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“Don’t Worry, Daddy….”

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Father and Daughter find happiness for themselves

Eric was watching the late news when Rena rushed into the house, looking a bit flushed as she headed for her room. He checked his watch and noted she was only a few minutes late, making any comment about that unnecessary.

“Goodnight, Daddy,” she called out going into the bathroom first and Eric only vaguely noted when she went to her room.

Turning off the TV when the news finished, he went to the bathroom himself, not only because he needed to relieve himself but to see if his just turned sixteen-year-old daughter left her panties in the hamper. Sure enough, under a crumpled blouse, the white lacy panties lay in a scrunched-up pile. His cock twitched in anticipation before he reached down and slowly raised them up with two fingers.

The fabric was still warm to the touch.

His cock stiffened against his briefs as he brought the moist panties up to his face, spreading the waistband with both hands so he could inhale her scent wafting up from the slightly stained crotch gusset.

He first felt the sticky touch on the tip of his nose. Pulling back slightly, he examined the crotch of the panties closely.

There was no doubt.

In addition to the faint stains from the use he expected and craved, there was a sheen of creamy mucous in the crease where the panties rode up into his daughter’s pussy slit. His tongue flicked out and the briefest taste of the slime confirmed his initial thought.

The taste was nearly the same as his own cum.

She fucked a guy tonight, probably Mark her current boyfriend, then put the panties on to come home. The teenage boy’s semen leaked out of his daughter’s pussy and now he found it.

Eric eagerly licked and sucked the crotch of those panties standing at the sink stroking his throbbing dick. He half hoped Rena would walk in and see what she had done to harden his cock and unlock the strings of his cum that first splashed on the mirror before swirling off his fingers into the bowl.

With his orgasm finished, he wiped up his own sperm with his daughter’s panties and placed them back in the hamper under the blouse. He smiled to himself wondering if she would notice the excess cum crusting in the fabric when she did the laundry.

After his orgasmic trembling stopped and his ragged breathing quieted, he soundlessly padded down the hall toward his own bedroom, stopping outside Rena’s door for a moment.

In the stillness of the house, he could hear the almost inaudible squeaking of her bed, as well as soft groans that ended suddenly with a muffled yelp. His cock hardened again as he stood there, listening to his daughter very likely masturbating on the other side of the closed door. He so wanted to open that door, to watch his little girl finger her young pussy, to see her body tense and quiver as her climax peaked and then to lower his own mouth to her wet slit, to lick her until she would once again climax…for him.

He jerked off again in the hall outside her room before going to sleep.


Rena heard her father turn off the TV and shuffle into the bathroom, waiting somewhat longer than usual for the sounds of him flushing the toilet. She lay on her bed naked with the sheet pushed off to one side, lazily fingering the remnants of sticky sperm seeping from her puffy bruised pussy, trying to picture her father standing with his dick in his hand.

Her thoughts drifted back to earlier in the evening. It always seemed to be the same. Mark would get her incredibly aroused, kissing her, groping her breasts, touching her through her panties before sliding his hand under the waistband and slipping his fingers between the swollen lips of her slit.

But then Mark always got so aroused himself. He just rammed his throbbing cock into her, his cum filling her quickly but thoughtlessly, leaving her unsatisfied. To make matters even worse, he had been rougher than usual, bruising her puffy mound in his haste to drive his dick deep inside her cunt.

So, as she did every time since Mark first took her virginity a few months before, she lay in her bed, fingering herself to a self-induced orgasm with his sperm coating her fingertips. The warm, familiar tingle began to spread from between her legs, down her thighs and up her belly when she heard the floor creak outside her door.

There was a spot in the hallway she long ago learned to step over or around when sneaking in or out of her room. The sound announced her father was right outside her door and her legs were already quivering. She was much too close to cumming to stop and the thought that he might hear her intensified the thrill. With the first low moan, she pulled a pillow over her face, stifling the sounds of her most intense climax in quite some time.

The floor squeaked again followed by an audible gasp.

“Oh my god,” Rena thought to herself with a finger still buried inside her pussy, “he was standing there the whole time and must have heard me.”


