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My little ponies

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Max and George are some of the smallest horses in the world but they have enormous cocks and I love sucking on them.

Growing up on a ranch is so much fun, you get to play with all the animals and learn how to care for them, I once wanted to be a vet when I grew up, but now I want to be something else entirely, I am 12 years old and all I want to do is suck horse cocks.

As soon as I could walk my parents began to teach me how to look after the animals and when I was 8 my dad showed me the main family business, which was trading in horse semen, it is very valuable stuff and my family had been doing it for generations.

Dad showed me the process and machinery they use to extract the semen from them, at that age I didn’t understand about sex and male and female parts, to me the horses cocks were just a part of their body I had to hold, rub and insert in to a rubber tube, I thought nothing else of it.

We recently got some Farabella horses, which are super cute and super tiny horses that grow no taller than 3 foot, even when they’re adults, and mom and dad thought they would leave the responsibility to me to take care of them and extract the semen when needed, they trusted me to work on my own.

Now that I’m 12 I have started to realise what I had been doing all these years and I know about sex and body parts, I’ve started to have urges and touch myself in my bedroom and masturbate and stuff.

One cold morning I went in to the stables to feed Max and George, that’s the names of our 2 Farabella’s stallions, they are so small, I am nearly twice their size, but on this particular morning, both Max and George’s cocks were very long and practically scraping along the ground as they walked.

So I got to work and brought out the rubber tubes ready to extract their semen for freezing it, because of their height I had to got on the ground laying on my back and shuffle myself underneath them, first it was George, I took hold of his thick heavy bendy cock and gave it a rub, he flinched and took a step forward and his cock pressed in to my face.

I knocked it away and wiped my mouth where it had touched, for a brief moment it was gross, but then the bit of fluid that had rubbed on to my lip form the tip of his cock, made my lips tingle so I stuck out my tongue and licked my lip, the taste was nice and it got my pulse racing.

Mom and dad had a long weekend of travelling and they only got back late the night before so I knew they wouldn’t be up for hours, I tossed aside the rubber tube and grabbed hold of George’s big black cock, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and inserted his tip in to it and began to suck on it while rubbing and tugging along his massive length, horse cocks are huge, Georges was as long as my arm.

My pussy got wet so I pushed my hand down my pants and fingered myself whilst sucking on his cock, a short time later I felt his hind legs shuffling, a clear sign he was about to ejaculate, and he did, right in my mouth, I choked and gagged on his thick horse semen as it poured in to my mouth, it was like trying to drink a gallon of milk all in one go, I couldn’t swallow fast enough and it came pouring out of the side of my mouth and covered me all over.

It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted horse semen, my first time was when I was 8 and I thought it was milk, my parents failed to explain to me that what came out of a cock wasn’t the same as what came out of a cows teat, so yes, that was a saltiest bowl of cornflakes I’d ever had.

After finishing with George, I was horny for more, so I moved over to Max, this time though I was super horny, so I stripped off my clothes first before getting underneath him, I sucked on his cock for a while and then spun myself around, thrusting my hips up in the air, I rubbed his big cock on my pussy, I loved the way his huge warm slippery tip felt as it slid along my crack.

I sucked it some more and waited for him to ejaculate, he did, I took some in to my mouth, it was lovely and warm and went down my throat like hot chocolate, I took his cock out of my mouth and aimed it at my pussy, he showered my pussy and my upper body with his thick white spunk, I used my finger to push some of it in to my pussy and I could feel his sperm tingling around inside of me.

My daily routine now involved me getting up in the morning and heading down to the stables to get a healthy drink of horse spunk for breakfast from my 2 favourite stallions.

Although my parents are a bit concerned and keep wondering why Max and George haven’t been producing much semen for freezing, hopefully they will never find out what I have been doing.

Horse cocks are the greatest cocks in the whole world of cocks, I just wish my pussy wasn’t so small so I could fuck the horses. My pussy is crying out to be fucked but their cocks are too big right now, I need a cock inside of me so badly but will have to settle for sucking on them for now.

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    No cock even a horse cock is too big for any hole on a girl or woman. My Mom always explained by asking how big is a baby’s head? How long is a baby? A horse cock usually isn’t that big around but can be about the same or more length. My sister started fucking pony cocks up her ass when she was 9 years old. She started sucking them off and taking 24 inches of pony cock down her throat at 9 years old.
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  • Reply Miss ID:21zg5n2qrc

    Can you swallow it all now, how many times have you sucked them in a day?

    • Your Dream Boy ID:5rhsvr29d1

      are you available on chat

  • Reply Thejwhit ID:145e6153k0i

    What state do you live in that has such small horses?

  • Reply Jenn19 ID:23suy9741