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I’m not gay ? I may be only 10 but I knew I liked girls

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I was feeling so confused. I think I was falling in love with Lisa from the first time I saw her. But I couldn’t hide that I had feelings for Dave.

I left off last time Kissing Dave while my nude body was on top of his in bed. I was still mad at Dave, I have never wanted to hurt any one in my entire life. My mind was always preoccupied on trying to score with a girl. Now for the first time I wanted to hurt someone bad. I really wanted to hit Billy on the side of the head with a baseball bat. I know it wasn’t billy’s fault, but I didn’t want anything to happen to Dave. As I was passionately kissing him our lips where messaging each other as our tongues where sliding around each other playing in a mix of our sweet saliva. I would stop every few minutes as I would look at the bright red hand print on Dave’s cheek. I would gently give him a lot of little baby kisses all over his cheek then return to his mouth.

As I gave Dave’s cheek baby kisses he would whisper once again in my ear “I love you, sweet heart” I picked my head up for a moment before returning to his mouth and look into his deep green eyes. I then softly said, ” I love you too.” then right back to his mouth I went. Dave then pushed me up and held me over him and he said, ” I knew it, I knew we would be together, the only thing that would make this better is if I could fuck that nice little tight ass of yours. NO, strike that. I don’t want to fuck it. I want to make love to it.” He was smiling at me with such a caring look on his face.

I got up and walked out of the room. I said nothing, So he might of been getting worried. I just wanted to surprise him with something he would never forget. A few minutes later I came back in the room and he was still in bed and steering at me. Before he could say anything I just gave a big smile and held up 2 bottles, One Blue and One Pink K-Y bottles. I tossed the Blue one to him. He just started smiling so big.

He got up and walked to the bathroom and said I need to get you prepared first. He said wait in the shower stall for me. So, I went into the stall and had a seat while I was waiting. His shower was huge it could hold like 10 people, it had seats and benches. Hand held water sprayers at each end of it and water fell down from the entire roof like it was raining. He then came in the shower with a large plastic bag and a long tube attached to it. he said for me to lay down on the bench leaning slightly to my left side. I did. Then he slid the tube up into my rectum. I could feel a cool jelly on the tube. It hurt as he slid it in. I was moaning and asking him to please stop.

Dave said, I’m sorry about this sweet heart but we must do this. I want your colon completely empty first. I had to have him explain what a colon was, we didn’t get that far in school yet. He kept pushing it in further. It felt like I had to go poop and it was making me cramp up. Then he said to just breath deeply and slowly in and out. He started pumping warm water into me. I felt like I was going to bust. I thought he was only going to put the tip of his cock in me for a little bit then cum all over me. I was planning to rub our bodies together until we both had his cum all over us and the bed.

O’ God I was cramping so bad. Then the water started shooting out of me as he kept pumping more in me. I said Davy pleas stop if you only knew how this feels. Dave then walked around in front of me and he had a Tube sticking out of his Ass also contacted to a large back. Jimmy my love as you are going through this for me I’m going through it for you as well. Once it was done. Dave said we need to wait a little bit to make sure we are empty. I said shouldn’t we get on the toilet. He said it’s ok. I will sanitize the shower very well later.

We finally made it out of the shower. Dave sprayed me with a lot of Cologne and then sprayed himself. He adjusted some very fluffy pillows on the bed for me. Then he Lubed up his cock well but he wasn’t using the bottle I gave him. He said we would use them on a different occasion. He informed me that the Pink and Blue bottle will make us feel like we are on fire as they mix together, and the more friction our bodies make as they rub together the more it would burn and excite our nerve endings. I didn’t tell Dave but that explained a lot of what was happening with Lisa and me earlier.

After his cox was oiled up well he started rubbing it on my but cheeks as he squeezed them and then he started messaging it around my hole and finally squirted it in my hole and massaged the inside of my hole with one of his fingers. It felt so good I was moaning in ecstasy the entire time and my cock was rock hard and spewing out cum before he finished. He told me to spread my legs the best I could and put my hands on each of my but cheeks and spread them as wide apart as I could. The trouble with that was that my cheeks had so much oil on them that my hands kept slipping.

He lined up the head of his enormous cock with my tight little 10 year old hole and he slowly pushed it in. I started to moan but it quickly turned to painful screams. I said it hurts your to big it won’t fit. Dave said I know it hard to get in you. Your hole is so fucking tight. Then he started thrusting it into my hole and every once in a while forced it in very hard. I went form screaming to crying and winning for my mommy. I went from feeling like an adult to feeling like a whining baby in minutes. I felt so ashamed for Dave to see me like this. I was trying to act like a Cool, Sexy adult but I wound up showing him that I was just a child. He started kissing the back of my neck and nibble on my ears as he whispered how much we loved me and how he had big plans for us. I was going from moans to screams to crying. He finally just kept thrusting in and out with only about half his cock in me. After a while he stopped and just left it in me. He told me to catch my breath and relax just try to get use to it in me. He would wait for a while before he started to thrust in and out again. He said he wasn’t going to go any deeper tonight. He said he never felt such a tight ass before. He said that he loved my tight boy hole as much as me. He then said he would wait and go a little deeper each time over the next month. Then I found out that he wasn’t even half way like I thought he said he was only like 3 to 4 inches in. After I rested for about 10 minutes he started thrusting his hips in and out again. It felt a little better now. It still hurt but it hurt good if that makes since. I tried to move my but with his hips but I just wasn’t able to. He was pumping me for over an hour according to the clock before he ejaculated all of his love seed into my love portal. It felt so nice and warm as it filled up my insides. After he was done, he rolled me over and started kissing me. He said well how was it. I looked up at him and just said I love you so much as I held his head and pulled his lips to mine. I was worn out and Bothe of us were so sweaty but I cold only smell that wonderful cologne he used on us. He then spooned me as we floated of to a heavenly sleep.

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    10 year olds should be playing baseball not getting fucked by sociopaths

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1csbt8jgqyx4

    I love you too. Please make love to me

  • Reply Michael ID:2vfil2udt0j

    So hot…
    Please continue