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The Twins 8: Luke and Erin

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When I turned 18 I went off to college. It was then that I started realizing my feelings for Erin. I slept with both the twins but that was more of horny teenager wanting to stick his dick in everything. Emma was great but it was always about Erin.

Erin always adored her big brother. She had feelings for me since she was a little kid. She always wanted to please me.

Emma actually had reservations about sleeping with me knowing how Erin felt about me. But Erin wanted her to because she knew I wanted to do Emma. Erin would do almost anything for me.

I came home from college after 1st semester was done. The twins and I talked on the phone every night but when Erin saw me she jumped into my arms and started kissing me. She had missed me so much. She was 16 and gorgeous to say the least. Erin and Emma went from beautiful angels to hot devils that will steal your heart away.

Erin had dated a few guys but it never went anywhere. She told me it wasn’t the same. That made me feel good. I knew how she felt about me and she knew I felt the same way.

But our relationship was complicated. If we did start openly dating I was sure our parents would go ballistic and interfere. They still saw us as brother and sister even though those words were nothing but titles. We had no blood between us whatsoever.

After I graduated college I got a job as an IT tech. I worked for a couple years and was waiting until Erin graduated college. She got her Nursing degree as did Emma. Emma went to college in Tennessee. She moved to Knoxville.

Erin and I would get together on the weekends and do stuff. We’d always have fun together and of course you know how it would end.

She was smoking hot at 22. Our nights would consist of drinks, a movie that we never get to watch, and sex.

She had dated guys in college but like me the relationships never went anywhere and it seemed like for both of us would wind up coming back to each other.

She would cry on my shoulder about her relationship with her boyfriend and I would tell her of my break up with my girlfriend. We just stopped dating other people all together. We realized who the right person was for both of us and that it was each other.

One night she came to my place wearing short shorts and a half shirt. “Oh well fuck the drinks and crap.”, I thought. I was going right for it.

“Well well something got you going big brother?” She asked. I laughed.

I lifted her half shirt to reveal her gorgeous breasts. She had some beautiful tits. I started sucking her nipples which got her going. She took off her shirt. I started making out with her. Every time I see her she just seems more beautiful than the last. I am so in love with her.

She started grabbing my dick through my sweats that I had on. She pulled them down and started sucking my cock. She was deep throating me and coming back lick the head and go back down. Then she put her lips at the base and slowly sucked her way back up. Her mouth was like a vacuum. I couldn’t take it anymore I blew my load into her mouth.

Good old Erin went down again until it was clean. She got in bed. Her cunt looked amazing. So welcoming and inviting. She was shaved and had such beautiful succulent lips.

“Are you going to sit and stare or are you going to make a move? I ain’t laying here all night you know.” She said and laughed.

“Please!” I said, Isn’t that our usual routine anyway?”, I said

I spread her succulent lips. I danced my tongue along her clit. She responded by grinding her hips along my face. I shoved my thumb in her pussy and fingered her asshole.

After a couple of minutes of this she came. She came like she did when she was a kid. She looked like a demon was coming out of her. She let out a loud moan as her tunnel exploded with wetness. She laid on the bed out of breath. She grabbed my neck and kissed me.

We took a little breather. We had all night. All weekend actually. That’s the way it usually worked.

“Can I talk to you about something Luke?”, she said. “Always”, I said.

“Don’t you want something more?”, she asked. “Don’t you want a more normal, traditional relationship with me? Something other than weekend hookups?”

“Erin please stop. Ok? Don’t. You know it wouldn’t work. Our parents would interfere. Everybody would be against us. I don’t want to lose you because of it!”, I said.

She said, “You don’t know that. They know about Emma. They know she’s bi. They don’t say anything.”

I said, “Yeah but they see us as brother and sister. Even though that is pretty much nothing more than a title. I thought about this myself. Yes I do want a more normal relationship with you. Yes I would love to marry you one day.”

She said, “Let’s get the fuck out of here then! I have been talking to Emma. Let’s move out closer to her. We both loved the Smoky Mountains. We both love the outdoors. We can do tons of shit over there together. She will let us stay with her. Plus it is far far away from here. Come on! Don’t make me give you the puppy dog eyes. You know you can’t resist that.” She laughed.

She always did this to me when she wanted something major. She would talk to me about it during sex. Knowing I probably would agree with her because she knew I wanted her body and I was not going to get it until it was settled. She never played fair. Lol. But she was right.

I put my finger to her and started rubbing. She grabbed me and got me hard again.

She had something in her hand. “You’re going to need this.”

“The lube? Why?”, I asked.

“You are not shoving that thing in my ass dry.”, she said.

