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Sisters BFFL virgin friend forced

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Mom I need you to stay home the.weekend and watch your sister I said noway I got plans big plans to go to them movies this weekend you know this is the weekend that ET the remake come out. I have been waiting 6 months to see it.
Mom says I’m sorry, but, something come up your Dad and I have to go out town on a family emergency.
By the time we got home from school.next day Mom and Dad were already gone.
I was in my room and, she was in hers room. About 15 minutes later she comes in to my room, I going out back to the pool. Looking at my massive hard on, she, caught him in the middle of jacking off. She asked me, are you going to rape me again while Mom and Dad gone?
I said, I about it, you did catch me in the middle of jacking off not come and sit in my lap, she does and she’s told and she’s it’s up into his lap and starts crying. Now hold your shorts on panties to the side with one hand and take your other hand and take my dick and your hand and put me in your pussy and ride me in your pussy until you make me cum. Crying she does what she’s told riding me for about 30 minutes after 30 minutes she rides me and makes me cum in her pussy.
I’m looking at her, I tell her I’m thinking about raping you again? She says, please don’t. He says and I got a better idea tomorrow after school, you are going to bring Carla home with you.
She said what no! She’s younger than me you raped me at 12:00 and I’m your sister.

I said unless you want raped again? She thinks to herself, she says, if I get her for you, you won’t rape me again?
That’s right but, you do have to watch it naked. She thinks to herself again okay deal. And, and she has for the backyard in the pool. He says hey before you leave when you come back in, make sure you leave your bikini at the back door as long as Mom and Dad are gone he will walk around the house completely naked the whole time. Do you understand me? She says, yes I understand you. The only thing on her mind now was her BFF Carla being raped like she was.

I go to the window to watch her. My cell rings hello yeah Mom, she s out side in the pool playing yeah I will have her call you back bye Mom and I hang up my cell.
I yell out the back door Tiffany? She says, what do you want? I said, you need to come in and, call Mom, she said, okay. She comes in and towels of.
I said, uh, what the number 1 rule of the house Tiffany about your clothes? She says, are you kidding ma, you want me to talk to Mom naked?

I said, either that or be raped against your choice? She unties her bikini top, and, it falls to the floor. She unties her bikini bottoms and, they fall to the floor.
I said, the number bye your cell, her cell was laying on the kitchen counter. She calls Mom, she says, Tiffany you do everything your brother tells you with our question, she says, yes Mom. Now hand your brother your cell.
Here Mom, wants to talk to you, yeah Mom, I told her she better do whatever you to do with out question. I said, okay Mom, I said, bye Mom, mom said I love you I said, we love you too and I hung up and handed my sister her phone back.
I call her, Tiffany get up on the table and, like flat on your stomach, she said, you promised me if I got you Carla, he wouldn’t rape me again.
I know, the rules changed since Mom, called and, said that you got to do everything I want without question.

Tiffany knows better than to make her brother angry she’s already been brutally raped by him.
She starts to cry as she gets up on the kitchen table knowing her ass is about to be brutally violating.
I stick my finger in her ass she screams out please don’t as I start to finger her ass after a while of a fingering her up in her ass and her crying he adds finger number 2 which just makes her cry and scream more she yells out you have never used two fingers in my ass before. After 15 minutes of fingering her up in her ass I pull my fingers out of her ass.
And, I walked away. She thinks to herself what just happened? I get my ass fingered, but not raped this time she stays laying down flat on her stomach for , another 30 minutes before even attempting to get up.
I come back into the kitchen and , catch her getting down.
Tiffany had a look on her face was her WTF moment. I asked her where she was going?

Now until mom and dad comes home he will sleep in my bed , do you understand? She says, yes I understand.
I said, tomorrow you still bring your BFF Carla home with you from school. She said, yes. I said, for what? She said, to be raped in front of me!
She says I got to pee, I says go pee but, remember to leave the door open and come back out naked. Not wanting to make her brother made she says, I remember, she gets done peeing and comes out naked.

The next morning she wakes me up for, school, I tell her to turn over, she says, you can’t we will be late for, school and,.I won’t be able to take a shower. I pulls back to bitch slap her into the middle of next week. She screaming out NO PLEASE! Crying she does as she is told knowing that she going to be ass raped.again and, that she going to have to go to school with my cum.in.her ass. She lays once again flat on her stomach. As I get between her legs I put my morning wood into her tight little ass as she screaming out in pain OMG that hurt really really hurt so much!. As I ass rape her shes thinking to herself, I know that this is kind of mean to think this, but, I will so happy to watch my BFFL Carla getting ass raped. As her brother keeps on raping her ass I finally cum and cum not thinking when I was going to stop.
He tells her to go get ready for school but, to wear something.easy to take off .
She comes out all in pink tee, shorts, and, cute little pink high heels. Shes got the Barbie hair going for her to she is now.13 blue eyes make up 34 C bra.i asked her what panties are you wearing? She says,, I m not wearing panties anymore, I m.wearing.a pink thong. I think to myself of course, like I said look like a Barbie doll. I asked her, you still got my cum up in your ass? She says, yes,.if I take a shower well be really late for, school.
I said, okay lets go to school and if she not here Tiffany, you will be raped in here place. She leaves with a worried look on her face. She asked me, what if Carla is out sick .I said, she better not be or you.will be raped , you will be raped so much that by the time Mom and Dad get home you will be pregnant. She looks afraid, I can’t what would you tell Mom and Dad I can’t get pregnant with your baby there’s no way we can cover it up? I tell her, we will find some doofus to blame it on. They just barely make it to school..
The school bell out bell rings, Tiffany asked Carla, can you come over to the house? Carla said, I will have to call my Mami. Tiffany tells Carla you can call your mom from the house. Carla says, okay. The minute they walk in the door Tiffany tells Carla to call her mom. Carla gets out her phone and calls her Mami. Carla start speaking Spanish on the phone. I come out of my room I called Tiffany over to me. I asked, whats.going on? She had to call her mom to see if its okay for, her to be here.

