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Biology 101

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Let start with some background information about me and my friend and family. My name os John, 15 years old, male athletic and tested as a genius level of intelligence. My sport in school is wrestling and chess club. I am 5’5″ 170 stocky short black hair. Now I know what you are thinking and you are right. I do have a fat long cock, and yes it is a shower and a grower. Which puts me in the 1% group of men with my type of dick. I am in highschool, but have been taking college classes online for 4 years now. Now you may ask why, well to be honest I wanted the experience of high school and for test subjects for my steadies in biology. My final paper and project for my field of steady is in hormone therapy. Better know as a love potion or for my project love spray. It’s ready for testing, just need to setup the situation so that if it fails I have an excuse for any action I do or don’t do.
Family, I have a loving mother and father, which both work. Mom she sell real estate which she does well. She keeps in shape mostly for dad, but as she says sexy sells better in her profession. I admit her skirts and panty hose drive me wild. With her white blouse she often wears, she will not wear a bra, putting a jacket over her blouse. As she puts it, let the ladies have fun sometimes. Yes, she had her tits lifted a few years ago, and had them enlarged a little to a solid D cup.
Dad, he is the best. Always fun to be round, telling his stories about his latest business dealings or telling a very adult joke that some of the ladies don’t really enjoy to hear publicly, but private they sometimes get very wet thinking about my dad’s joke. Now he is 6′ dark hair good looking for a dad who exercises daily. Often with me when I am in training or he will do a yoga class with mom.
I have two cousins that live in my neighborhood. Both are girls , and their moms are my mothers sister. Now my mothers sisters they are only a year apart from my mother who is 37 and Ann is 38 the oldest and Susan who is 36. Their daughters are the same age at 17 and both are on the cheer squad. They come out to my matches for school sprite and I kinda brag that I know them with the other guys ask about them.
Best friend well he lives down the street, name is Jack, 5’9″ 190 lbs with some build as he helps me workout some too. Known each other since 1st grade bud ever since. His parents are the best as we have grown up pretty much in both home. I call her Ms J. For Jane and Mr M for Mike. Now Jack and I have been talking along time about each of our moms and when I say nothing is left on the table I mean nothing. We would discuss which mother could suck a cuck better, or which one has been DP’ed before and when we could do that to either or both moms at the same time. But, it has always been stroke talk while we played COD or some other game at night before bed. Now we have had an ongoing bet since we have been jerking off and talking shit about the women we know. That who ever cums first has to send a good picture of a girl we both know manly our moms. We both have some good nudes and sexy bikini picks of them as I also have some of my cousins in their cheerleaders outfits and bathing suits. Last night he lost and sent over on the phone a short clip of his mom riding his dad cuck saying John’s cuck is bigger than yours, you sissy boy and slapped him hard too. Then his dad went off on Ms J. Saying that you want his cuck like the slut you are. Where he slapped her right tit just as hard making her moan and tighten up her cunt canel as she came hard. I mean, I have never seen in any porn a woman release that much cum before. Just as she leans down she whispers I will suck John’s cuck in front of you if you can get Jack out of the house tomrrow night, you cuckold boy.
I had to call Jack to confirm what I just heard. Jack answered on the first ring and said yes before I got the question out. Bro, I could not believe what my mom said and how those two were fucking. Man, my dad is a sissy boy cuckold price of shit.
Well Jack this could be our time to step up and lose our V card. We both know we want to fuck her hard and long. So let set it up so you have pictures and video of her sucking my cuck or even better me fucking her hard doggie style, than you can fuck her anytime you want and your father would not say a word other than if he could watch. What do you think bro?
First, what excuse do I use? Second how to record the act(s)? Third do you have the guts to fuck my mother in front of my dad? Talk is one thing doing is another John.
First, you tell your mom tomorrow that Frank texted you, asking for help in Math and if you could go over their for a few hours. I will be there when you ask your mom. I will have brought over a new game for us to try out, so when you tell your mom about having to go over to Frank’s to help him. I can stay back and play the game until you get back. Second, I have a couple of old phones, I will get them charged up tonight and bring them over and we can stage them around and record everything. Also I will demand that I take a few pictures to remember it by. And for the last one I don’t know for sure, but I will give it a go. I know I could beat your dad if I had too, but givin the video, I think he will be throwing your mom at me and directing the action. John, I think that will work, I will see you tomorrow, let say 4.
That should give you a couple of hours before dinner when I would be back to house. Bro, I am going to stroke my dick so long tonight Rewatching the video. John you are not the only one stroking tonight. Later dude.