Damn! Only on special occasions did I get her backside. She grabbed my cock and started lubing it up. She got into position. She let out of gasp as I stuck it in her.

I started moving in and out of her ass nice and slowly. It felt so good and I could tell she was enjoying it. I pulled back out and rammed my cock into her. “Awwww” she yelled as I did that.

I reached down and grabbed the vibrator and held against her clit as I fucked her ass. She started shaking again and we both collapsed onto each other as she fell into the bed as she came.

I got her back up on all fours and continued where I left off. I felt my dick swell and I was tensing up as I unloaded my nuts into her asshole. She giggled like a little kid. “Not bad big brother.”, she said.

And so we did it. We moved in with Emma for a short time until we got jobs and got settled. Erin and I bought a house with some land in a little town outside Gatlinburg.

If we fooled anyone it certainly wasn’t my mom. She called me one day. “So tell me. What is going on with Erin?”, she asked.

“What do you mean?”, I asked.

“What I mean is, you two run off to Tennessee together. You moved in with Emma for a short time. You post your little weekend adventures on Facebook and now you two own a house together. Are you two in love with each other?”, she asked.

I told her the truth. She deserved that much.

“Well why didn’t you just tell us?”, she asked.

“I thought you and Rich would have flipped! I thought he would have my balls!” I said and laughed.

“Your step dad is not that bad! He’s very protective of the girls but he’s not that bad.”, she said. “He got me to ask you. He knew you would tell me the truth before him.”

“Well we wanted a more normal life. I didn’t think we could get it back home. I thought there might have been a lot of interference from both sides of our family. That is why we moved out here.”, I said.

“Well when we figured it out, we were not ok with it at first. We still saw you guys as sister and brother. It was hard for us to accept. But we realized you’re not blood relatives and we are okay with it now.”, she said. “Are you going to marry her?”

“I want to.”, I said. “Then ask her!”, she said.

That did it. I got choked up and went to tears. I thanked my mom and told her I love her. I went out right after that and bought a ring for Erin.

I called Emma and told her I was going to propose to her sister. That weekend the three of us took a drive to Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains. I asked Emma to take a picture of us with the mountains in the background and knelt down and asked Erin to marry me. She went to tears and she said “YES!”.

Her childhood dream of the one she truly adored marrying her was about to come true. I truly adored her myself.

Emma came over to our place. They were giggling together just like when they were kids. “What is going on with you two?”, I asked.

“Oh just a little engagement present”, Erin said. Emma was going to join on. “No doing her though! You are mine now!” Erin said and laughed. I smiled at her, “Forever”, I said.

It was like we were kids again. Emma and Erin got my pants off. Both of them started sucking me off. Erin had really perfected her blowjob skills over the years.

I had Emma get on top of me. It had been years since I ate her out. Her pussy was beautiful. I spread the lips and started licking up and down her vulva while caressing her clit between my fingers. Emma was jacking me off now while Erin was licking and sucking my head. Emma gave in and tensed up and ground her pussy into my face as she came.

She turned around making out with me. “You still got it”, she said. She kissed my neck and started sucking on it. I came in Erin’s mouth.

“Em’ lets really give him a show.”, Erin said. Emma stood up and started making out with Erin. Shit it was hot. Both of them were fondling each other’s pussies. Emma got Erin down and started licking her clit and fingering her. I went and started playing with and sucking Erin’s tits.

I pressed them together and started fucking them. Erin rubbed my dick head as I did this. I shot my load over her chin and neck. Erin started shaking wildly as her eyes and head went back as she came.

She grabbed my dick. “Got anything left in there?” She asked. I got up and looked between her beautiful legs. Emma sat on Erin’s face facing me. As I stuck my cock in Erin. Emma and I made out as I slowly did my lovely fiancee.

Erin started eating out her sister. She was getting into it. I was shocked to see her do that. I thought she only liked stick and not box. “Oh well damn this is hot” I thought.

Emma started kissing me harder and more passionately as her orgasm was building. She finally let loose and fell into my shoulder. She got up and wanted to watch me fuck her sister.

I started ramming Erin hard now. After a little bit her eyes and head rolled back again as she orgamsed. I was not far behind as I emptied my cock into her.

It ended like it ended so many times before. Both of my angels lying at my side. Just like old times.

I told Erin later, “I did not know you were bi.” She laughed, “I’m not silly! I did that for you.” I was impressed. Wow. What a great wife she is going to be.

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    I gave it 5 starts before I was even finished with it!!
    This part actually gave me wet eyes when I read about the momma giving her consent and the proposal!!

    Brings much joy to my heart (and hardon)!!

    Maestro, Mas Musica!