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I was 20 yrs old and had been married for 2 yrs but my wife was out of town. My mother called and she and my dad were going out with a couple they knew and wondered if I could keep an eye on their 12 yo daughter because they were going to be out really late. I hadn’t seen Jenna in a few years and still pictured her as a little kid. But when she came in my jaw almost hit the floor. At 12 yo she was about 5-1, 34B-24-34, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a body any grown woman would love to have, but still looked like a child in the face. I was also surprised at how she was dressed in a pair of skin tight pants and a halter top exposing her flat tummy and nice tits.

It didn’t take long to get the impression she knew she was hot and that she enjoyed the attention it got her. I’d know years before when she was little she’d had a little crush on me and would follow me around when our parents got together, but I’d figured that was a thing of the pass. We went into the living room to watch tv and I sat on the couch. But instead of sitting down she stood in front of me and asked if she looked different from the last time I’d seen her as she struck a sexy pose. I said she did and told her she was growing into a really nice looking girl. She wanted more though and said well do you think I’m kind of hot now. I said she did and she liked that. Then she surprised me when she said her boyfriend thought she was really hot, and quickly told me he was 16 and drove. Then very seriously said not to tell her parents that they’d freak out if they knew she had a 16 yo boyfriend. Then added or if the found out she wasn’t a virgin.

I tried to change the subject but she kept wanting to hear what I thought about how she looked and that she was going out with an older guy. Then she started talking about my being married and said she’d seen my wife and that she was really beautiful and said she’d heard her dad and another guy talking about how they’d like to fuck Lynn and talking about what big tits she had and how hot redheads were. And saying they bet she was great in bed. Then Jenna surprised me when she said is she good in bed? I was surprised at the question but said yes that she was really good in bed. Then Jenna started commenting on how big I was because I was 6-5, 240lbs and she asked if everything was big. I acted like I didn’t know what she meant. And she bluntly said she’d always thought I probably had a big dick. And without missing a beat asked if she could see it? I was turned on as hell but was a little uneasy. And she stood up and said I’ll go first and took off her top and her bra, then as if it was an afterthought she slid her pants & panties off and was standing there naked.

I knew I shouldn’t but I stood up and pulled off my shirt and then my pants. She got a big smile when she saw my thick 9 1/2 in cock and said wow that’s a lot bigger than my boyfriends. She moved closer and wrapped her little hand around it. Not able to reach all the way around it she put both hands around it. I couldn’t resist and started fondling her little tits as she stroked my cock. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees then took the back of her head and started pushing her head toward my cock. It was obvious she was nervous but she started to lick around the head and up & down the shaft. I told her to suck my balls and she went right to it. sucking & licking my balls. Then took it in her mouth, she couldn’t take all of it but she gave me a great blowjob. When I shot off she tried to swallow all of it but some ran down her cheek and onto her tits.

She looked up at me just as pleased as she could be and asked if she did ok? I told her she did great and she asked if Lynn could take my whole cock down her throat? I said she could but it had taken practice. Looking up at me in that position she actually looked like the child she really was. Then she surprised me again when she asked if I had any naked pictures of my wife? I said I did and she begged to see them. As we were in the bedroom going through the pictures on the bed I started fondling her sexy ass and slid my finger in her ass a little. She looked over and said I could fuck her but not in the ass. As she looked at Lynn’s pictures she commented on how hot she was and said she could see why guys were always saying how much they’d like to fuck her. She also commented on the sexy garter belts & stockings and sexy lingerie and said her mother had some outfits like that. What she said next blew my mind when she said sometimes when her dads friends came over she’d wear those outfits and let them see her naked then have sex with them. Adding that they thought she was asleep. But I could picture it because her mom was a really hot blonde.