The next morning, Eric sat at the kitchen table idly flipping through the news on his tablet and sipping coffee, trying to ignore the list of things he needed to get done around the house that Saturday, the usual, never-ending, repetitive list of chores he put together most weekends. He looked up when he heard Rena come into the kitchen, carrying an overflowing laundry basket.

“Morning, Daddy,” she smiled as she walked through the kitchen and into the attached laundry room. “Have anything else that needs washing?”

When she bent over to take the dirty clothes from the basket, Eric could feel his dick stiffening in his shorts. She was wearing her old field hockey jersey, which hung down loosely over her shoulders to her hips. When she leaned forward, the shirt rode up. Eric expected she wore some shorts under the jersey. Instead, he saw the thin fabric of white cotton panties drawing up between her ass cheeks and pussy slit.

“Yeah, there are a few things in my bedroom. I’ll go get them after I finish this coffee.” he stammered, his dick now straining against his shorts.

“No bother, I’ll get them when I change your sheets,” she said gaily, coming up and throwing her arms around his neck from behind.

He immediately realized she wasn’t wearing a bra either, her spongy tits pressing against his shoulder blades with the hug before she went around to sit on the other side of the table. When she reached for some sugar for her own coffee, he had the briefest glimpse of a light brown nipple capping one of her soft round tits.

“Have fun last night?” he asked, hoping some light conversation would give his dick a chance to deflate before he had to stand up.

“Oh, it was OK,” she responded with a lot less enthusiasm than he expected.

“Everything alright, honey?”

Rena took a deep sip of her coffee before responding. She had never concealed anything from him before and wasn’t about to now, just searching for the right words.

“I think I’m going to break up with Mark,” she finally said softly and stared into the half-empty cup.

“Well, whatever you think is best,” Eric responded uncomfortably, remembering the sticky touch of that boy’s jism on his nose when he sniffed her panties the night before.


They had always been close, ever since…..

….that day, just about ten years ago now, he came home from work to find Rena sitting on the couch, still dressed in her school clothes staring off into space.

“Is everything alright, honey?” he asked as he approached her.

“Mommy said to give you this,” she responded handing him a manila envelope with a folded piece of paper taped on the outside, “and to say goodbye.”

“Goodbye?” Eric said questioningly taking the envelope and unfolding the paper, a short handwritten note:

Eric –

This is goodbye since I don’t love you anymore. I found another. She and I are leaving the city, the state, and maybe even the country, for good.

I took my car and $2,000 from our savings and will keep my retirement money from the hospital. Everything else is yours. All you need to do is sign the enclosed papers where indicated and return them to the attorney. She’ll take care of everything.

Please take good care of Rena.


He stood in shock, reading the note a second time before noticing his daughter looking up at him with a tear coursing down her cheek.

“Don’t worry, Daddy, I’ll always take care of you,” she murmured softly…..

…and in fact, she had truly become the lady of his house over those years.

He had stumbled through the raising of a daughter by himself as best he could, the awkward questions and conversations, the exasperating changes in moods, the sometimes petty crises and always the unwavering love. Eric realized as he gazed at her that they crossed some line since yesterday, lines from which there was now no retreat.

Having inhaled her scent on her panties regularly since she was a very little girl, he remembered the delicious changes as she grew older and when he guessed she started to masturbate. But the night before, he actually heard her moan her self-pleasure, immediately after also confirming for the first time she had given another guy her virginity at that.

Rena saw her father’s furtive glance down her drooping jersey, knowing he was getting an unobstructed glimpse of her bare breast, the first since there were barely any bumps on her chest. That look excited her.

Since she put the laundry in the basket and felt the crusty cum covering her panties, she knew he jerked off in them the night before. She went back to her room to strip the sheets and, on impulse, took off her shorts before walking into the kitchen in just her white panties and field hockey jersey. She knew he had a clear view of those panties drawing up between her ass cheeks and into her pussy slit and wondered if you could also see the damp stain growing in the gusset.

Her father had never brought another woman home, or even been out on a date, since her mother left. Until hearing him in the hall, then finding her cum encrusted underwear, she never even thought he might have some sexual needs. The thought that he did, and about her no less, aroused her in a way she didn’t quite understand and certainly never felt before.

They continued to talk quietly until the coffee pot was empty. He finally rose to go about his chores. Rena stood with him and gave him a warm hug, feeling the gentle pressure of his dick pushing against her stomach.