She tells Tiffany it’s ok as long as I get home before dark. Tiffany said,. good, they go towards Tiffanys room and,. Tiffany make a detour at my door. And Carla, acts a little bit afraid she asked Tiffany what’s going on? Tiffany said, nothing my brother just has something he wants to show you.

Carla is 10 years old, with long black hair dark eyes full Mexican wearing all pink if she wasn’t Tiffany BFFL you would share.they were twin sisters but the way they were dressed they look like Barbie and Skipper. She’s petite for her size.
They knock on my door I said,. come in Tiffany and Carla come in I tell Tiffany to shut the door at this point Carla looks a little bit afraid. I said, girls what happens in this room, stays in this room, do you understand me?

Tiffany said,. yes. Carla looks at Tiffany and ask, what going on? I move in on Carla ready to bitch slap her to hell if I need to at anytime. He gives Carla an evil eye, then he asked, one more time Carla do you understand me? With more authority in my voice! She says, yes shaking.

I tell Tiffany to take off Carla s tube top. Carla try s to protest but, before she can say, Tiffany has her tube top of. Exposing her 10. Year old budding nipples.
Carla, finally gets out, Tiffany what’s going on? Girl you are supposed to be my BFFL? I said, go.ahead sis, tell her what s going to happen to her!
She says, Carla, do you really don’t know what going on? Carla said, I have an idea, a bad feeling
Tiffany said, Carla you are going to be raped. Carla said I thought that what was going to happen that was my bad feeling.. but, why Tiffany? We are supposed to be BFFL?

Tiffany can’t answer her.. its.ok sister I will tell her! Carla she is going to watch you get raped! So, she doesn’t get raped again! Yes, I raped her before, a matter of fact more than once! Carla start to cry.
I tell Tiffany to bring Carla over to me, as Tiffany brings Carlta over to me, Carla is crying.
Tiffany said,. what now?
As I m sitting at my desk I tell Tiffany to take Carla shorts of her, Tiffany does it. I tell Tiffany now take her pink thong of her. Tiffany does down and off goes Carla pink thong. Carla is now naked in front of me. I tell Tiffany to get my dick out of my shorts and boxers. Tiffany does, Tiffany said, dam bro your all ready hard.. Carla sees the size of my cock and,. Start crying bad and, begin me not to Carla says please don’t do this to me..I tell Carla to sit in my lap and, I tell Tiffany to help her.
I tell Tiffany get her into my lap now! Carla finally gives in knowing there noway out of this.
Carla is sits.in.my.lap.waiting.to.be raped..I tell her think of it this way Carla your BFFL didn’t want raped so,. she sold you.out. she cries worst.

I tell Tiffany to go over to my night stand and, grab the small bottle of baby lotion and, lube up my.cock up.
She takes the baby lotion and, squirt It on my cock and, lube my cock up for, Carla. Then I tell Tiffany to take the lotion and, put some on her fingers and, tells Tiffany to lube up Carla s 10 year old pussy she crys even more.
After about 10 minutes of working the lotion into Carla pussy, her pussy starts to open up
I tell Tiffany to take Tiffany to take my cock in her hand and force it into Carla s tender young pussy. Tiffany does she told, she takes my cock and forces it into Carla tender young pussy. Carla cries out no please!. It hurts too bad! Take it out please I’m begging you!
Tiffany says,. Carla just do what he asked, it will be over fast.
I look over at Tiffany, and , say um Tiffany what are you doing? Tiffany says, I’m doing what you told me to do I’m watching you rape my BFFL!

I said, I’m Tiffany aren’t you forgiving something? Tiffany says no, what?
I said, Tiffany, your clothes? Tiffany said, oh right I m supposed to be naked, while you rape Carla.
I tell Carla to start going up and down on top of my dick. Dad said she’s told, starting out real slow. Bouncing up and, down riding my cock crying.
In the meantime, Tiffany pulls off her t-shirt, her pink shorts, and, pink thong in front of me. She is now naked in front of me, watching her BFFL Carla beinga raped by her brother.

As Carla keeps riding me, she keeps crying. I tell Carla to pick up the pace, with out realizing it, Carla is going so fast, she rips through her own hyman! She s screaming and,, slow down and, nearly stops.
I said, what are you doing I didn’t tell you, to stop!
Carla said,, something is wrong I’m in some bad pain.

Tiffany said your fine, you just pop your own cherry I said, Carla keep on riding me. A little while later Carla said, I have to pee. Tiffany said, you don’t need to pee you need to have a orgasm, she orgasms long and, hard.
She keeps riding me she don’t realize it but, she is raping her self. it finally hits her right between her eyes I can’t believe I’m raping myself.and, she starts to cry again. I said,. Big girl don’t cry !
As she keeps on riding me my build up it’s coming

as I cum in her pussy Carla said, what was that warm liquid? I look over at Tiffany.
Tiffany said, my brother just came in your pussy. Carla said, oh know I’m going to be pregnant? I said, I hope the fuck so.
I tell Carla to get dress, she gets dressed he walk to her pulls. back to bitch slap her to hell she gets real scared!
I tell her you never ever tell no one, do you understand me? She said yes. I tell her tomorrow same time after school do you understand me? She says but, why are you going to rape me again,? Tiffany said, it’s your your ass! She crys. Bad. I tell her, I don’t make me come after you, you are now my little bitch!

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