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Every time someone that left she would smile at me

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Amy discovered how I worked when everybody left the place she would approach me she was 14 I just turned 22

My family all work together mum dad and Cristina and I Amy In a pizza shop in Sydney City
The name of it was Familycook out

Mum and dad where working all the time and Cristina was the delivery driver she was around my age 20

I would work and go to college and I was seeing this
Girl named Jennifer and her age was 20 like my sister Jennifer

Well this one afternoon when I come home from college I walked into my house and into the lounge room I seen Amy with her little round bum and her legs wider open and in the air aad 2 fingers in her little pink and purple pussy and a porno video on the big TV but she didn’t notice me watching her fucking her self stupidly because I had come inside through the back door and didn’t really make a sound and she didn’t notice anything that I was there

I just watched her from the kitchen for a while and it was turning on by what she was doing to her self and made my dick hard as I stood there looking at her

I still had everything on I had my backpack and books in my hand and I slowly put my books down on the beach and tried to not make a sound

She sat up really quickly and was looking down at her pussy as she fingered fucked her self

I couldn’t help it but just watched her and thought this would be great to record so I pulled out my mobile phone and started to record her as she looked at her fingers fucking her self and she pulled them out and sucked them all then
Started to play around with her little titts and playing around with her Clit as I was recording her

She was just about to turn 15 the next month and I was a couple of days after her turning 23
But for a 15 teen year old sister she was really tiny and she was all was running at school and she was really fast and people knew of her because of her running and being so healthy

My mother and father were from the Philippines they were Spanish and Filipino people we had a huge dysfunctional family and we all didn’t really get along with everyone

Mum was really skinny but dad was really big and fat and Jennifer was all was disappearing when mum and dad needed her help delivering the Pizza’s and when nobody could contact her dad had to do it

But as I looked at Amy rubbing her wet pussy and playing around with her little titts I just kept on recording her and I was thinking of things about Amy and I was getting really really excited and pulled out my hard dick

Sorry my dick was about as long as a pencil for school and as thick as a sausage

I started pulling my self and watched her and recorded her and a I thought what if I walked in on her as she was fucking her self and as I walked in she yelled and crossed her legs trying to hide and seen me pulling on my dick and wanted to help me

I had all kinds of ideas of how I would get her to suck on my dick as I recorded her and as I pulled my dick I took a step back and I walked on some plastic and it made a big nose and she looked up and seen me recording her and seen me holding onto my dick as I pulled it

She quickly stood up and raped her little body with the tail that she had next to her

I stopped recording and she said what are you doing as I put my mobile phone down on the kitchen bench and she said did you record me Anton and said show me now as her voice got louder and stood up and walked towards me as I held onto my dick and it was bigger than ever before

And she said to me please don’t fucking show anyone else Anton
And tried to grab my mobile phone and I quickly grabbed it before she could and laughed at her saying everyone going to make a name for you and laugh at you because of this and her eyes light up and her face turned pink and said PLEASE NO
AND SAID ILL DO WHAT EVER YOU WAANT YOU DALL TO HER KNEES AND STARTED CRYING ALITTLE but tried to grab the mobile again really quickly but didn’t get it as I looked down at her she said it again I promise you ok

And she looked up at me and looked at my hard dick and said she would suck on my dick and said she wouldn’t tell anyone and crawled to me on her knees and pushed my hands out of her way as she could hold onto my dick as she was doing this I just looked down at her as she pulled her tail off her and grabbed my dick and said that she would promise no one else well find out

I jumped a little as she grabbed my dick with her little hands and looked down at her opening her little mouth and started pushing into her mouth as she looked up at me

I froze for 30 second’s as she looked up at me as I looked down at her sucking on my dick and she said dose this feel nice to me as I looked down at her with half of my dick inside her mouth as she looked up at me

I said yeah amy and pulled out my mobile phone as she sucked on my dick

She said are you going to record me Anton as she looked up at me holding onto my dick

I said yeah she moved back and said but you can’t tell or show anyone else ok and this is between us for ever our secret bro

I looked down at her and said yeah no one is going to know what we did Amy and started recording again and said to her lay down on your back Amy and she looked at me and did what I said to her and got into the position
I looked at her and got closer and down on on floor and pushed her skinny legs apart and said play with your pussy again like you were before

She put her Hands on her pussy and spread her little pink and purple Cunt apart and said like this as I looked at her and I quickly stood up and pulled my pants and boxes off and laid between her legs and kept on recording her and asked her push your finger inside your pussy and she quickly pushed 2 fingers up her Cunt and boned as she looked at me recording her and playing around with my dick

I said you can easily put them inside your self Amy and asked do you think you can put 3 in as I looked at her as I kept on recording her

She nodded saying yeah watch and pulled the 2 out then pushed all 3 inside her and said it needed to be more wet for me to do it

I said ok do you reckon if I eat your pussy it would be easier as I looked at her

She replied saying you going to eat my pussy
And put it in your mouth bro in shock as she said it

I said yeah sure IV been thinking about what you would taste like

She just giggled and said yuck that’s disgusting Anton

I looked at her and said well if you don’t want to try it is ok but you won’t be wet enough to get my dick inside your little cunt and she looked at me saying you want to put it inside me as she looked at me pumping on my dick as I recorded her and me pulling on my dick