“I’ll always take care of you, Daddy,” she cooed into his ear then turned and walked back toward the bedrooms for the rest of the laundry.

Eric turned quickly, lest she turn around and see the bulge pushing out from his shorts. He couldn’t believe the way his daughter was arousing him. He attacked his chores with unusual vigor, hoping the physical labor and sweat would redirect his thoughts while tiring his body.


Rena smiled to herself when she felt the bulge in her father’s crotch press against her stomach. Then she went into her father’s bedroom, stripped the sheets from the bed and gathered up the pile of dirty clothes laying on the floor. She found his briefs next to the jeans and socks with a coating of still sticky jism coating the inside.

“Oh god, he jerked off again this morning,” she muttered to herself, twirling the gooey remnants of her father’s sperm between her fingers.

Her nipples tingled and her pussy was on fire.

She sat on his bed holding his briefs in one hand and twirling an erect nipple between her thumb and index finger of the other, picturing him stroking his hard cock, imagining the way he trembled as his cum was ready to explode, envisioning his sperm gushing on to his hand and belly. Before she even realized it, she was rubbing her own pussy with the cum encrusted briefs.

Rena flopped backward on her father’s bed and pulled her panties down around her knees. She began rubbing her sopping, throbbing pussy with his briefs wrapped around her fingers, pushing her father’s drying sperm up between the folds of her cunt and into her dripping canal.

Her climax came quickly and hard, soaking her hand and her father’s underwear with an unexpectedly large volume of her own juices. As her orgasm faded away, she lay quivering until her breathing returned to normal.

At that moment she came to a never before considered realization. Somehow she knew…she wanted him…she needed him…now, in a way like never before. She had no idea how she would do it, but she resolved right then her father’s cock would be the next one to plunge inside her cunt.


It was a good thing for Eric that most of his chores were pretty mindless since all he could think about was his daughter’s bare tit, those panties scrunched up in her ass cheeks and the sounds of her moans as she masturbated just a few feet away from him the night before. His dick remained half-hard the entire time, leaving him both aroused and appalled he was thinking about his daughter in such a way.

He finished more quickly than he expected and went into the kitchen for a break and a cold drink. He heard Rena doing something in the other room. She was bent over the coffee table with her panties again drawn up between her ass cheeks. He knew he should turn away but could not, feeling his dick stiffen against the fabric of his shorts.

Rena either heard him enter or sensed he was there. She looked back over her shoulder without standing and smiled at him.

“Hi, Daddy, all done out there?” she grinned, her ass seeming to sway a little and her legs parted even more before she bent over farther.

Eric could clearly see the thin fabric of her panties pulled up into the crease of her pussy slit. His cock twitched again. Surely she felt the way those panties were drawn up inside her.

“Pretty much everything I am going to do today,” he responded, trying to figure out how he could disguise the growing bulge in his shorts. “Are you getting everything done in here?”

“Almost,” she answered, “although there are one or two more things I just have to do yet today.”

Rena saw the way his dick stiffened in his shorts as her father gawked at her ass. Now she just needed to figure out how to take advantage of his lust…for both of them. She stood and walked past him, her arm brushing against his as she went into the kitchen.

“Want some lunch?” she asked.

“OK, honey, but I need a shower first,” Eric said and walked to the bathroom.

He stripped off his clothes and jerked off again with the water cascading over his body, picturing his daughter spreading her legs and fingering her pussy until she screamed an orgasm.

When he returned to the kitchen, Rena was nowhere to be seen. A sandwich and cold beer were set out for him. He grabbed the plate and can and went into the other room to watch some games, to both relax and take his mind from his illicit thoughts about his teenage daughter. It didn’t help since all he could think about were the ever more outlandish ways to see her naked, touch her, kiss her and…yes…fuck her.


After fixing his lunch, Rena returned to her room and stripped naked in front of her full-length mirror. She briefly considered leaving her bedroom door slightly ajar, in hopes her father would see her standing there, but decided that would be too obvious…or too desperate. The last thing she wanted was to scare him away and thereby cut off any hope…yes, the hope…the desire…even the need…she was finally admitting to herself without reservation…that her father would fuck her.

