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My sluttiest sister Ayushi is a pornstar!

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Ayushi gets gang raped but she enjoyed it and she’s fist fucked on internet for huge sums of money.

My little sister Ayushi is 12 with braces, she is slim tall for her age with perky yet soft tits, she’s nearly perfect white and has cute bubble butts. She dyed her hair golden blonde and hair her on the head is the only hair on her body. She was always slutty in her clothes and around boys but I never asked her how far she goes. She’s 5 years younger than me and I was “active” at 11 age so she can be too whenever she wants. Ayushi is too clever like me. She knew she could pull any boy in the school. Guys literally asked her to suck them off as she walks by and she does. She actually looks really pretty and fortunately once a group of guys kidnapped her and “raped” her but she bounced on their dicks till they were limp. They left her near the place they picked her but connected through phone to do so again. They called her again at night and then a few times n now they pimp Ayushi to customers for 1 lakh or more. Before she is presented to customer she’s dolled up with lots of make up accessories and lipstick and all. This 22 year old thug she was once sold to was an almost 7 feet tall butcher. His dick was 12 inches atleast and he made Ayushi bleed with every stroke. She screamed and cried and ultimately fainted in a minute but she woke up again when he got his second round. Again she cried and cried and screamed and fainted. After he came in her a few times he decided he would just fuck her with his fist and he did. He was able to put his fist up in her pussy and ass to quite a distance. This was the third time she woke up and fainted.
Now her holes are so lose she is sold to customers like a fist fucking slut so people can fuck her with dicks n fists and like whole gangs if people fuck her with fists. They even made her the biggest pornstar of the dark web and it adds to quite a lot of her money and that she keeps sending to me along with other gifts I tell her to ask from clients.

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