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Granddaughter amazing body #2

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Well here I am again wow this should get you girls and guys off ?
So yesterday morning my daughter drps my 15 year old granddaughter off at my house and I told her that her mom was not here that she had some stuff to do.
Anyway she asked me if ( let’s call my granddaughter Christina I think that name is sexy ) could hang out here until her mom got home ? Yeah no problem I said as she knows I do not babysit.
So in she comes and my daughter leaves my granddaughter is wearing skin tight jeans a purple blouse .she asked me if she could get a soda ? Sure you know where they are at.
I went in and sat back down to watch TV she walks in I glanced at her and could see the outline of her tight virgin pussy through her jeans so she sat down we were both quiet for a few minutes she then asked me if I was mad at her ? Why would I be mad at you I asked her ? She then said for what I did to you last week? I looked at her and said hell no !
Then I told her it was great and I told her that her grandma and I do not fool around that much anymore.
She asked me why ? Who knows I said.
Grandpa she asked remember last week that I said that I was going to fuck you hard ? Well I meant it . Christina I said we can’t do that ? Why she asked ? Well for one your a virgin and two as sexy as you are I would want to cum inside your sweet little pussy.. then she looked at me with her sexy brown eyes and said I want you to be the one who fucks my virgin pussy first I just smiled at her and said well we have the other problem? The little shit looked at me smiled and said well grandpa we do not have to worry about that ? I have this ? Then she pulled out a condom from her jeans pocket wow I said but wouldn’t you want a man your in love with do that ? Nope she said grandpa I always thought you were handsome and to be truthful? I’m in love with you.
She got up off the sofa and walked over to were I was sitting and she slid down on the floor between my legs.
At that point I knew that I was in trouble.
She reached up and started to rub my already hard cock through my shorts I always wear gym shorts around the house.
My balls were aching Im kind of shy around women in my past because my cock is only about six and a half inches long and not very thick so I was never gifted in that dept.
She reached for my waist band and with one pull down came my shorts and my underwear up sprang my already stiff cock she wasted no time she got up on her knees and put her hands at the base of my cock then she looked up at me and put her mouth over the head and swirled her lips around it my brain shut down as her hot wet mouth started it’s journey all the way down and back up to the head and back down again when she got back up to the head of my raging hard cock I pulled her mouth away from it I told her that if she didn’t stop that she would make me cum. Oh hell no we can’t have that. Then she giggled she stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor my heart was pounding there this beautiful 15 year old body stood in front of me she reached behind her back and undid her bra when she dropped it on top of her blouse I was so amazed by the sight of two perfect soft looking breast with perfect light brown nipples the size of dimes her nipples stood erect all I wanted to do is suck her hard blood filled nipples.she stood there and undid the button holding her jeans together and slid the zipper down.
She pushed her jeans down and I caught my first look at her light purple panties my heart was racing I was hoping that I wouldn’t have a heat attack because all the blood in my body was now in my cock.
She pushed her jeans off her hips she kept pushing as she pushed her panties started to push downward I saw the soft top of her pussy just between her belly and the very top of that sweet little virgin pussy.she pushed her jeans down and they slid to her ankles and she stepped out of them..
She had on her white ankle high socks which she lifted her leg and started to remove I told her no that I think it’s so hot having a girl or woman leave there socks on.
As I sat there I looked at her legs they were perfect ya see I’m a leg man always have been.
She stood in front of me and I could see that she was nervous I told her not to worry it’s ok and that she had a beautiful body . I thought that I was going to cum when she hooked her thumbs in the waste band of her panties she stood there pushing them down when they got pushed down just to her thighs her legs where her pussy meets them came in to view her hand was in the way of me seeing her pussy.
As she slid her panties down her pussy slit came in to view wow she was so smooth and it looked like I could see some moisture between her pussy slit.
I stood up my raging hard on sticking out.
I took her and layed her down on the floor I kissed her soft lips enjoying her scent body wash and her sex mixed
I started moving down her body stopping at her left breast I sucked her nipple in my mouth as I did she let out a soft moan I moved to her.other nipple and drew it in to my mouth as I did I nibbled on her hard nipple she let out a low moan and grabbed my head and pushed me in harder.
I broke away from her hold and kissed and licked my way down her flat stomach as I reached just above her pussy mound I could smell her sweet sex I reached down and pushed her legs apart and her wet virgin pussy came in to my view God what a sight so innocent yet so beautiful I kissed her mound as I lay between her legs I thought about teasing her more but the truth is I was not sure when my wife would be back and I didn’t want to get caught sliding my cock in and out of our granddaughter.
I ran my face closer to her slit a girl this age and a man my age we older men know how to eat pussy as I got to her clit I drew it in my mouth nibbling on her virgin clit I wondered if I were the first man here ? Oh well I spread her soft pussy lips open and I put my finger just inside and pushed but I soon was stopped by her hyman and the fact she was bucking her hips off the floor.but I could see that her soft sweet pussy was wet and so slick .
