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I Love Little White Girls

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Babysitting my 13 year old slut neighbor while her parents are away

My names Todd, I’m a 38 year old black man and I live alone. I’ve always loved little girls ages 12-16, especially little white girls. I have a huge cock and I always got pussy in high school. My first girlfriend ever put a ruler to it and it was 9.5 inches long fully hard and thick as a tree trunk. I loved using it on little girls. I enjoy turning them inside out.

Hailey is a 13 year old little white girl middle schooler who lives right next door to me with her parents, no siblings. I’ve known her parents for about 3 years now ever since I moved in next door so they trusted me to watch over Hailey for the weekend while they went out of town for their wedding anniversary. I couldn’t be more excited. I had to make Hailey my whore.

I dropped by on Friday evening just before they were about to leave. They told me to help myself to whatever was in the fridge and they were gonna be back Sunday night. That gave me like 2 whole days to tear that pussy up.

Hailey came downstairs from her room to say goodbye to her parents. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She was about 4’10 100lbs, cute little blonde bob cut, little b cup titties that showed right through her white tube top, and some short black basketball shorts that were so high up it looked like her little round ass was gonna pop right out. Her parents left, and now it was just me and Hailey.

“So what do you wanna do?” I asked.

“Well I’ve been watching outer banks on Netflix if you wanna join me in the living room” she said.

We sat on the couch and I got a little close to her. She smelled amazing and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her little breasts. I think she caught me looking and crossed her arms over her chest. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her closer to me.

“Um, Todd, what are you doing?”

“Just getting comfortable. I think you’re a very beautiful girl and I wanted to be closer with you”

She got really nervous. “I’m a little young for you, don’t you think?”

“Age is just a number sweetheart”

“Yea but I don’t know if I’m comfortable with it. You’re old enough to be my dad. I don’t think I wanna do this”

My cock was hard as a rock. Reluctance was hot. I grabbed her hand and put in on my crotch. She had a real shocked look on her face.

“What the hell!? You’re so fucking big.” I pulled my pants down so she could see it. She was starstruck.

“That’s not going anywhere near my pussy” she said. “You would probably kill me with that thing. Plus I’m still a virgin”.

“Girl you’re gonna do what I want. I’m gonna break you in. Once you go black, you don’t go back. I’m gonna do what I want to you and you’re gonna let me”

“No, please don’t” she begged. I didn’t care. I grabbed her little head and shoved my cock down her throat. She gagged. I bobbed her head back and forth. She couldn’t even get my cock halfway in her mouth. She was trying to push me away but I wouldn’t loosen my grip

“Fuck yea, don’t stop sucking that cock girl” she started to get into it and removed her little tube top exposing her little titties.

I grabbed her and got her down on all fours and ripped her shorts and panties right off. I started rubbing and licking her little hairless pussy and she was moaning. Without warning, I Shoved my huge throbbing cock right inside her little hole. I pushed it until it ripped through her hymen and she screamed in pain. After a few minutes her screams of pain became moans of pleasure.

I could only fit 6 of the 9 inches into her pussy. But I wanted her to feel the whole thing. She was so fucking tight I felt like I was gonna bust any minute. I started speeding up and she was cumming all over my cock over and over again. I pulled out and laid down so she could ride me reverse cowgirl, that way I could impale her with my entire cock. I pumped her again and again while she kept screaming as my balls were slapping against her.

“I’m getting close girl” I said with exhaustion

“Please don’t cum inside me I’m not on birth control”

“Too bad girl. You’re gonna take it all and I don’t care if you want it or not. You’re having a black baby in 9 months whether you like it or not.”

“NO PLEASE!” She screamed.

It was too late. I started nutting inside her tight little pussy over and over again while she kept yelling for me to pull out. I finally finished and threw her to the side and my cum began rushing out of her right down her legs.

“Oh my god, what am I gonna do?! You just ruined my life”

“It’s alright baby. You’re my whore now, and I’m gonna breed you as many times as I want. If you tell anyone, so help me god i will fuck you so hard you’ll never walk again!”

She was crying. Laying there all used like the little slut she is. She cried herself to sleep right there on the living room couch, naked, with my cum dripping out of her.

Fuck I love white girls

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