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Big brother ate the Hilton

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I’m was excited to see my big brother Kenny, he was flying in from California on a business trip, and would be staying a couple days.
Kenny had been my best friend growing up, and even though he is much older then me (he’s 25) we’ve always told each other everything.
We were very close, and I always looked up to him.
I hadn’t seen him in a while, and I was looking forward to catching up with him.
Me and daddy met him at the airport and helped him with his bags. We had lunch and then drove him to his hotel, it was really nice, it had a big swimming pool and a private balcony.
I convinced dad to let me stay and go swimming, he know how much I missed our old house and pool back in Cali, I didn’t have a bathing suit with me so Kenny and I went to the mall to pick one out.
I tried on a bunch, showing Kenny, and he seemed to like the pink two piece the best, it was a little skimpy and I felt really sex in it, he said I looked really good. I asked him if he was going to get a swim suit as will, he grabbed one and when to in to the same changing room I had been in, I quickly followed him before he could close the door.
He didn’t seem to care.
“What’s up sis?”
“Nothing, I just thought maybe we could try these on together,”
I was really nervous, but I knew what I was doing was wrong. But my pussy was tingly just like when I was with daddy and Mr Anderson.
Kenny chuckled
“Well, okay, I guess,”
He started to undress, and I stared at him, he was so handsome, his body was muscular and toned, and tan he must have been spending a lot of time ate the beach.
When he sat down on the bench to untie his shoes. I got an idea I dropped to my knees, “let me help you” he looks a little surprised, but he let me anti-his shoes and pull them off
Then his pants, I was getting more and more excited, his cock was big and thick, he was wearing a pair of tight boxers, and his bulge was impressive.
I licked my lips, I was so horny, and I couldn’t wait to have his cock inside me.
I was staring at it, my pussy was so wet and tingly, and I couldn’t help myself, I leaned forward and rubbed my hand on his crotch, feeling him stiffening.
“Beth, what are you doing?”
I looked up in to his eyes and just kept rubbing him through his boxers, I slipped one hand up the leg of his shorts and felt his dick.
“Wow, you’re so big, Kenny,”
I whispered, wrapping my fingers around his shaft and stroking him.
“Beth, stop, this is wrong, we can’t do this,”
His cock was hard and throbbing in my hand.
“But, Kenny, I’m so horny, and I’ve always wanted you, please, let me suck your cock,”
“Beth, come on, this is crazy, you’re my little sister, and you’re only 14,”
He didn’t try to stop me, he just looked at me with his eyes full of lust.
“Please, Kenny, just once, I promise I won’t tell anyone, I’ll be a good little sister,”
I leaned forward and started to suck his cock through his boxers, his cock was throbbing and I could feel his balls getting tight.
“Oh, fuck, Beth, you’re so bad, you’re making me want to fuck you, but this is so wrong,”
“Please, Kenny, just once, I promise it’ll be our little secret,”
I was so horny and my pussy was dripping wet, I couldn’t wait to feel his cock.
“Okay, but just once, and you have to promise not to tell anyone, ever,”
I nodded, and pulled his boxers down, his cock spring up was big and thick, and it looked so delicious.
I slid a hand over the entire length of Kenny’s shaft.
“Wow, you’re so big,”
I whispered, my pussy tingling and dripping.
I started to stroke his cock, sliding my hand up and down, watching his pre cum leak from the tip
My other hand went in the my bathing suit and I flicked my clit as I jerked him off, I moaned, and leaned forward, sucking the head of his cock into my mouth.
“Oh, fuck, Beth, that feels so good, keep going, oh, god, suck my cock, little sister,”
I moaned and started sucking, his precum tasted salty and sweet, and I was getting more and more turned on.
I was bobbing my head up and down, taking more and more of his cock into my mouth, and he was moaning and groaning softly. I could tell he was trying to be quiet, and I was glad, if we got caught it would be so embarrassing.
“Oh, fuck, Beth, you’re such a good little girl,”
His hips started moving, and his cock slid deeper and deeper into my mouth, I was gagging and choking, but I kept quiet and took every inch.
“Oh, god, Beth, you’re so naughty, and I’m such a bad big brother,”
He was thrusting his hips now, and his cock was sliding in and out of my throat, his balls slapping against my chin.
“Oh, fuck, Beth, you’re going to make me cum, where do you want it? Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”
I force his dick deeper in to my throat and I could feel his balls getting tight, I did everything I could not to gag or choke, and it worked, his cock pulsed and he came, shooting his hot sticky cum down my throat, filling my belly with his seed.