She sat up super fast I thought something was wrong ? She pushed me onto my back she looked at my cock with all my pre cum all over the head she leaned over me and sucked my cock into her mouth I felt her put just the head between her lips and suck so hard that I thought she was trying to suck the head off .
She reached in the pocket of her jeans and pulled out the condom and zipped it open with her teeth and holding it with her hand she moved closer to me and I joked that the condom might be to big at that moment she put her hand around my. Hard as a rock cock and ran her hand up and down it and said grandpa I happen to love your cock and yours is the only cock that I want inside my pussy. She moved the condom over the tip of my cock and started pushing it down when my cock was covered and she was safe from my hot baby making seed I laid her down I was between her legs.
I looked her in her eyes and said baby are you sure that you want this ? She put her finger to my lips and said grandpa please make me a woman. With that I rubbed my cock head up and down her soft virgin lips . I slid my cock further down her lips I about came as I felt her wet hole I asked her again if she was sure all she said was grandpa remember when I told you that I was going to fuck you so hard ? Yes I said then she said maybe not this time but I promise I will and with that I started pushing in to her.now I figured that since my cock was only six and a half inches long and not very thick and I was ok with it that it shouldn’t hurt her so bad.
I kept pushing my hard cock in to her I got stopped by her barrier I pulled back and with one hard puch I broke her hyman I thought that she would cry out in pain all she did was make a low moan and wrap her legs around my back.
As I stroked my hard cock in to her no longer virgin pussy she put her hands on my face and said grandpa fuck me hard fuck your pussy. As I slammed in to her wet pussy I told her that she has the tightess pussy that I have ever fucked I asked her if she would let me fuck her deep in her ass sometime ? She said she wanted to feel my cock fucking her deep and feel my hot cum shoot inside her belly.wow that took me over the edge. All I heard her say was grandpa your cock is getting bigger inside me and with that I said I’m cumming girl my cock blasted spurt after spurt in to the condom she had two powerful orgasms her pussy juice flooded her love tunnel and ran in to her ass crack .
My cock stopped twitching and I started to pull out as I did I looked down to look at her freshly fucked pussy and I was in total shock it seems my cock being six and a half inches rock hard when it started going soft inside of her ? The condom slipped off and in to her pussy I panicked I told her to put her legs in the air and spread them which she did at that point I stuck two fingers deep in her slick wet pussy I found the condom about half way up her tunnel I grabbed it and pulled it out to my surprise all my cum was still trapped inside the condom thank my lucky stars I wouldn’t think her bitch mother would like that at all.she then out of the blue said grandpa can you get your cock hard again ? Why baby well I want you to fuck my ass baby I don’t think we have time if grandma walks in we are done.she jumped up and grabbed her clothes and said grandpa come with me she took my hand and we went to the bathroom as soon as we got there my cock was like iron she put her hands on the sink looked back at me and said in a sexy voice grandpa fuck my ass let me feel your hot cum shoot in me.
I guided my cock to her tight brown hole I couldn’t get in so I slid my cock in between her pussy lips to pick up her slick juice I put my cock head back to her opening and pushed she moved her hips forward. I backed off a little bit then put my cock head back to her asshole as I did she pushed back and my cock slipped in her ass I started moving in and out.
All she could say was give me your cum
After about five minutes I started swelling deep in her ass.
I felt the first spurts of cum leave my cock head and blast deep inside her belly I was at that point wishing I was blasting my hot sticky cum in her pussy. Maybe some day
We got cleaned up and sprayed the bathroom and living room with air freshener to get rid of the sex smell.
Twenty minutes after that her grandma came home I was sitting watching TV our granddaughter was upstairs doing whatever teens do after my daughter picked her up I sat there thinking about what happened I got up and went to the bathroom to jack off I looked down at my shorts laying at my feet and saw something I stopped jacking my cock and checked it was my granddaughter purple panties with a wet stain in the crotch I lifted them to my nose and smelled them the smelled just like my granddaughter wet pussy I started jacking off and had the most intense cum shooting cum in the air I can’t wait to baby sit again maybe I can fuck her sister this time. Just a note : if any of you ladies or men have a daughter that you want their cherry broke ? My cock is only 6″ long so it won’t hurt her

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  • Reply Bob ID:e65rjnocd5t

    Oh fuck, you lucky granddad!!!! Just be sure to not get caught fucking her cunt or ass. I wonder what grandma would think and say, if she found out your super hard cock was buried, balls deep, inside your beautiful granddaughter.

    Fuck, it might get her aroused!!! Then she might want not only your old cock fucking her. She may be interested in eating out your granddaughter’s sweet-tasting young pussy. I wonder if grandma would want your granddaughter on the pill, so she could eat your cum directly from Christina’s smooth young cunt. Fuck, you might discover that grandma is really a nasty old sexy perverted bitch after all. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Imagine, two hot pussies to fuck and eat out!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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  • Reply Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

    Good story luck with that. Your granddaughter wanted your cock.

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    please continue

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      Great loved it