Sister and me

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Parents went away leaving me and my sister with with her uncle

Mum and dad took our younger brother away for a week asked our uncle to stay at the house with us I was 17 my sister was 20
The first night uncle went to bed I went to bed about 30 minutes later my sister came up. Her bedroom was next to mine I’ve got undressed to my underpants then walked across the hall to the bathroom
On the way back I noticed my sister’s bedroom door was open about half way her back was to the door she was getting undressed I walked into my room then look into my sister room she was completely naked then she turned around and I could see see breasts her shaven vagina she rub her hands up and down her body feeling her breasts and putting her hand between her legs like she was putting on a show for me she put on a small night dress then got into bed.
She called out to me me and asked if I was in bed and could I turn her out I walked to her room we talked for awhile shifts our uncle’s door was shut it was.
I turn the light out and she asked if I’d like a cuddle I said yes and got into bed with her.
She was on her back I was on my side face after a few minutes I put my arm across her tits she did not say anything I could see a face her eyes were closed I called that name Softly a few times and it seemed he was asleep I squeezed her tits her nightdress was quite low so I got one out and sucked it I put one hand on her leg and tried to open them they move very easily I moved my hand and to her c*** and put a finger in she did not move I move down the bed did and put my head between her legs her hands with side so I move one on to one side her vagina I moved the other to the other side put two fingers on each other lips and pulled her arms so it opened her up so I could get my tongue right inside I found her clitoris and I sucked on it it got quite big and her juices flowing this went on on for about 15 minutes she seemed to shudder her hips moved up she orgasmed
Then she pretended to wake up so I moved up and lay next to her she said I should go back to my own bed which I did
Next morning I got up made her drink took it up to a bedroom she was on her back the bed clothes or push down so I could see see all of her again ashoka she woke up cover yourself up she got dressed I got dressed we went downstairs she had a little mini skirt on black she asked me if there was any hares on the back of her skirt if there was could I brush them off there was a few you so so I use my hand and to wipe them she said were they coming off I said not really she said put your hand under the skirt and use the other hand to do it I said that the hairs are at the top of the skirt she said that was ok you just needed that off so I did.
I could feel that knickers and as I hand pressing against her bum she opened her legs so I open my hand and and I could feel her vagina I kept losing my fingers and they slept underneath her knickers and on her cunt she just stood there doing her hair it started to get very wet and my fingers slipped in I was f************* her after a while he said that’s enough all the hairs must have gone now we had breakfast and she went to work so did I that night things got even better to be continued

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Watch your grammar, and make better use of punctuation, you paragraphs are nothing more than on long run on sentence

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    Part to plz