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My neighbour and her preteen daughter

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I had been grooming my next door neighbours preteen daughter and also was going to blame kmail the mother

I groomed the 12 year old neighbours girl and her first thing she was wank me in my own bed.
For a while year since she was 11 I’ve been grooming,her she’s cute long brown hair just under 5ft, cute but small budding breasts ,but larger now she’s 12 she’s in a 32a bra I noticed when I took it off in the shed I had her naked but only looked I was looking at her changing to use my hot tub. I also saw her pussy with a few little pubes .
I should say my shed but it’s is a summer house with a hot tub shower and changing area.
Last summer when she was 11 her mother asked my wife if we could watch her while she was at work which was fine by us esp me as I would be when my wife was at work as I work from home.
So she started coming round and she was shy but friendly and eventually I had her trust when the summer came I told her we could use the hot tub and told her bring some shorts and a clean white t shirt to wear in it .The first time we used it she got changed on her own and I did too and we went in and she loved the bubbles and bounced around, her white tshirt and shorts became see through and I could see her little nipples making my cock hard .
This went on for a few weeks daily and then we started to get changed together letting her see my cock.
I could tell she hadn’t seen before as she kept looking slyly as she did I saw her naked body making my cock twitch.
This time in the hot tub I was going to look at her while playing under the water with my cock see if she did anything , I had a tv in the summerhouse so put on cartoons for her to watch it was behind my head so I could see her as I wanked and she watched the tv.
It didn’t take long to cum and it felt great I wanted to do more but was a bit scared.
But I started to be naked more getting ready and changed around her and talked as we changed she felt comfortable with me now the next thing I wanted to do was let her see me wank .
And I had a plan my wife was going away to her sisters for a week and I had the time with Sofia all to myself and I knew Karen her mother who I must say is fit liked to go out on a sat night, and didn’t come back till early morning and Sofia usually stayed at ours sleeping in the spare room.
So this time only me and her and I told her we could have a film night she could pick and we could watch in our pj’s I’m my bedroom on my big screen but our secret she was excited but not as much as me .
The sat came and at 6 Karen sent her round she looked adorable in a denim skirt and white tshirt for a 12 year old she turned me on .
She came put her arms around me first thing she said was can she pick the movie no problem but we not watching till 8 and we can order pizza, she jumped with excitement as she never gets this at home.
First thing let’s go in the hot tub have a bubble bath she went straight into the summer house and stripped off into her shorts and top she has here I stripped off and put on loose shorts in we went and the bubbles on I told her I knew a way she would feel good sit in front of me and put the bubbles on intermittent, she sat inbetween my legs and lay back on me the bubbles came on shooting between her legs she giggled and lay back into me making my cock hard I had my arms around her my hands on her little tits feeling them as the bubbles gave her excitement I could tell she was having a orgasm as she was shaking and I kept rubbing her little tits slipping my hands under her top, I stopped the bubbles she said to me that felt great made my fairy tingle and I shook.
We did this again and then got out ordered the pizza and chatted me sitting most of the time with a hard on I had been feeling a 12 year old tits and she never stopped me.
After pizza I said get your pj’s on and we can watch the movie you wanted, I only sleep in boxers so I that’s what I had on she had little boxer shorts and small top we got in bed with some drinks crisps and put the movie on lights out, she lay against me and cuddled me my arm around her resting on her tit she looked smiled and said I liked what you did in the hot tub and looked at the screen I moved my hand under her top and said you like this yes she said As I fondled her tits she lay back into looked and smiled I smiled back and then I reached for her hand and moved it to my now rock hard cock she pulled away I said just feel it, you’ve seen it have a feel her hand went back and her fingers went around but couldn’t reach right around, I fondled her as she moved her hand and felt my cock all around I told her to grip it and move her hand up and down, she did and wow how good it felt as she started to wank me, good girl I said as I could feel my balls tighten already.
I told her to go faster making my balls go tighter then I felt it getting ready to shoot out I couldn’t stop it as she wanked and it shot out stream after stream, her first wank and my first of a 12 year old and it was amazing.
She cuddled up and asked if she did good I told her she was perfect and we can do again later after the movie smiling away she watched the movie as it finished she said this is our secret isn’t it John yes it is as we would get told off and we would be able to see each other again.
After the movie finished she had fell asleep so I turned the screen off and just lay holding my cock looking at her after a while I must of dozed off as I heard a car, I got up looked out and saw 2 men get a drunk Karen out of the car and place her at her door she looked out of it as she just lay against the door .
I got up put on my shorts and got my phoneand went out to check,she was out of it, I reached to her purse for her keys and opened the door lifted her up and into the house she was a dead weight.
She was wearing a black knee length dress which had buttons from top to bottom , I struggled to get her to her bed up the stairs all the time my cock was rock hard as I lay her on her bed she muttered something like Barry and then went back into her drynken or drugged status , she was lying on her back her legs in black hold ups I undone the buttons her dress was open she was lying in her black bra and panties. Time to get some photos have always fancied her and here was my chance to fuck her I placed phone so it got me and her and I lay next to her pulling her panties off and her bra 36c nice size I opened her legs no foreplay I could tell she had been fucked already tonight as cum stains on her dress and and I was going to fill her pussy up , she smelt of drink and she had powder around her nose prob coke but I didn’t care I was going to fill her full of my little soldiers, I opened her legs and lay between them my cock was rock solid now the full 11 inches and it slipped straight in her as I pushed in she gave out a moan I was sucking her tits and fucking her pussy and only a few hours before her 12 year old daughter was wanking me I was thinking off Sofia while I fucked Karen my balls tightened as I pumped into her And my cum filled her womb .
I pulled out and got my phone and carried on videoing her pussy as my cum leaked out I put my fingers in her pussy and scooped the cum and rubbed it over her tits she lay there still out of it her dress open her panties off and her bra undone .
I was so horny I wanted more but it was 5 and needed get back to bed with Sofia I left Karen in that state and went in my house Sofia was still asleep I was horny I didn’t want to spoil my thing with Sofia so I decided I would have a wank and cum over her small tits.
It felt good to release onto her while she slept .
I went to sleep after that and woke with her cuddling me and her hand was on my cock .
This was going to be the start of something good and I had decided to try to blackmail her mother without Sofia knowing .


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    Completely fucked story, no contiuiy and no sense.

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    Good I like it. Will read more for sure. Love how you have the girl wank you and you use her mom!

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