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Sex joy of the college girls – Part-3

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Three beautiful college girls wanted to become into actresses. They went to an agent for that. He seduced and fucked them. But kept up the promise.

In short and sweet, I want to narrate the first two parts.
Three girl students of a famous college in Trissure, wanted to become into cinie actresses.
As they were appreciably beautiful, their friends persuaded them to get name fame and see well as big money.
Basing upon an add, they approached an agent by name Benny. He, along with his nephew Victor, seduced one of the most beautiful girls . Both jointly fucked her for many times in many postures.
Part -2
On the second day, instead of the nephew of Benny, his close friend, a Nigerian guy, Dukido joined with him. They both jointly matted with the other two girls one by one on the same day.
As all the three already had been more horny, they enjoyed it.
The third day incident is part-3. Read and enjoy
It was on the following Sunday. As the three girls had been asked to come already, they came there once again. Benny had already informed them that he would introduce each respectively to a cinie director, a producer and to a very famous hero of the day.
So all the four started to the famous cinie city.
They stayed in a five star lodge.
On the first day, the most beautiful girl, Christy was taken to the most famous director Robert.
Robert was a very stout and utter dark person. He was sitting on a sofa having cigarette in one hand and a liquor cup in the other hand. His teeth were looking in a dark brown color.
With extreme politeness Benny introduced Christy as a virgin girl. She came to him in the desire of becoming an actress.
Seeing and astonishing at her beautiful appearance Robert immediately called his assistant David and asked him to give Benny a lump sum of RS. 5 lks. But David also was stunned seeing the beauty of Christy. He forgot to close his mouth. He was also a very handsome and nice looking guy. So Christy also was stunned seeing him.
After both Benny and David had cleared out, Robert called Christy like this,” Come on my virgin pussy girl. Come and sit on my lap.” Saying so he pulled her towards him and tore away the two pieces of dresses. He bit her to boobs and kneaded them heavily. And then said that she was really a virgin pussy girl and her boobs were as strong as stones. He went on kissing on her lips and licked the lower lip.
Finally he turned her body upside down holding her two legs in his hands. He started looking her pussy heavily and speedly by his rough tongue. Christy had her orgasm. Robert went on sucking the liquid that oozed out from her pussy. He joined the three fingers in between the thumb and little fingers and inserted into her pussy like fucking.
Though it gave Christy enormous pain (his fingers were very thick like his body), she had to bear with. Closing her eyes and biting her lips she controlled herself. Cleverly she changed her mind by licking and sucking his cock after removing his dhoti. But nothing happened. His cock was still in the motionless position.
Robert turned her again and allowed her to continue the same. Now she started kissing, licking and biting the testicles. It was like a little bag. When she started pulling it holding in her mouth, there was slow movement in his penis. So she pulled the testicles bag by hitting her head and left it. In this way Christy repeatedly did that . In between that she caressed his thighs also.
At last his penis got up to 90 degree angle and moved it’s head up and down. Now Christy sucked it nicely and made it to erect atmost.
Then she suddenly sat upon his thighs and inserted his penis inside her pussy. She jumped up and down and fucked speedily.
Robert couldn’t believe his own eyes because…
Before some six months, he fucked a very beautiful girl like Christy. When he was fucking with extreme emotion, a stroke like attack happened and the lower part of his body lost its full movements. After that, he could neither stand nor his penis could get erection.
Yes, there happened a medical miracle. So he could move his hips and could cooperate with Christy. With great pleasure he stretched his two legs also. He folded his two hands and worshipped Christy as if, she were his Goddess.
He gave her a blank cheque and asked her to fill as many crores as she wanted. But she refused to accept it and requested him to give her a chance of making her as an actress. He also promised her to do so.
He told her that as she was so desirous to become into an actress, he was very vigorously fucking girls. As he couldn’t fuck, he asked his assistant David to fuck and was watching it with great agony.
She asked him to walk and he did it. Then she knelt down and started licking and sucking his penis. It also got its full erection. Then she asked him to fuck her with vigour. With enormous happiness he fucked her as he was doing earlier.
When he called David, he came in and saw his master standing of his own and saw his penis with full erection. Robert explained about the story.
Turning towards Christy, David shook her hands, by thanking her many times. He hugged her with great emotion. Robert gave his full permission to go ahead. At her first sight itself Christy had a craze on David. So she simply removed his dresses and made him nude.
Robert took them both to his bedroom. He lay on the bed and asked Christy to sit on him in the cow- girl posture. When she was slowly fucking him, he asked David to fuck in her asshole. Applying some Vaseline on his cock , David started fucking. Her body moved front and back for David and up and down for Robert rhythmically.
After that game was over, Robert got down and sat on the chair. Then David started to execute his full experience. He leaned on her in the missionary position and fucked her in his own way. Yes, it was so nice and emotional. Christy had a nice mating with great pleasure.
Unlike others, David behaved like a butterfly sucking honey from the flower. He kissed on her entire face and bit on her neck and shoulders gently. He cracked sex jokes and made her to laugh. When his hands were pinching her nipples and kneading her boobs, his lips were giving kisses. She had her orgasm thrice.
With extreme emotion Christy turned him upside down and started fucking him. Now it’s her turn to bite and kiss him. Suddenly David hugged her tightly pressing her boobs on his chest and moved his hips also. The dashing of the two hips made a rhythmic sound, like two shields dashing against.
This went on for two long hours. Then both of them got up. Christy went near Robert , knelt down and requested his blessings. He blessed her telling that she would be the heroin of the current movie itself. He would arrange a new house for her. Again he gave her the same blank cheque.
Nakedly she moved to the room where Benny was waiting for her. She raised her thumbs up and thanked Benny.
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Thank you and bye-bye.

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