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Mom and son caught/Kathy’s dirty mouth

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I just stopped at the local store and bought a fifth of Jack daniel’s gentle man jack with some coke.i was heading home to pour me a stiff drink and get in front of my office computer and watch a good fuck scene between my wife Kathy and son matt.when I got home Kathy was still in the living room watching a movie,Matt was in his room.like I said when I am at home or around they don’t take risk or chances.i poured some Jack in a glass with some coke headed to my office,I stopped and looked at my slut wife,I’ll be in my office for a little while taking care of some things,try not to bother me unless it’s very important I said to her.going in my office and locking the door behind me,I plopped down in my comfortable chair,put my head phones on and started going through the hidden cameras,I got to one that looked good.i took a few sips of my drink and pulled down my slacks and underwear and got nice and comfortable,stroking my cock watching,it shows my wife still in bed I kiss her goodbye and sure enough about two minutes after I exit she jumps up and into her drawer and takes out a pair of leopard skin orange and black stockings and rolls them up her beautiful fit tan legs,she walks over to her closet as usual and opens a black box,takes out a pair of leopard skin 5 inch heels that matched her stockings.they weren’t cheap in price that’s for dam sure.i never seen the heals,she never showed them to me,why would the slut right.taking a few more sips of the jack while I continued to watch,she got on our bed just waiting.she did not yell out to Matt this time,Matt came in buck naked half hard with a tube in his hand.he sat in the fucking driveway mom for a few minutes this time,you watched him back out right Matt,oh yeah he’s gone mom don’t worry.i love the leopard skin out fit mom Matt said,dam you look so fucking hot mother,thank you,thank you stud.whats the tube honey,it’s some stuff I want to try mom,it’s prolonging cream,delay cream mom.i think you do a hell of a job of fucking me any way sweet heart,let’s just see if it works mom it will be fun.i want us to 69 mom,and while I’m eating you out,massage the cream into the whole base of my shaft.they got into a 69 with Kathy’s tanned perfect ass sitting right on Matt’s face,her cunt and ass hole were perfectly shaven,I started stroking my own cock now watching my son licking his mom’s cunt,Kathy was massaging a good amount of cream all down his huge cock into the base of Matt’s huge cock,that’s it mom he said,get it all down the shaft,he went back to licking and sucking Kathy’s cunt out,even stuck his tongue in her ass hole,oh Matt I love it,tongue your mom’s ass hole,I will mom,I will and started licking with force,darting his tongue in his own mom’s ass,your father would never do this honey,oh God Matt,it’s so dam good.i had a great lusty buzz going,stroking my own cock watching them go at it,taking sips of the daniels.about 15 minutes of eating out Kathy’s cunt and ass,Matt’s cock was fucking huge and pointing right up.he took out a gold looking condom,I still don’t have the answer as to why Kathy makes him wear one,I know she is not on birth control,she does not want to take that stuff.she just does not want to get pregnant.im just going to fuck the shit out of you mom today Matt said to her,he had those blazed eyes again,I just want to hear dad’s bed creaking and you talking dirty to me the whole time.kathy rolled the condom all the way to Matt’s balls.kathy spread wide and Matt buried it home,the way he was working his ass and legs were just awesome,with Matt looking into Kathy’s face,that’s it Matt,nice and deep,he did to,long strokes he went,way up her twat he drove it,their went my bed with the creak,creak,creak.yeah Matt,fucking deep,that’s it,nice and deep in your mom,he did to all 8 1/2 was stuffing her cunt,fuck me Matt,that’s it,fuck it yeah,Kathy was staring into Matt’s eyes with pure lust,fuck my cunt Matt,come on,fuck it,fuck it,keep going deep the way you are Matt,you love us fucking don’t you mom he said to her hitting her twat hole good,shit yeah I do,every day when your dad’s ass hits the door,hearing her words and watching Matt’s humping ass cheeks with his cock hitting Kathy’s juicy pink cunt folds,I zoomed it in close on the computer from underneath and just watched that awesome cock sliding in and out of Kathy’s twat,God was it awesome,so deep I watched that cock drill her cunt.right their on the same bed my wife and I share at night was my own dam son fucking the shit out of his mom on it,just think five days a week they fuck like this.i should say Matt fucks his mom like this.i shot a huge load of spunk into a towel,my legs shook when I came.i shot a fucking load watching my own son fuck his mom.i don’t care what people think,I love this.my wife and son are happy.i would rather my son fuck his hot mom than somebody at her job.and I know the way he is taking care of her cunt,she is not fucking with knowbody at work.was you able to breathe Jacqueline 15,I hope so sweety.

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    Stop looking and shove your cock up your sons asshole, then get your wife to suck your cum out of his little pucker.

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    This the perfect mom son dad relationship. So very hot!!!

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    Fuck you Terry, she was not responding to your low life ass.people respond to the great story and here comes the pervs telling the women to call them and shit.

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