Just a family wedding

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Meeting up with a cousin Leaves me all fingers and thumbs

It had been a good day but now late on a June evening it was getting dark outside but it was still very hot.
I was sat at the outer edge of the massive marquee that had held both the ceremony and the wonderful meal that followed.
My cousin and her 19 year old daughter came in and as my cousin passed I called her over. We hadn’t spoken but for helloes so she stood as I sat not wanting her husband to see me talking to her. He hated me with a passion but enough about him.
As we were talking someone jumped on stage announcing that there was going to be a few speeches.
Well as we were right at the back she came beside me and faced the stage.
I could smell her perfume. It always did something for me that one and as the speech began I was looking her up and down nice shoes with heels but wedges not stilettos. Not in a tent.
Oriental style dress just above the knee, buttons all up the front with mandarin collar. Hair up and a fascinator doing two jobs looking good and holding up her hair.
I let my hand drop beside me and I pulled on her dress to bring her closer.
She was listening intensely to the speech so just went with it coming closer.
I brought my hand up between her knees and placed it on her inner thigh. I felt her tense up. But she said nothing
Moving my hand up got no reaction the my hand stopped as he thighs were together.
I wiggled my hand and as if by magic the thighs parted.
Stroking as I went she was not looking at her as everyone was looking forward.
I realise I can’t reach her pussy without it being obvious that my hand was up her skirt.
My fingers were stretching trying to reach but I can’t.
I gently rub her inner thigh and she’s enjoying it. She starts moving around and I’m not sure if she’s vining or going !!!
Then I realise she’s kicking off her shoes.
As she does she’s lowering herself Dow enough for me to slip inside her knickers and Into a very wet pussy
Thumb in and fingers touching her clit, one I had sucked on many a time before. As I got her going she was transferring weight from one foot to the other I just wish I could bend her over the big round table in front of me.
Her left hand gripped my right shoulder as her body shook my fingers were clenched between her thighs. As she flooded my finger.
As soon as she stopped she grabbed a napkin crouches down and mops her weeping puss.
Puts on her shoes and I thought she was going but she crawls under the table. With the long tablecloths down to the floor she’s invisible to all in the tent. I pull up the cloth onto my lap to see a pair of hands unzipping me whipping out my hard cock. She was expertly handling my cock as she had before. This was her first cock many years before on a holiday.
She tugged on me getting me almost there then as she stopped I felt her mouth over my cock which was just too much for me I looked around feeling everyone was looking at me I gripped the table cloth as I shot my load into my cousins mouth thrust after thrust into her.
I felt her wipe me presumably with the same napkin she cleaned her pussy with a few minutes earlier.
I adjusted myself and zipped myself up as she emerged from under the table and sat beside me. Can you see my daughter she said.
I told her she was sat beside my nephew a minute ago but I think she must have dropped something because she went down beside the table and vanished !!!!!!

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    There is just something hot about public sex, especially at a wedding.
    Rekindling an old sex affair is always hot, incest can be hot.
    Mother daughter sex is hot.
    Good story.

  • Reply Debbie Dixon ID:80chxw08

    Just love public sex. I would love for you to make it with mom and daughter together… when i read 19 yo daughter I was hoping you would fuck both.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      I was hoping for that as well.