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First Time With Cousin

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I was just a boy when my cousin started fucking me. In fact, he made me suck his dick the first day I met him.

I was just a boy when my cousin started fucking me. In fact, he made me suck his dick the first day I met him. We were both Hispanic boys around 10 to 12 years old (he was older) and had just been introduced to each other by our parents. After exchanging hellos, he took me to his room to play video games.

He closed and locked the door, and proceeded to beat me at several games because he had way more practice playing them than I did, which made me get whiny and upset. I kept complaining about losing, until my cousin told me to shut up or else he’d make me shut up. I got upset and tried to shove him, but he slapped me back hard and made me bleed a little, which made me shut up and start crying softly.

After a few minutes, my cousin got annoyed that I had not stopped crying, so he made me kneel in front of him as he pulled down his shorts and underwear and started smushing his semi-hard cock on my face. I was really embarrassed and humiliated, but I didn’t want to get slapped again, so when he asked me to open up, I did as I was told.

He told me to suck on his pee pee like it was a pacifier, because that’s what crybabies like me need in order to stop crying, so I did. As I continued to suck on his “pacifier”, he started to talk in a softer tone, telling me it was ok for me to be his baby and I should accept his big pacifier in my mouth. Eventually it was all too much and I gave in to his comments, closing my eyes softly, as I pretended I was a baby drinking out of a bottle, until I actually felt something milky hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

Unfortunately, my cousin held my head firmly in place until I had swallowed all of his milkies and was gasping and struggling for air. From that day forward, I became my cousins little bitch, and he continued abuse me in many ways whenever he felt like it, until I eventually stopped fighting him completely, accepted my place, and even came to like it enough to talk about it here…

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  • Reply Aries ID:1dgivlod6pgj

    It’s always hot to have sex at an age younger. Also, figuring out your place. Being a great cockworshipper!

  • Reply Petrina Bumsniffer ID:1dgotilzj3r1

    mmmm i would have tongue fucked your little asshole up after that i would have fist fucked your butthole until your shithole prolapsed then sucked all the juicy ass cream and bits of shit off your rose bud while pumping your little cock with my free hand until you explode into my mouth your filthy little cock sucking slut.

    • CryingLemon ID:1doo5fx8gtee

      My cousin never did that stuff to me, but maybe he will after he gets outa prison… Hes told me hes gonna fuck me real good then.