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My parents drained me with a fleshlight… again

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It had been about a week since my parents drained my balls with my fleshlight, it wasn’t awkward or anything between us, I found it really hot my parents did it to me. It was a Tuesday evening, we were all watching TV and I was getting horny as I hadn’t been wanking in a week. I had a semi and there was a pretty big bulge in my shorts, “I’m just off to bed, feel pretty tired” I said, and I went upstairs to my room. I got my fleshlight out the bottom of the wardrobe and realised I didn’t clean out my cum from last time, and suddenly, my door opened. Both my parents walked in and I knew what was coming, “thought you was tired?” My dad said looking at the fleshlight pussy on my bed, “got a bit horny I suppose”, I said. “We know you were, we saw your shorts”. I sat back down on my bed, “so you gonna let us milk you then?” My mum said feeling my cock through my shorts, I didn’t answer and she pulled them off. “Wear this” my dad said holding a cock ring, “it’ll make you cum harder”. He put it round my cock and under my balls. I was fully hard now and horny as hell. My dad got the fleshlight and slid it onto my cock, already lubed from my cum the previous week. “Love how you can see his cock inside it” my mum said speaking to my dad. He started jerking me with it, the textures rubbed up and down my cock as I moaned and groaned. “How does that feel?” Mum asked, “really good” I said. “Bet its like heaven and torture for him” my dad said “he hasn’t been wanking in days”. He was right, it made me all sensitive and want to cum. My dad started playing with my balls as he started going faster, “ohhh fuckkk” i moaned. “You better not cum” my mom said under her breath, he started jerking me faster and faster and then stopped. “She said you better not cum”, “yes dad”. He started jerking me again and then stopping everytime I got close, after 20 minutes I really wanted to cum, but they were in control of the fleshlight and my cock. “Looks like you’re enjoying a little too much, Are we?” My dad said, “no of course not” I said. They teased my cock a while longer, jerking me until I was close then stopping. All of a sudden, my dad started jerking me with it faster, “you wanna cum?”, “fuck please” i said in desperation. “How does that feel?” My mum said “amazing”, “mhmm, you gonna cum?”, “yeah really hard”. After about a minute more of milking, I was ready “I’m gonna cum… fuck I’m cumming” I started blowing my load inside the fleshlight, it felt like I was cumming my soul out it felt so unreal, my cock head is very sensitive after I cum so my dad stopped and stared at my softening dick through the fleshlight, he slowly pulled it off me and my cock drooped between my legs. “That’s a good lad” He said.

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  • Reply Daddy needs a fuck toy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    You need to get your mom alone and next time you’re sitting with her and your horny pull it out and jerk to ask her if she will touch it

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1cwtvqgi12x5

    Yes, absolutely need to fuck both your parents

  • Reply Robert ID:fx7wlf6ib

    Get your mom involved. Maybe even fuck her. Get your mom alone and tell her you need the real thing. This story could be WAY better.