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My neighbor Part 2

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The next day was the weekend so I told my best friend Claire about what happened and showed her the magazine. She was excited about the pictures and asked to go with me. We both wore cute little skirts and our best satin panties (like the little girls in the magazine) and went over to his house. My neighbor was cutting his lawn and stopped and asked us to come into the garage. Claire asked if she could see the puppies. I asked if he would ever do what the men in the magazine are doing with the little girls. He said he would only if they wanted to. I said how are they able to get their huge cocks into those tiny pussies. He said it takes time and lubrication. I told him we really liked the pictures in the magazine. He asked if we would like to see his cock again. Yes, yes Claire said. He unzipped his pants and out it came, thick, long and dripping a clear liquid. I asked what that was and he told us about pre cum and what is was for. Claire asked if she could taste it and caught a drop on her finger and licked it up. That tasted great she said. He said if you like that you will love my cum. I scooped some pre cum up and tasted it. You are right Claire, it tastes good.
Do you want to smell some cum first? I came earlier this morning and here is the rag I used to clean it up and it’s still wet. I usually come a great deal first thing in the morning.
He handed me the rag and I smelled something that I never had before. The odor was overwhelming and caused me to get wet in my pussy. Claire actually licked the rag to get a taste because the smell was so great.
While we smelled his cum rag he was stroking his big thick cock. He said he could cum soon and he would let us taste a fresh load. He told us to sit down and stick out our tongues while he stroked faster and then it happened. Thick wads of cum came out onto first Claire’s tongue and then mine. Spurt after spurt at least 12 coated our tongues and filled our little mouths. The smell was stronger than before and the taste was even better. We savored the taste awhile before he told us to swallow. My pussy was dripping and my panties were soaked. Claire was rubbing her pussy while she swallowed. Her whole body was jerking and he told her she was having an orgasm. He asked us if we could come back tomorrow for another lesson. We can’t wait!

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    Hot story

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    [email protected]

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    Wish i had a neighbor like that

    • Reanimator ID:85ebbgm0

      I would love to be that neighbor

    • Tonguepleasureforyou ID:cmea9188rj

      Hi Lina, how old are you? What state do you live in? Write me at
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    Definitely more and soon.

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    Loving this one

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      What are all those numbers and letters for?

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      It’s for an app called Session. The long stream of digits is an account there. If you make one, you could post your own, or add others’.

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    More please so hot and sexy