She didn’t say anything
I asked her as she played with her self and said so what do you think

And she said ok just this one’s Anton
And said well it hurt me and I said well if your able to fit 3 inside all ready it shouldn’t be Amy

She just looked at me as I turned off the mobile as I crawled up beside her and she turned and faced me and looked down at my hard dick

I said Amy have you ever tried anything like this and she said fuck no bro but I seen a lot of porn videos and it doesn’t look hard
And I know where I want it to go as she played with my dick as we laid there looking at each other up and down

I said ok and slid my hand to her pussy and she looked at it and lifted her leg up a little bit and I pushed my middle finger and pointer finger inside her

She just looked at me in the face and said it’s so much better having someone else to do it

I looked at her and pushed my fingers half way inside her and she was just looking at her pussy with my fingers in her

I said you ok and she looked back up at me and said yeah I’m fine Anton and looked back down at her pussy as I started pushing my fingers in her more and more and started spreading her pink and purple lips apart and she started humping them more and more

I said ok and she said yeah don’t stop
I pushed them inside her more and more and she grabbed my hand and she said had her eyes closed and she started rubbing my head up and down on her pussy she said more and I stopped and she looked at me

I pulled out my fingers and she said what are you doing as I pushed her away

I said Amy now lay on your side and turned around with your ass faceing towards me
She did what I said

I got behind her and said ok pull your leg up to your chest and she did and I could feel her silky smooth skin as my dick laid on the inner thigh of her skinny leg and she looked back back at me and asked me are you going to try it now Anton and looked really scared

I said ok Amy in going to push into your pussy slowly ok baby girl and she nodded saying ok

I slid closer and got into position and asked her to spread her pussy lips apart and she did

I pushed my hard dick inside Amy and I found it hard to just get the tip inside her little Cunt and she said keep pushing brother and she pushed her hips back a little bit and it popped into her and she held on to the arm so tightly and said fucking hell Anton and looked at me as I could feel my dick was inside her and she pushed her back a bit more and more and she looked down at her pussy and she said hold on Anton

I stopped and said what the problem Amy s

She asked me for my mobile phone
I asked her why do you want it for

She said just give me it
So I reached over and grabbed it and give her the mobile phone

I was wondering what the fuck was she doing and she took a picture of her little pussy with my dick inside her

And she said ok and she pushed back more making my dick go more inside her

She started looking at the video from before with me in the kitchen and her on the lounge fucking her self and showed me the picture she just took of her pussy

She said it’s more than half way inside me Anton and I said yeah I know Amy
And she started pumping her little body back and forth making my dick fuck her more faster and she said why didn’t you ask me before to do this and looking back at me and raped her little arm around my head as she pumped her hips back and forth

And she said are you and me fucking now
Like in the video I was watching before and looked up at me as she pumped her me more

I said yeah we are but you are to young to understand what we are doing she said bull shit I know we are fucking bro I’m not someone who’s fucking stupid

And she said IV seen so much porn and seen mum and dad fucking before in the bathroom

And said I been waiting for someone to help me

And said that she was getting tired of of doing it her self and wanted to fuck son from school like Sam

I said mmm ok but you haven’t felt most of me and said I still need to push it all in

She tried pushing back on my dick and yelled out a little and said it hurts

I said to her lay on your stomach and spread your legs and il try that was she said ok and I hope this works

She got into position and laid on her stomach and I stood up and said it needed to be more wet she said to me do you want me to suck your dick brother and I said yeah I think it needs to be done

And squatted in front of her little round head and pushed my dick towards her face she grabbed my cock and started to suck on it and I pushed her head down making my dick go all the way inside her mouth and she choked and was coughing a little

I stood up and started to lay on her back and ass and pushed my dick inside her little cunt again and said it might hurt you a little bit and
Started fucking her really quickly from behind and she was making some noises and looked like she was enjoying it

I looked at her face and asked are you ok and she said yeah I’m fine bro and said don’t stop I kept on pumping in and out of her little body and she said you all the way inside and I just pushed really hard and STARTED fucking her body and she fainted on me as I fucked her harder and harder and faster and faster and I stopped but pushed it all in again but she was making a funny face and I didn’t know what to do I stood up and looked down at my hard dick and I didn’t know that I pushed it in her little round ass and she didn’t say anything because she was out of it as I looked at her and my dick I pushed it back inside her little bum and kinds spread her little ass apart and kept on pumping in and out of her and she woke up and was making some noises and then she said it’s in my ass Anton stop

I rolled over and pulled out my dick and said sorry Amy and hugged her tightly and she was crying from it
And said your fucking dick was inside my ass you fucking dick

But as she was saying that I could hear Cristina car pulling up the front driveway and quickly pulled out of Amy and stood up really quickly and said get fucking dressed and she did what I said

2 minutes later I was in my bedroom laying down on my bed Amy walked in and said she’s fucking her and walked away

Cristina walked into the lounge room and said what’s that smell and went to the kitchen and made something to eat and come to my bedroom and seen me laying down and asked if mum or dad have been asking for her

I said yeah they are pretty upset with you sissy and she said fuck ok

I guess I’m in if it again and laughed at me closing my door

The end

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