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Amy and her weird kinks

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When I last updated I had lost my virginity to my girlfriend Amy and it was a beautiful experience but since then we have been going at it sexting on Snapchat and fucking irl it’s been fun but we started experimenting with me being submissive and vice versa one day she sent me a photo on snap I quickly opened it and it was a 5 inch realistic dildo and I said is that ur new toy she said doesn’t it look familiar it was my dick she had taken a mould of my dick and made a dildo I found it quite cool and she said she will bring it round later

When she came later she came into my room and whipped it out and I compared it to mine exact replica she then said I want to try something I want to fuck u today smiling and I was like yeah but it would be weird having my dick fuck me by my girlfriend so as usual we Are kissing and I make sure to taste her sweet pussy and make her scream
After u was done she pulled out some lube and started fingering my ass it felt great better than when I do it she then lathered up my dick and hers too and said I ready and I was she slowly inserted it in and it stung like hell and I was screaming in pain but also pleasure she took it out and grabbed my cock and said no noise u slut and I replied yes mommy
she did it again and this time I buried my head in my pillow and screamed for a few minutes as it was tearing my asshole apart she was laughing and having loads of fun but soon enough so was I she didn’t hold back now she was pounding my ass and I was moaning a melody it felt so great I never knew it felt this great she then flipped me over and got on top of me and started pushing and pounding while kissing and jerking me after a few minutes I was about to cum so she took me in her mouth and I squirted my seed at the back of her throat and she then proceeded to kiss me and share my juices with me u wasn’t a big fan of the taste but I had no choice in the matter after we were done she took it out and we had a shower together and had a quicky
She sat down on my bed and we cuddled watching Netflix she then blurted out I want to do me next give me ur dick in my ass so next time I will tell you about that experience

Kylem20082 is my snap add it at amy request

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