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Cross dressing young boy. PT 1

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A just turned 13 year old dresses up with help from his older boyfriend

Aaron was super excites. He had just turned 13 A few days ago and his secret boyfriend had a surprise for him!. Heading to his best friend house he was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and a grey tank top. Short brown hair swept to the side. He wasn’t here to see Max though,he was here to see Alex! Knocking the teen bounced excitedly.
Opening the dpor Alex was dressed in jeans and a kingdom hearts shirt. Smiling the tall blonde 18 year old hugged the young boy and stepped back. “Come on in sweetheart.”
Eagerly walking in Aaron kissed the taller boy as soon as the door shut,adding a little tongue. “I still dont need to shave babe! I’m smooth like you wanted!”
Alex smiled and nodded,squeezing the small boys ass. Licking his lips the older teen lead them to his room. The parents were gone for a few days and his brother was in the scouts. “Go ahead and get undressed. I will get things ready!”
Aaron blushed but did as he was told right there in the hall. At only 5 foot 2 he wasn’t tall. Standing naked he had pale white skin and no hair anywhere but his head, his small 4 inch cock poking straight up. Cut he had a a drop of pre hanging off his purple head.
Alex walked out and quickly grabbed the boys clothes before pulling him into his room. On the bed was a girls outfit. Aaron looked up confused. “I want you to dress up sexy for our first time fucking babe.”
Aaron blushed hard but nodded. Sitting on the bed Alex stripped naked, uncut 7 inch cock proudly pointing up as he watched. Aaron slowly slipped on the pink tight little panties and got some help putting on the matching bra. Pulling on some white thigh highs and a black mini skirt and a white blouse he blushed more as a blonde wait was put.on, as well as mascara, blue eye shadow, purple lipstick, and even press on nails!
Feeling sexy the small boy twirled and giggled as Alex set up a camera. Aaron blushed more and tried to sit sexy as Alex put stroppy silver high heels on the boys feet. Laying on his belly he kicked his feet as Alex brushed the sticky head of his cock against the painted lips. “Open up baby girl!”
Swallowing Aaron opened his.mouth and eagerly licked the older boys cock, making him moan. Aaron loved making his man moan. Sucking the head he used his tongue to push the foreskin back and swirl his.little pink tongue around the tip.
Alex made sure he recorded purple lips wrapping around his cock before grabbing the boys hair and forcing his cock down his throat, making the small boy gag. “You
I’ve it slut! Suck me little sissy!” Aaron didn’t know why Alex was acting this way, but it made his man happy.
Gagging hard and feeling his new makeup smear he tried to breath as Alex started to throat fuck him. Coughing and gagging he held the older teens hips. “Such a good sissy! Make daddy cum!” Looking up Aaron had tears in his eyes as his legs shook, trying to get away now.
Holding the boys hair he grunted as he started to cum, the first few down his throat before he pulled out and finished all over his now messy make up smeared face. “Fuck you look sexy that way.” Coughing n hard and almost sobbing Aaron looked up. “I d-do? R-really?” Forcing himself to smile he still had tears in his eyes as he waved to the camera.
Alex smiled and nodded before walking behind the boy, spanking him as he set the camera up. Flipping the boys skirt up he.moaned softly, yanking his.panties part way down he pushed Aarons kegs up and rubbed his still hard cock against the boys hole, no condo m or lube.
Gasping Aaron squirmed and looked back shyly before Alex suddenly forced his cock into the boys ass. Aaron screamed and tried to crawl away as Alex pinned him down.”take it Erin! He good for daddy!” Spanking the sissy he grunted.
Aaron cried yard and shook his head,not wanting to have sex anymore. “Stop alex! It hu-hurts!” Alex ignored his screams as he kept thrusting hard, balls slapping against the small boys. Looking at the camera he grinned. “This sissy really loves it!”
Aaron sobbed and cried as the tape kept going for another 10 minutes before Alex grunted and flooded the boys bowels with cum.
Pulling out he got a close up.of cum leaking out of the boys stretched hole. “Look at that!” Spanking the boys ass he moaned again and turned off the camera.
“You loved it Erin. These are the outfits you are going to wear here from now on. Dont care if my mom, dad, or Max are here. You do what they say or I show everyone this video.”
Aaron nodded with wide eyes and wiped his tears and cum away, blushing as there was a puddle of his own young cum in his shirt. He would do what he was told because he worried his mom would see the video. “Y-yes daddy…”

Hope you all enjoyed! I would love suggestions of who fucks the little sissy next or maybe they bring him some place to fuck him? Let me know suggestions and ideas!

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    School uniform for the sissy next