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My stepdad breeded me2

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Mias mom sells her out and watched he get fucked

I woke up to banging and yelling on something, maybe a door?

I tried getting up but collapsed, I was in pain. When I looked down, the memories started to flood my brain. I examined my pussy, the hymen was tored, I was stretched brutally.

I crawled out my bed and limped to the kitchen. While walking I noticed my mom crying on the couch, her clothes were messy. John must’ve raped her again..

Before I could walk to the living room I heard John yell at me. I turn my head hesitantly and John urged me to come at him. John had the same shirt from yesterday, with no pants. His cock was out, and fully erect.

I froze, “m-mom..MOM!” I yelled, I felt John Large hand grab me and throw me over the counter I was shaking and crying knowing what was going to happen. “NO NO PLEASE NOT AGAIN!” I screeched.

John held my head down as I tried to squirm away, I tried to put up a fight but I was still exhausted from yesterday..and sore. “I got addicted to your young pussy mia..you might be stretched though..” John said as he rubbed his tip on my stretched hole.

I let out a long groan as John plunged his dick into me. I clawed at the counter as he impaled deeper into me forcing me to moan. “MOM!! PLEASEEE!” I pleaded.

John started to move his thick cock in my pussy, rowing his hips rhythmically. I felt so weird, my body felt hot and my pussy was getting wetter. My vagina still had a stinging sensation from yesterday.

“BITCH! GET ME A BEER” John yelled while fucking me. I heard tiny footsteps behind me, when I saw my mom I reached out. “Mom..plea..” I was cut off when John slammed into me, he started to plow me at a inhuman pace, making my legs go weak.

“A-angh!~” I moaned agaisnt my will. I tried to fight back but the more I tried to speak he plowed faster into me. I was under a spell, almost hypnotized when he nestled deeper into me. I was almost..begging for more.

They’re was a big bulge that poked through my stomach. Everytime John pulled out and thrusted back in the bulged moved. John dick was heavy, weighing me down. I was drooling when I noticed my mom looking at me and biting her lip.

I was shocked “your watchin..-ANGH!~” I moaned down as John put his big body on mine. John pushed his dick further in me, touching my womb. I felt his penis twitch as he started to cum deep in my womb making me twitch uncontrollably. I was weak and exhausted but John had other plans..

(Its leah, I’m sorry this is so short. I’ll make more.)

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  • Reply Papa two ID:fx7o5tm9i

    Good baby making story!

  • Reply Happy ID:vzgdfyd4

    Definitely looking forward to more,I am a big fan of family stuff.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:7n7gi94zrd

    Great story leah would love to hear more. Session or email me.

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    I hope he gets your mum to lick your abused cunt clean

    • Gjjkoh ID:5srcti2dv4

      Fuck u