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Dan babysits 11 year old Jillian and rapes her young pussy

Jillian was a pretty girl
Nice big tits which was odd for her age but I guess she developed early..
She didn’t wear bras so those nice big tits giggled with every movement she made
Ive caught her multiple times fingering her young pussy
Today was the day I’d get that young pussy
She was masterbating in her room like always when I came in cock hanging between my legs
Her legs snapped shut and she yelled at me to get out
I didn’t listen and I pinned her to her bed
She tired kicking me off but she’s to weak for me
I lined up my cock with her hungry pussy and pushed it in she screamed at the top of her lungs but i covered her mouth and began pounding her
Her tight pussy was clinging to my cock
It wasn’t long before I came in her pussy
I went 8 more rounds in her
She passed out after the first two but I didn’t care
Afterwords I got some rope from her garage and tied her up in her parents bed
Naked with cum dripping from her cunt
I slapped her awake and forced her to suck my balls
A few hours later her parents came home and came into their room to see me raping their little girl
Her dad tired to get me off of her but I just punched in in the face while fucking her
My foot was on Jillian’s face pushing her deeper in the bed while I choked her mom
I can in her young pussy again and then forced her dad to fuck and cum in her pussy
He cried the whole time
I forced her mom to eat her daughter’s ass then make out with her..
I got hard while she was eating Jillian’s ass so I throat raped the dad I came in his mouth and punched him again
I then raped the moms old cunt
I came on her mature tits and dragged Jillian by her hair out of the house and into my car
I took Jillian home and had my dog rape her used up cunt
He knotted in her and she screamed so loud I thought the neighbors might call the cops
I forced her to eat my ass then I knocked her out and left her on the side of the rode tied up and naked

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  • Reply Alan ID:12wqwoyvj2l0

    Sick fuck

  • Reply John Ray. ID:blf5nmql

    This is like the stupidest story ever.

  • Reply David ID:1d2rwwb9xqbf

    Small mind, small story

  • Reply Whatever ID:1d9hypix3byk

    That’s a Horrible story, you must be a Muslim to be that mean.

  • Reply Jayjaybinks ID:1el9508r8yj9

    And some how neither parent managed to call the cops or bite your tiny dick off during the struggle?? Total dog shit bro!

  • Reply jack ID:d7ysxsdqm

    luck guy.wish iwere him

  • Reply jackyboy568 ID:8bvve1638k

    Heap of bullshit

  • Reply Teachteenshoe ID:1fjhguyjhrc

    I love the first time I start to feel her,its going to be yes or stop,usually, it is ok,I said that I heard her buck, moan shouting my name, I came to her room, pulled duvet back,she was rubbing little clit,with her mother’s vibrate in her,I woke her told it’s ok,but in morning when she comes in my bed,I’m going to be teaching her all day,so if you don’t want to be fucked stay in own bed, sure enough, mum goes to work,she is in my bed, before she came home in shagged her in all holes,telling her was same tomorrow, she said ok

  • Reply james ID:1b40itu3v9b

    dan aint babysitting no more 💀

  • Reply Lick me ID:1eeu4kv4mha3

    No respect for girls/women. MYbe had you been gentle you’d have more experience with her and others.

  • Reply Bigthing ID:2kbomr14qj

    One word lovely

  • Reply Sexybitch ID:1clgu7mfytl2

    Awesome story!