At one point I was going to stop her looking at the pics but I figured what the hell and waited for her reaction when she got to pics of Lynn with other girls. But she said she could see herself with another girl and just left it at that. Then it got to pics of Lynn with other guys and us in threesomes. She asked if Lynn enjoyed that? I said she did and she told me her boyfriend had suggested maybe her letting a couple of his friends fuck her or at least her sucking their cock. She rolled over and looked in my eyes and said guys like watching their girls getting fucked by other guys don’t they? I assured her not all guys did, but some really enjoyed it. With a sexy grin she said you like it don’t you? I said I did. She’d seen nude pics of several other girls and asked if I’d fucked all of them? I told her I had most. I couldn’t believe it when she asked if I wanted to take some naked pictures of her, and before I could answer she said her boyfriend had taken pictures of her a few times and how it turned her on posing nude, especially outdoors.

I knew I wasn’t about to send pics of a 12 yo off to be developed so I got my old polaroid camera out and took about 30 pictures of her, some in a few of Lynn’s sexy outfits and others totally naked and the last 2 pics were of her sucking my cock. I was turned on as hell and rolled her to her hands and knees on the bed and got behind her. She said if I was going to fuck her in the ass to be gentle that her ass was virgin. But as tempting as it was I fucked her tight pussy from behind. I could see us in the mirror and watching my cock pumping in & out of that hot little girls pussy was hot as hell. I pulled out before I shot off and had her suck my cock with the condom on and asked if she’d ever tasted her pussy before? But she surprised me when she said she liked to finger her pussy and then suck on her fingers. I pulled the condom off and shot my load on her sweet young face. As I did she was asking if I’d like to see her eating my wife’s pussy? I told her I would and she said she’d like that too as well as sucking Lynn’s big tits. But unfortunatelly that never happened. She we cleaned up and took a shower together where I ate her pussy and she sucked my cock again.

When the parents got back we were watching a movie and everything seemed just fine. But about a year later her and her mother moved out of town after she caught her husband fucking Jenna and found nude pics he’d taken of her. But she didn’t get the police involved. She knew he couldn’t earn the money she liked in jail. A few years later I heard Jenna was working as a stripper.

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    When I moved my legs open and put my foot on the arm rest so he could see my ass spread open nice he asked me if he could lick it before I slid down a little more he told me to hold it open so he could lick he got on his knees and told me to spread my legs open when he started to lick it he asked me to move down on the couch and turn around when he got behind me and licked my ass up and down he said that my little ass looked so good and wet and then he took the pillow and told me to put it under my stomach so he could see it nice and warm but when I heard the side door in the garage open and my sister was walking I was so embarrassed but she was just so excited to see us both naked and my brother in law’s big hard cock she told me to suck it so she could watch

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    When I was getting comfortable I heard the bathroom sink come and then shut off next thing I knew my brother in law walked out of the hallway to get something to drink and he wasn’t wearing any underwear and I could see his cock was hard he must have been playing with it before he came out when he saw me sitting on the couch he said good morning and grabbed a water out of the fridge and then he asked me if I wanted one also before I could answer him he was standing next to the couch putting the water on the table the tv was on but no sound he stood there for a minute and when he sat down at the end of the couch I moved my leg around and pulled the blanket back up as he sat there talking about how he was going to relax at the house and my sister was making dinner plans he asked me if I had any plans for the day and then he wouldn’t say anything about me laying on the couch with no underwear on he said he didn’t mind and actually enjoyed walking around the house naked he said I could relax end enjoy getting comfortable as he looked over I pulled the blanket up past my ass and spread my legs out a little so he could get a good look when he moved back to the end of the couch he told me that I had a nice little ass and if I would show it to him

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    Wow that was nice talk about having moment on a regular day for me it was when I was staying at my sisters house for the weekend and she had left for work Monday morning and said she would make some plans for dinner and txt us about an hour later when I was having a cup of coffee I felt a little horny so I took off my underwear and sat on the couch pushing all the pillows and blanket to the other side I was getting comfortable and it was not light out yet so I laid back on the couch and started to touch my cock when I moved up to the end I put my legs up and over the end