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I fucked my mom

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I was home alone with my mom is 46 and I’m 16 and she is 5’5 has a d cup breast size and she was fat like I kind of liked fat woman. Was in her room I was in my room jerking off to stepmom porn I was so horny i would have fucked anything that had me a hole in it. It took me long time to cum and I was getting bored no so I stopped and my mom told me that she is going to take a nap. I had an idea that I’ll go to my moms room and I’ll pretend to sleep and I’ll start jerking off to her. I got to her room and she was half asleep so I told her I came to sleep as well and she said that’s fine so I got into the bed and I saw from under the sheets her fat ass in a white underwear.

I put my head under the blankets to get a better look and I took off my shorts I started jerking off slowly I always dreamed of fucking my mom I was still a virgin and I wanted to have sex. I started getting closer and closer with my body and dick so I placed my dick on her ass and slowly started to dry hump her from behind after a few minutes I placed my hand on her ass and started squishing her fat ass after a while I reached for her tits and I started groping her tits I touched her nipple and went in circles around her nipples she woke up and was in shock to see her son touching her I backed away and didn’t say a word. She told me that what I did was not okay and she be telling my dad what happened I told her that I knew she hasn’t had sex since I was born and dad hasn’t been touching her and I can give everything to her because I love her. She thought about it and told me it has to be a secret tho I told her of course.

I told her to lay on her back and I got in between her legs I started sucking on her pussy from her underwear and I asked her if I can keep the underwear she said yes I removed her underwear and sniffed it was the best smell ever I placed it in her mouth and nibbled on her ear and went to her neck and started kissing her all around and went down to her tits I sucked on one and had the other in my hand went straight down to her stomach kissed around her belly button and went straight down to her outer thigh to her leg down to her toe. And after that I went back up to her inner thigh and she started to moan I reached her pussy and kissed it I used my tongue to get in there I played with her clit she came in seconds after not having her pussy touched in 16 years i put my finger in her she moaned so loud I took the panty from her mouth and smeared the cum from her on the panty I fingered her for a few minutes and she squirted on me I dranked all of it and she told me to get on my back she pulled my cock out and said it’s bigger than dad.

She started licking the sides of my cock and gulped my cock she sucked on it her a few minutes and then she went to my balls and took both of them in her mouth. She went back to my cock and deep throated it I held on to her head for a few seconds until she gagged on my dick which was hot there was saliva everywhere. I told her that I wanted to tityfuck her so I took all of the saliva and placed it in between her tits and I placed my cock and she started moving up and down there was so much noise we both started to moan together and after a while I wanted to fuck her she got on top of me and placed my cock in her. Her boobs on my face she moan so hard when it slipped in I saw it in her eyes my fat mom is on top of me riding my cock it was amazing she started to twerk on my dick I could feel her ass cheeks moving up and down I told her I want doggy so she went on her knees and I smacked her ass so hard it turned red In a second so I smacked the other cheek as well I placed my cock in her and I went off I pounded her pussy she came twice I couldn’t stop fucking her pussy it was so warm and tight I felt my cock hitting her walls inside of her I wanted to stay like that forever. I took my dick out and told my mom I wanted anal she said whatever u want to do to me u can.

I started kissing her ass cheek passionately making out with her cheeks I spat on her asshole to her it wet and rammed my cock inside her ass it was so tight it was hard to move In there but after a while I got used to it my mom told me “fuck me fuck ur fat mom in the ass like a good son” and I started to go wild I started to ram my cock deeper and deeper in her ass she was screaming from the pain and from the pleasure in the same time. I took out my dick and started sucking her asshole and sticking my tongue in there and I put my finger there and took it out and lick off my finger it tasted amazing and I went to my moms feet and started fucking her fat feet she liked it and placed my mouth on her toes and licked it. I had a thing for armpits so I placed my rock hard cock on her armpit and fucked it and I licked her armpit it tasted so good from the sweat I felt like I was gonna cum so I put my cock back in her pussy after a few hard strokes I came in my mom she felt the ropes of my cum hitting her walls I fell on my mom with my cock still in her I made out with her and still fucking her with my cum deep in her and I stuffed my face in her tits and I told her that I love her and I want to fuck her again she said of course and I pulled out my cock and she started queefing hard which was so hot the cum flowed out of her pussy it was a turn on.

She said let’s go take a shower together and with every step she took cum dripped out of her on to the floor I asked her if she can do something really dirty because I had a fetish her pee so I asked her if she can pee on me she said yes with a smile I laid on the shower floor before we turned on the water she squatted on my face and started to pee on me I had my mouth open the whole time and I swallowed it all it was so warm and yellow and she also farted on me which was hot. We turned on the water and I wanted to eat her ass so bad I fingered her ass she squirted on my legs which was hot and I really wanted to taste her asshole again so I are her ass after that we showered together and she wanted to have sex everyday going on.

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    I think you take the award for the worst story ever. You had a try but please stop.

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      My guy speaking fax tho

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      Would love to see your mum’s fat ass. Love to wank off on it

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