toy, his whore,and I swear I had to sit on the bed I felt like I was going to collapse.

If I felt a little queeze then ,imagine how I felt when he came down and knocked on my bedroom door.I said “come in”and he entered, put my hands behind my back and locked them in some metal handcuffs ,before standing behind me and holding my wrists, he began to push me forwards walking me up the stairs to his room. Opening the door he pushed me gently inside,I let out a little shriek, the two men standing there looked at me,one held up the ropes he was holding,the other held up an array of canes.
” Welcome to the woodshed Mrs. Lizzie Wickstrom “said Tony pushing me fully into the room,”now lets make your deepest wish come true,shall we “? .

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I loved your story and i firmly believe a lady should dress in very sexy lingerie for her man to please him !! The way you dressed up is almost the way i dress for the men i screw !!

  • Reply GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

    I love that Tony is a grown man, not a teenage college student. He understands women and can read the signals Lizzie sends subconsciously, understands that she needs to think of herself as the sexy, sensual mature woman, not an old woman past her prime. It hits (!) close to home for me… I have such a man in my life and he is doing so much for… and to me. And he calls me Lizzy, but no, his name is not Tony.

    With us it’s the barn, but I am helping him build a woodshed.

    Your story was a great slow burn that didn’t keep the reader waiting for them to show their sensuality and a very believable attraction.

    The ending was a delicious twist. I love how your mind works!

    I hope the next part will be published VERY soon!

    (OK, it could use some editing for clarity and grammar, but its “bones” are very good despite that.)