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My Dad the liar

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I had crossed over the line I had told myself that a bj was okay but that is as far as I would go. My poor 76 year old Dad was living at our house and he had told me he was having chest pains and headaches because he was under to much sexual stress not having a woman in his life since Mom died. As a nurse I know what stress can lead to and Dad had all the signs of maybe a heart attack or stroke. He had asked me if I would give him a bj once in a while to help him live a little longer and after I thought about it I consented.
A bj I told him and that’s all but once I had a gander at the massive cock he had between his legs and I started sucking him off I got so turned on I begged him to fuck me. Of course I didn’t have to ask twice and he was between my legs driving his huge cock into me causing me some amount of pain before the pleasurer started and I was orgasming like a cheap whore before he shot a huge load into my unprotected pussy. I was a little worried but he told me he couldn’t get me pregnant so I didn’t bother with the morning after pill.
Since then we have fucked every chance we get multiple time a day and Dad always cums deep inside my horny pussy. I love the feeling of the big loads he shoots into me they fill my pussy to over flowing. It has been nearly a month since the first time I felt my Fathers cock fuck me and cum inside me and today I realized I missed my period a week ago. I called my doctor this morning and went for a pregnancy test and she confirmed what I had suspected. My Father had impregnated me with his sperm, he had lied when I asked him if he was fixed and now I was carrying my Dad’s baby.
When I got home from the doctors I told Dad I was pregnant and he just smiled and said well with all the cum he has shot in me it was a wonder. I started to cry and he held me in his arms, kissing my neck, my ears, my eyes and my mouth. He was passionate and I responded to his kisses letting him lay me back on the couch as his hands undid my bra. My top was pulled off and my growing tits released for Daddy’s mouth to suck on. He called me his little slut mommy and said how much he wanted me to have this baby. He was getting me so hot, I wiggled out of my jeans and spread my legs for him as he pulled his pants down over his ass.
I could feel his swollen cock head sliding up and down between my wet pussy lips and up over my hard clit. He was driving me crazy, I was his slut, his daughter slut and I was gonna have his baby. I wanted his baby growing inside me. FUCK ME Daddy I screamed and he rammed his 9 1/2 inch cock deep and hard into my waiting pussy. I cried out in pain and pleasure as he fucked me like a Saturday night hooker, pounding into my pussy his big hands on my ass cheeks pulling me to him. He sucked and bit my big brown nipples as we fucked and I cursed and swore as the pleasure surged inside me. I was cumming hard all over his old cock and then felt him stiffen just as I heard a voice say “What the fuck is going on here?”

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    Du musst es vortsetzen