A few different ideas flitted through her head as she stood appraising her naked body in the mirror, the damp panties still wrapped around one ankle. She closed her eyes imagining her father coming up behind her, his hands cupping her breasts in both hands, his tongue darting into her ear, his stiff dick pressing into the crack of her ass. She almost fell over as her knees buckled when she rubbed another orgasm from her pussy.

When she regained her composure, she decided to get some sun in the backyard and ask her father to rub the suntan lotion on her back. She dug out a very skimpy string bikini from her dresser, one she wouldn’t think of wearing anywhere but in their private backyard.

With a wicked grin, she found a pair of scissors and cut out the inner fabric lining from the two small patches that barely covered her nipples and the tiny gusset that went down between her legs. As she adjusted the bottom, she made sure a few threads of her cunt hair peeked out from the edges of the fabric. She smiled again when she turned to see the string in the back had almost totally disappeared between her ass cheeks.

The very thought of her father seeing her that way, and his hands rubbing the lotion into her skin, made her nipples stiffen and her pussy clench. She was soon to be as close to being completely naked as she had ever been in her father’s presence since she was a very little girl. She put on a gauzy robe that concealed absolutely nothing and sauntered out to the living room.

“Daddy, I’m going to get some sun in the backyard. Will you put some lotion on my back?” Rena asked softly walking up behind her father as he watched TV.

When Eric turned at the sound of his daughter’s voice, he practically choked on his sip of beer. At first, he thought she was naked under the sheer robe. It took him a moment to realize she was wearing a bikini, although there didn’t seem to be enough fabric to actually cover either her nipples or her pussy.

In that same moment, his cock stiffened noticeably and, from the impish smile on his daughter’s face and the way she looked down at him, she noticed.

“You…you can’t…go outside…like…THAT!” he stammered with his eyes fixed on the way the bikini bottom barely covered her mound and rode up between her pussy lips.

“Don’t be silly, Daddy, the yard is very private and you are the only one who could possibly see me. I need to start working on a tan before it gets too hot.”

With that, she headed for the patio door, her ass swaying provocatively, her…for all intents and purposes…bare ass. By then, Eric’s dick was rock hard. As he stood, he reached inside his shorts and adjusted the head upward so it wouldn’t protrude so obviously as he followed his daughter out to the patio.


Rena smiled to herself as she walked ahead of her father. She saw the way his dick stiffened when he saw her practically naked. She made no attempt to hide that she saw him.

He knew she saw him. She knew he knew. He knew she knew that he knew.

Without even touching herself, Rena felt the dampness growing between her legs. When she got to one of the chaise loungers on the patio, she let the robe slide from her shoulders, then bent at the waist to pick it up. The low moan from behind her told Rena her father saw the way the single string split her ass cheeks and pussy lips. Her nipples tingled and pressed out against the remaining flimsy material of the top.

When his daughter bent in front of him, Eric thought the head of his dick or some of his jism would pop out of the top of his shorts. The thin string going from her waist down between her legs concealed little more than the puckered rosebud of her asshole and the entry hole into her vagina. He let out a low moan, hoping on the one hand that she didn’t hear and on the other that she did.

She turned around and squirted a generous dollop of the suntan lotion on her hands and rubbed it all over both arms, then leaned forward to cover the front of her legs. Her tits dangled down and almost fell out of the tiny cups, giving Eric another fleeting glimpse of her light tan nipples. He groaned again and she looked up and smiled at him.

With her eyes locked on her father’s crotch, Rena slowly, seductively spread the slick lotion over the front of her body, around her neck and shoulders, down to circle around her barely concealed tits and over her stomach to the patch of fabric covering her pussy. From four or five feet away, Eric could clearly see a few strands of her cunt hair that slipped out under the edges of the bottom.

“Oh, this feels so good, Daddy,” she cooed. “I’m going to get a really good tan this year.”

Then she sat on the chaise and lay back, spreading her thighs. Eric gasped as the flimsy fabric sucked up into the wetness of her pussy slit. It was all he could do to keep his hands off her tits and cunt as his dick throbbed in his shorts. She grinned up at him again and rolled over on her stomach.

“Please, Daddy, rub some of the lotion all over my back,” she murmured in a husky whisper.

