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Jumping into Puberty Continues (Prelude)

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The summer daddy began my training, new sensations and experiences. My awakening and defining my identity.

Read previous story if you like for context.

I’m not sure when it started, I supposed after we stopped showering with Mary I redirected my attention towards him. We kept showering together during sleepovers and after going to the pool. I would always take my time washing his back and butt. He would do the same to me and I just loved his touch. We often slept in the same bed at his place or mine. Even if we started in two beds we would end up in one. I loved to be spooned by him and under the covers I would pull my bottoms and underwear down so my bare ass was touching him. He was a heavy sleeper or so I thought. When I was feeling extra adventurous I would pull down what ever he was wearing to expose his dick. Oh to feel that contact, skin on skin was the best feeling I had experienced so far. During the summer sleeping in just our underwear was harder to control myself. Most of those morning we would both wake up naked with my ass being spooned by him. His dick nestled between my cheeks, Adam never brought it up or questioned why. I just figured it was no big deal to him. Back then at that age we were too young to cum or fuck. All I knew was I had an itch that needed to be scratch, a feeling inside me asking for his touch.

My behavior or I should say our behavior did not go unnoticed for long. Most days it was dad’s job to wake me or us up when Adam slept over. For as long as I can remember dad would wake me by placing his hand on my butt. He would then tap my cheeks with just his fingers. Slow and gentle at first, the longer it took me to wake up that faster and harder the tapping would become. When I would pretending to be asleep the tapping would turn into full on drum solo with both hands on my butt. It was a silly fun game we played which I learned to enjoy as the years when on. That routine changed when he started finding Adam spooning my bare bottom. The spanking became touching, caressing and gentle squeezing of cheeks and legs. At first his attention was just on me but soon after Adam began to receive the same. To the both of us dad was the cool, funny, fun dad, sometimes even silly and goofy. He had seen us naked and us him many times. When we would take too long in the shower he would walk in and join us to hurry us out. To our eyes his dick was so big, long, hairy, always hanging and swaying as he moved. Never expected to be doing more than just looking at it in the near future.

The touching and caressing continued and became a normal activity between us. Although not daily at first it was something thrilling to look forward to. He began to pull my bottoms down before waking me, I guess for better access and increased pleasure. Believe me I didn’t mind at all and enjoyed him undressing me rather than me sleeping naked. I would always turn and lay on my stomach when I felt him. All in an effort to give him better access and me defiantly more enjoyment. At first he would just expose my cheeks. As time went by what ever I was wearing started getting lower and lower until it would come off. That simple wholesome morning routine change one day when I opened my eyes and saw dad’s dick. That was my first time seeing it hard and sticking straight up. While caressing my cheeks I looked up at him with a smile and he said “Good morning baby”. That was new, he always called me buddy, I responded with “Good morning daddy” something I hadn’t done in years, I would always called him dad. After that he leaned down, kissed my face and whispered “Time to get up”. He then stood up with his big hard dick pointing up and walked out of my room. I was left with a funny feeling in my stomach and questions needing to be answered. Why was his dick hard? Was it an accident it came out of his underwear? Did he wanted me to see it or touch it? Then I began to wonder how it would feel to have daddy spoon me and have his dick between my cheeks.

After that day the first thing that I would see as my eyes opened was daddy’s hard dick. In time the routine continued to change, his left hand moving up and down on his dick was the first thing. Calling me sweetie and honey, multiple kisses on my face then my cheeks as his left hand moved faster and faster. Spending more time caressing between my legs and his hand moving up and down between my cheeks. Every place he touched felt amazing, I began to caress his thighs wile he touch mine. Until one day feeling encouraged I took a hold of his dick, I looked up at him and he bent down and kissed my lips. Now with both of us smiling ear to ear I was instructed how to grip and move my hand gently up and down. Strange and wonderful feeling, it felt hard, soft and warm in my hand. Daddy now had both hands on me and was kissing and licking between my cheeks. Back then; those early days, I never made him cum. He would stop me before he did and say “the rest belongs to mommy”. After that day he would be naked when I opened my eyes. He would kiss my face then my lips as I took a hold of him. Then moved to his favorite part of me, I would open my legs and wiggle my butt in anticipation. The next change on the routine was first kissing then licking my asshole followed my fingering me. A brand new experience I began to crave and couldn’t wait to experience more.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long as daddy noticed my enthusiasm and was ready for it. That day was a Saturday morning and he woke me up extra early just for that. After he undressed me I assumed my usual position. He asked me to lay on my side facing him and to bring my knees to my chest. Daddy whispered “trust me” then kissed my face and lips as I felt a finger moving up and down between my cheeks. I realized he had something planned so I wiggles my butt in approval as we continued to kiss. I felt something cold and slimy being smeared in my asshole and daddy’s finger doing circles around it. I heard him say “relax baby, your boy pussy will feel much better if you do”. I had never heard that word before but before I could think of it daddy’s finger penetrated me. “Oh oh Mmmm” were the first things out of my mouth then a moan as I felt his finger move in and out. He said “that’s the pinky baby, the others are thinker so I hope you like them”. Oh that wonderful feeling, the initial stinging, pain, pleasure as you feel that object move in and out of you. I though that’s what I have been missing, that’s what I been searching for. I felt happy, complete, a warm feeling growing inside of me. Daddy takes the pinky out and starts using the ring finger. Slightly different but the same amazing feeling, I moan with satisfaction and began to breath a little deeper, and a little faster.

I reached out and took a hold of daddy’s hard dick with my left hand. Begun to move up and down as his finger moved in and out of me. Daddy’s noticed and slowed down then sped up his proving of my boy pussy. With a big smile I moaned, bending over me we kiss and he asked “do you like it baby?” I wiggled my butt in approval and say “yes daddy, I like it a lot”. In response the ring finger came out and his forth finger went in. Oh a new sensation washed over me as his finger began to move inside me. It wiggled, rubbed and pressed against a part of me that made me tremble. His finger wiggled as it went in out of me, daddy kissed my lips, face and neck as my hand moved up and down on his dick faster and faster. I felt warm, sweaty, heavy breathing, heart pounding, what was that feeling. My eyelids felt heavy, my body loose and relaxed, moaning between breaths. Daddy grabbed my hand and told me to slow it down. I felt a different sensation inside of me. Thicker than before, he told me “slow and long strokes” as his finger did the same. I can’t say for how long he did that, all of the sudden I trembled and my boy pussy clamped down on daddy’s finger. With a soothing voice he comforted me “relax baby, everything will be ok”. The middle finger came out and thumb went in. Thicker but shorter than the others, I felt him doing a circular motion right at my entrance.

With his thumb still inside me daddy asked if I had enjoyed my lesson. With a disappointed look I asked “is it over?” in response he said “for now it is” I smiled back at him and said “I liked it very much daddy” He told me that I would have to be trained like that for a little wile before we could do more. The prospect of something new, something more than that excited me for sure. Before leaving he kissed me and told me to stay in bed, it was still early. I stayed in bed naked touching and caressing my body. My left hand was wet, little sticky but didn’t know why. I rubbed that on my cheeks, between my legs and dick. I wanted to see my boy pussy as daddy called it but all I could do was to touch it. I began to fantasies about Adam. If daddy was able to get his fingers in me then maybe Adam could get his dick in me too. Then started to wonder how much training would I need to do more as daddy said. More of the same or something different. That summer was turning out to be the greatest summer ever.

And the adventure will continue

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