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Playing with my older brother

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Ellie and his brother Jamie

Hi! This, again, is just another one of my fantasies. None of this is real. And I’m writing it from his POV. Enjoy!

Jamie’s POV

Hello, I’m Jamie and I’m 22 years old. I live with my Dad and my little sister, my mom left us a year after she gave birth. Ellie is 14 years old, she and I are close, I call her Ej sometimes because her name is Elliana Jashmine,she calls me JJ,she loves going inside my room and playing video games with me. I love my sister and swore to protect her with all I got. I never imagined that I would be the one to ruin her innocence.

Saturday morning, my dad left to hang out with his friends. I’m in my room watching porn, masturbating. My sister’s probably downstairs eating or watching tv but I left my door unlocked in case she needs something. My room’s dim, only with my blue LED light on, I’m naked, and my laptop is on top of my foldable desk, I’m also not wearing earphones so I could hear it if my sister calls for me.

Stroking my 8inch lubed cock, I watch as two brunettes make out, hearing their soft moans and whimpers. I love it when it’s natural and not forced, I get annoyed when a girl moans so loud forcing it. Tugging my cock up and down I hear a knock on my door.

“Jamie? Can we play?” I heard my sister.

“Sure Ellie, can you wait for me downstairs?” I yell back.

“But I wanna play in your room! I’m coming in!”

I hurriedly exit the video I’m watching but didn’t have enough time to hide my dick, Ellie saw it.

“J? Why is your peepee out? And why is it hard? She asked, cutely tilting her head in curiosity.

“oh? It’s nothing baby, I was just hurt and I was massaging it” putting my blanket over me.

“Why is it big? How do you hide that?” I was caught off guard when she poked it, giggling as it bounced back, standing tall and hard.

“Don’t do that Ej, you shouldn’t touch my dick-”

“dick?” shit I forgot I’m supposed to call it peepee

“Well, that’s what grown-ups call boy’s peepee” I explained scratching my head.

“can I see?”

“what!? No!” I’m panicking, she shouldn’t know this yet!

“But you said you’re hurt,” she said pouting, aww my sister’s always so concerned.

“I’m fine baby girl, but I still need to massage it so can you wait for me downstairs?”

“No! I wanna watch JJ, pleaseeeee” I have a weakness, it’s her pout and her dark brown eyes.

What the hell am I supposed to do?! Jerk off in front of her? No way. She’s too young and she’s my sister. But I’m hard and horny. My ex-girlfriend always liked watching me stroke my cock, and for some reason, it turns me on as well. Noooo, this is my sister. Just once? Then I’ll make her promise not to tell anyone. Why am I even talking to myself? Bringing my attention back to her, I gave in.

“Ok but you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone, especially dad, ok? You’re not supposed to touch my dick if you tell anyone, I’ll get in trouble and you’ll never see me again” looking at her, I can tell that she got scared.

“ok ok, I promise, I don’t want you to leave me,” she said, her voice slightly shaking. I removed my blanket and showed her how she should massage it.

Gripping my cock, I tugged it up and down slowly showing Ellie. She’s looking at my hand intently, I hate myself for getting so turned on at this. My cock got even harder, the veins are protruding and the tips are red as fuck. I removed my hands and took her small little hands placing them on my cock. She gasped.

“wow! It’s so warm JJ! And hard” she repeated what I did earlier. Fuck.

“Mhmm” I let out

“am I doing it right JJ?” she asked

“yes baby, keep going, you’re making J feels so good right now.” Ellie seemed to love my praise and she continued to stroke my cock. The side of her index finger bumping the underside of my cockhead. I took 2 pillows and placed them behind my back so I could lie down and watch her work my cock. She changed her position and sat in between my thighs, and continued stroking my dick with two hands. It looks so hot and I’m so horny, I started bucking my hips up. She noticed what I was doing and stilled her movements looking at me, I continued thrusting, now fucking her hand.

“Wow” I heard her whisper.

“J! There’s something clear coming out of your dick! Is this pee?”

“N-no baby, it’s called pre-cum, it comes out whenever I feel good” she looks satisfied with my answer and continued moving her hands up and down, my thrusts meeting her hands. I can feel it, im close, shit.

“Ohhhhng shit don’t stop Ej, im close” she was so focused on making me feel good that she didn’t ask what I meant.

I was thrusting so fast, fucking her little hand. Then boom! Ropes and ropes of cum started shooting out. Tilting my head back, still fucking her hand slowly to ride out my orgasm.

“ohhhh…….unghhh…..mmmmm yes” I slowed down, then I felt something wet and warm on my cock. She’s licking it! Shit shit shit, my sister’s licking the tip of my cock! After a few seconds, she backed away, smiling at me.

She sat on my stomach. “Did I do good?”

“Yes Ej, you did great,” I said, still a bit out of breath. She laid on top of me while I was still slightly panting. Wrapping my arms around my sister, we both fell asleep.

I woke up after an hour and a half, I cleaned her arm, some of my cum must’ve spilled on her. I made her snacks and we watched a movie.

That’s where my secret adventure with my little sister started.

Hiii! I wanted to try something new, but obviously, I don’t know what guys feel when they touch themselves so I’m sorry if it’s not accurate! I promise I’ll keep on trying! Thank you for reading, please vote and comment.❤️

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    Are the pictures gone?

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    Hey Ellie I’ll be more than happy to tell you exactly how a guy feels when he’s stroking his cock.. and i may have some tips for you to take your story writing to the next level.. what’s your snap?

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    How old are you?

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    Ellie i am not only impressed with your story but your pics have me fumbling all over the place. You have the mist sexy mouth I have seen in a while and I an literally at a loss for words.
    Absolute lust and desire. Much Love Girl!

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    Kik me, beat me anything U want. This tongue and cock would worship U forever.

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    WOW is that U now Ellie. I am completely stunned. your story is very good and your pica are through the roof. And thanks for conferming the pics
    You r amazing and I like the way U write being so naughty.
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    That was really really really hot. Please continue

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    Hey im 18 do you have any socials

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    Oh and before anyone ask, yes that’s me😊

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      Really hot

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      Hello 4, may I ask why do you want to talk?

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