After killing the call, I flipped back to the video and laid the phone down on my bed. I striped what clothes I had on. Got into beb laying back against the head board and legs bent and out. Now, I normally sleep with shorts on and my door is open as my parents room is on the other side of the ranch house. After 9 pm at night my parents are normally in their bed watching TV or fucking or sleeping. Me, I am watching porn, sleeping or doing homework/project. With the phone in my right hand and my dick in the other I press play and start the slow stroking of my cuck. I just love a good long slow stroke to build an explosion of cum that just makes you sleep well right after. I must have played that video a dozen times and my dick is rock hard standing tall, when I hear a cough from the doorway. Looking over I see my mother and father standing there watching me stroking my dick watching what they think is a porn clip I downloaded for nights activity. Dad is just watch mom play with her pussy, her eyes are glazed over and her other hand is squeezing her tit hard, moaning yes, yes.
I say fuck under my breath, but thinking quickly I assess that my parents may just be like Jack’s and I take the lead from the beginning. With a commanding voice I say, MOM, DAD get in here now. They move slowly at first until I yell at them to move their fucking asses now. Pointing to the chair in the corner I tell my dad to sit there in the chair. Mother I say remove your clothes now and get over her and start sucking my cuck. Without hesitation she drops her robe and removes her night shorts and pink panties. Mom than takes my cuck in her hands and with lust in her eyes strokes it lovingly. Lowering her head she just slips your lips around my dick and down her throat. Just that one touch set me off and mom was downing in my load fast as she could. Not that she was able to keep up as my cum continued down my shaft. I watch mom is eager to keep sucking on my dick hoping I will get hard again, not the I got soft in the least, but she did not know that i would stay hard. Looking over at dad as he is watching his wife suck my large, thick cuck, I tell him that moms is a great cucksucking slut, as I push further down on mom head so she can take just another 2 inches of my very large and hard dick.
Without even thinking of what I was doing I lifted my phone up and opened up video chat with Jack. Jack answered the first time and watched as my mother sucked my cuck. As I panned over to my dad I told Jack I have the same issue here and I am enjoying my slut mommy sucking my cuck.
Hot dame bro, I wish I was there to get my dick sucked like that. My dad yelled out to Jack, maybe tomorrow. I look back at Jack letting him know that we still need to do the plan for tomorrow. But I see us getting our dream to becoming a reality.
I hand the phone over to dad telling him keep showing Jack what a slut mom is. Sure thing son.
With both hand free I lift mom off my dick and tell her to turn around so I can fuck her doggie style. Before I even finished mom was turned around asking for good hard fucking from her son who is now my Master. I did not see that coming, but whatever l, I am about to lose my V card to my mother.
I get behind a freat.looking ass hold my cuck up, placing it right at the entrance to paradise I slow push forward. Taking in the site of her pussy opening up for my high cuck to enter. I look over at my dad holding the phone and seeing my best friend witness me losing my V card and seeing me fuck my mother.
I plow hard after just a few stroke as I know after reading so much porn that first timers will not lost long. Getting a hard hold on moms hips I start ramming her pussy as if I would die If I let up just a little. Momat this point is screaming out loud yeessss ffuuuckkkk mmee sssooon with your big fuck stick. Oohhh fuck I am Cumming again, fuck yes. With her pussy cutting off my cuck so hard I could do nothing but explode my hardest cum shot I have ever had. Shot after shot after shot I came so much I passed out on top of my mother.
Just minutes later dad had turn the phone off and was lifting me up and back towards my pillows. As my eyes started to close I saw my dad pick up mom and carried her back to their room.
The next morning I want to my computer and open the journal I have been keep on the progress of my steadies.
Entry 201: The last batch of hormone spray has worked better than I had hoped for. Using my own sperm as the basis for the formula it has worked. First, early yesterday when I was over at Jack’s house I place just one spray on each of Ms. J’s and Mr. M’s pillows. But was not expecting for Jack to send me that video of them fucking and what they said.
And yesterday when I got back I did the same to mon and dad’s pillows so I can see if the potion could work on relatives as well as strangers in fucking others.
With mom and dad catching me stroking my cuck and minutes before seeing my best friends parents hard fucking each other and talking about me and my cuck, I now know that the potion works.
Next stage is to see if the potion last longer then a few hours, or do they forget, or will they pretend to not understand what happened last night but remember everything. Well have to be cautious when I meet up with mom and dad to see what the reaction will.

I hope you enjoyed the story and the story line.

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  • Reply Harry C ID:1ftmzerb0i

    thanks I like where this is going looking forward to part 2

  • Reply Woody ID:1dkeccjpj3lu

    Hey genius, its too bad that none of your “fields of steady” included spelling or sentence structure. I am guessing that you attend Fisher-Price High and are taking classes from Crayola College.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ebm6l623bjy

    Total BS