I swallowed every drop, and then pulled my mouth off his cock, gasping for air, a thin string of cum connecting his cock and my mouth.
“That was so good, Kenny, I loved it,”
“You’re such a bad little girl, Beth, you make a good slut”
“Thanks, big brother,”
We got dressed and Kenny payed for the swimsuits and we hopped on a bit back to the hotel.
Once we got there, we went to Kenny’s room, and he was already hard again, his cock bulging out of his pants. He threw me onto the king size bed, I giggled and laughed as he pulled off my clothes, and tickled me.
“Stop! Stop, Kenny!”
He was pinning me down, and I was trying to fight him off, but he was so strong.
“You’re such a naughty little girl, Beth, and naughty girls need to be punished,”
I raise my hips up between his legs and rubbing my body against his crotch, I could feel his cock throbbing.
“Please, Kenny, don’t punish me, I’ll be a good little girl,”
“It’s too late for that, Beth, you’re already in trouble,”
He was still holding me down, I smiled up ate him. “
So I guess this means I can’t go swimming”
“No, Beth, I’m afraid not, not today,”
“Please, Kenny, don’t make me stay in the hotel all day,”
“No, Beth, you’re going to have to earn your way back outside,”
He let go of me and stood up, I watched him strip off his clothes, his body was amazing.
“Stand up,”
He ordered, his cock hard and pointing straight up.
I got up standing on the bed, and he walked over to me, his dick pressing against my belly.
“I think I’m going to have to teach you a lesson,”
“I’m sorry, Kenny, I promise I’ll be good,”
“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Beth, not anymore,”
He grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back. A rush of excitement washed over me and I felt the tingling butterflies in my stomach and between my thighs.
He pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, his cock pressed against my pussy.
“Spread your legs,”
I did as he said, spreading my legs open for him, my pussy lips parted. I was ready for him I wanted him more the anything in that moment.
He rubbed his cock between my legs, coating his shaft in my juices. my nipples were hard, and my pussy dripping wet, I could feel the cool air on my nipples and my cunt.
“Please, Kenny, just fuck me,”
“No, Beth, not yet, you have to earn it,”
“Please, Kenny, I’ll be a good little sister, please fuck me,”
He chuckled, and shoved his entire cock in to me!
I gasped and grabbed his shoulders, bracing myself against him.
He was so big and his cock was stretching my tight pussy.
“Oh, god, Kenny, you’re so big,”
He started his cock slamming in and out of my tight little hole.
“Yes, Kenny, fuck me, fuck me,”
I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pounded me, his hips smacking against mine.
“Oh, god, Kenny, you’re so big, and it feels so good,”
“Yeah, Beth, you like that?”
“Yes, Kenny, fuck me, fuck me,”
“Say my name,”
“Kenny, fuck me, fuck me, pleas big brother”
He was slamming his cock in and out of me, and his balls were slapping against my ass hole
My body was shuddering and shaking, and my pussy was convulsing around his cock, my juices coating his shaft.
He roughly Sucked one of my nipple then he bit is
I screamed out
“Oh, god, Kenny, I’m cumming,”
“Yeah, Beth, cum for your big brother,”
My body shook and trembled, my pussy clamping down on his cock, milking him. I couldn’t breathe and my body felt like it was on fire, my orgasm washing over me, waves of pleasure flowing through me.
Kenny’s hips were slamming into me, and he was grunting and groaning.
He grabbed my legs and pushed them back, his cock driving into me deeper and deeper, I had never thought I could be so full my little cunt was struggling to take all of his cock
He was pounding me and grunting and groaning, his cock was throbbing and his balls were tight.
“Oh, fuck, Beth, I’m gonna cum,”
“Cum in me, big brother, please, I want to feel your cum inside me,”
I could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing, and he grunted and came, his hot load filling me.
It was several long moments before his orgasm subsided
He collapsed on top of me, his cock still inside me, his warm seed spilling out of me, dripping down my thighs.
“Oh, god, Beth, that was amazing”
He slowly pulled his cock out of me, and rolled over next to me. I could feel hie semen leaking out of me, and I could feel the cold air on my bare skin.
“Wow, Kenny, that was amazing,”
He kissed me softly and rolled over.
I laid there for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling.
My body was tingling and I felt so happy.
“Come on, Beth, we should get cleaned up,”
I rolled off of the bed and stood up stretching my whole body, hands up in the air above my head toes curled pointed into the carpet, it felt so good, when I turned I noticed Kenny staring at me
I smiled.
“Come on, big brother, let’s take a shower,”
He stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the bathroom.
I climbed into the shower and he followed.

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