As he squirted the lotion in his hands, Rena reached back and pulled loose the bow tying her top, letting the strings fall to her side. She turned her head to look at him, raising her body just enough to give him yet another glimpse of her nipple. Then she pulled her hands up and rested her head on them, facing him as he sat next to her and began rubbing the lotion on her shoulders.

“Mmm, yes Daddy, that feels so good…oh yes…all over me,” she moaned.

“She’s torturing me!” Eric thought to himself as his hands worked slowly down his daughter’s back. “I can’t believe she’s acting this way with me like she knows how I feel and wants me to touch her…and more!”

He covered her upper back and ran his hand over both her sides. She squirmed a little and rolled ever so slightly to one side, far enough that his fingertips brushed across the soft side of one tit. He quickly removed his hand even as she moaned again a little more loudly.

“Mmm, that feels so, so nice, Daddy,” she whispered, “don’t stop now.”

When he slowly rubbed his hands down her sides, she groaned again and raised her hips just enough for his hands to slide under her, feeling the underside of both of her tits. Rather than pull away from him, she squirmed down a little, pushing even more of the underside of that soft flesh against his fingers. She let out a satisfied groan and looked right at him with a broad smile.

Eric’s cock throbbed. He wouldn’t be surprised to find a drop or two of precum staining his shorts. He returned his hands to the middle of her back and kept rubbing in the lotion as she moaned and wiggled until his fingers reached the string going around her waist just above the gentle curves of her ass cheeks.

He figured that was a good place to stop. He felt like he had already gone too far in the ways he touched her. Rena looked up at him as he pulled his hands back.

“Don’t stop now, Daddy,” she murmured, reaching back to pull the bows tying the bottom together on each side, then peeling the string from out between her ass cheeks until the fabric fell flat between her thighs. “I don’t want to get any tan lines this year.”

He looked down at her totally bare ass in shock. She giggled and lay back down on her hands and spread her thighs wide enough that he could see the way the ragged edges of her pussy lips gaped open. Just the night before, a teenage boy’s cock filled that pussy with his cum and now his daughter was explicitly inviting him to touch her and possibly a lot more.

The scent of her sex mixed with the aroma of the lotion as he just stared at that cleft between her legs. His cock was ready to explode. She reached back and took one of his hands in hers and placed it firmly on her ass cheek.

“Only a little more to go, Daddy, just a little more.”

The warm taut feel of her ass cheeks froze him. He so wanted to dive down between her legs and lick and suck her until she screamed one orgasm after another. Yet, she was his baby girl and it was just so wrong to have gone as far as he had. Rena tipped the balance.

“Please, Daddy, please…don’t stop now…I want you to…please…finish me…please.”

He began rubbing his lotion-coated hands over her ass and down the sides of her hips. She moaned again and spread her legs as wide as she could manage. Eric could see some of her wetness seeping from her pussy lips. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, stopping when the edges of his thumbs brushed against the cunt hair encircling her slit.

Suddenly, Rena pushed herself up with her hands and rolled to one side, propping herself up on one elbow, grinning wickedly. Her tits were gorgeous, round, firm and topped with hard little light tan nipples. Between her legs, her cunt hair was thick and wiry, matching the coal-black hair on her head. As he looked on in shock, she snaked a hand down between her legs, pulled the hood back from her glistening pink clit and started to rotate a fingertip over it.

“I can’t wait…any longer, Daddy,” she gasped, breathing huskily as her thighs began to quiver, “and next time…don’t just stand…out in the hall…when I’m playing with my pussy…and waste your cum…on your hands…when I have…a warm wet cunt…you can fill…anytime…anyway…you want!”

His daughter’s pussy erupted, spewing her juices on him before he could fully get his own cumming cock out of his shorts. He shot a few strings of his jism on her fingers and cunt hair as she howled her climax. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bed, his dick reinvigorated by the feel of her tits pressing against his chest and her tongue darting into his ear.

He put her down gently on the bed and spread her thighs wide, soaking in the glorious sight of her dripping pink pussy slit. His cock was hard again and he slowly slipped inside her tight, warm cunt until his balls slapped against her ass.

Rena smiled up at him, wrapped her legs around her father’s waist to pull his cock as deep as he could possibly go into her waiting, wanting cunt for the very first time and gasped.

“Don’t worry, Daddy, I’ll always take really, really good care of you!”


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